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Name:  Laura Mazzuca Toops  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Author lives in Wheaton.

Biographical and Professional Information

The author is a chicago based writer with 20 years experience with publications like the Tribune, Sun-Times, Crain Publications, and the Chicago Reader

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Hudson Lake
ISBN: 1933353570

The Writers' Collective Associates. 2007

In the summer of 1926, jazz lovers from the Midwest go where the weather is hot and the music hotter--the Blue Lantern club on Hudson Lake. A rural Indiana dance hall, the Blue Lantern's resident jazz band features a legendary young cornet player named Bix Beiderbecke.

For Bix, Hudson Lake is a safe but temporary harbor from a failed romance, conflicts with his middle-class Iowa family, and a growing dependency on alcohol.

For Joy, the fiery redheaded resident, Hudson Lake provides everything she needs--a roof over her head, music she loves--and Bix.

For Harriet Braun, a young Indiana University student at the resort for the summer, Joy and the musicians are just another subject for study--until her involvement with Bix turns her safe world upside down.

And when outside influences like local bootleggers, a Chicago investor named Jack McGurn and even the Ku Klux Klan suddenly show up, jazz isn't the only thing that's hot at Hudson Lake.

ISBN: 159279887X

Amber Quill Press, LLC.. 2003

Harold Gilbert started out as a small-town kid on the vaudeville trouping circuit, and ended up as the world's most popular film comedian. He's got a million-dollar career, his own studio, an estate called Avalon, a cherry-red Bugatti sportscar, a beautiful wife and two children. But in 1927 Hollywood, nothing is quite what it seems. . .including Harold and everything that seems perfect in his life.

His wife Ella, formerly his leading lady in his early comedies, is steeped in alcoholism and growing mental illness. His children are strangers to him. His pretty young costar, Lila Lenore, wants more than a working relationship with him. Producer Max Randolph, Harold's former boss and friend from his two-reeler days, seems to have it in for him, although Harold can't figure out why. And a girl from Harold's past, who died under mysterious circumstances keeps coming back to him in dreams that seem to be both a rebuke and a warning. The only way he can keep the demons at bay is by transforming his fears into laughter on film.

Harold's world is about to turn upside-down. Waiting in the wings are talking pictures-a crude, unperfected medium that Harold refuses to acknowledge. But before long, talkies begin to eclipse the silents-and Harold finds himself enmeshed in a struggle for survival in a suddenly alien world. Slapstick digs beneath the sunny optimism of the movies' Golden Age to examine how myths are made, both on and offscreen. It's a story of both the shipwrecked and the survivors of the film world's first big shakeup, and how they cope with one of man's most primal needs-the drive to create.

The Latham Loop (Harold Gilbert Trilogy)
ISBN: 1592799493

Amber Quill Press, LLC. 2003

Harold Gilbert comes to Los Angeles in 1912 to try and make it as a comic in the nascent California film industry Max Randolph is a delivery boy and extra who dreams of making great dramatic pictures like D.W. Griffith. Together they launch a film company that Harold's comedic talent propels to success. But while Harold wants to keep making good pictures better, Max only cares about consolidating power, especially over his prime moneymaker, Harold Gilbert.

When na´ve young Ella Davies joins the company, Max's callous treatment of the girl and his growing lust for control compel Harold to strike out on his own. But Max has one final power play up his sleeve-involving a mysterious girl from his past and a hotel room in San Francisco...

The Latham Loop takes the reader through the back lots and boardinghouses, vaudeville theaters and amusement piers of early Los Angeles as Harold pursues his dream of success in the movie industry.

A Native's Guide to Chicago's Western Suburbs
ISBN: 0964242664

Lake Claremont Pr. 1999

This insider's guidebook to Chicago's Western Suburbs for newcomers, lifelong residents, visitors, and business travelers covers history, culture, dining, entertainment, recreation, touring, special events, and local resources. Discover a history that includes the Underground Railroad, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ernest Hemingway, gangsters, railroads, Route 66, and the I & M National Heritage Corridor. Visit restored prairies, nature trails, sprawling estates, historic campuses, corporate headquarters, cemeteries, and a world class zoo. Shop antiques and boutiques, megamalls and thrift stores, specialty bookshops and classic record stores, Old World bakeries, meat markets, and candy counters. Dine on hearty Bohemian and haute French, Mexican and Mediterranean, hot dogs and beer gardens, lobster and ostrich, sushi and BBQ, Tiki bars and microbreweries. Enjoy historic golf courses and polo clubs, race tracks and trolley tours, equestrian trails and ice rinks, symphony orchestras and ballet, movie palaces and dinner theater, laser shows and Kiddieland, wine bars and folk music, coffee houses and county fairs. Full of the fascinating sights, places, stories, and facts that sometimes even locals don't know about, "A Native's Guide to Chicago's Western Suburbs" equips you with everything you need to enjoy and navigate the suburbs like a true insider. From the American Movie Palace Museum to the Harley-Davidson Mall, from Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces to the Sears Catalog Homes, from Riverfest to Ribfest, the "Native's Guide" is your essential guide to Chicago's Western Suburbs.

The Best Guide to Women's Health
ISBN: 1580630324

Renaissance Books. 1999

After being ignored until late in the 20th century, women's health issues are finally at the forefront of scientific study and medical advancement. This book is a comprehensive guide to women's health for the busy modern reader-made easy, stripped of mystique, with illuminating sidebars and quick-reference information boxes, charts, graphs, and line drawings. The Best Guide to Women's Health is a heavily researched synthesis of all the best and most current medical and health related information on women's health. It has been reviewed and vetted for content accuracy by experts in the various specialties. It includes questionnaires, self-examinations, and quizzes that amplify the text while addressing basic questions of well being.

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