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Name:  George Will  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1941 in Champaign, Illinois

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Born in Champaign, Illinois.

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Bunts /
ISBN: 0684853744. OCLC Number: 41412164

Simon & Schuster,. .

Men at work :
ISBN: 0061999814. OCLC Number: 475458932

. .

An analysis of the game of baseball profiles four key figures--Tony Gwynn, Orel Hershiser, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Tony LaRussa--and includes historical trivia, anecdotes, and conversations with players, managers, and coaches.

Men at work :
ISBN: 9780062007759. OCLC Number: 680277346

Harper,. .

In his classic tribute to America's pastime?now with a new introduction?political commentator, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and lifelong sports enthusiast George F. Will travels from the baseball field to the dugout to the locker room to get to the root of the game we all love. He breaks down the sport to its four basic components, managing, pitching, hitting, and fielding, and analyzes the way four of its notables, manager Tony La Russa, pitcher Orel Hershiser, outfielder Tony Gwynn, and shortstop Cal Ripken Jr., approach the game. One of the most acclaimed sports books ever written, Men at Work is a revelatory, and often surprising, study of professional baseball.

Statecraft as soulcraft
ISBN: 0786102772. OCLC Number: 25515302

Blackstone Audio Books,. .

In Statecraft as Soulcraft, George F. Will examines the belief, which dates back to the founding of the nation, that there is no right principle of action but self-interest. He questions the founding fathers' faith that moral balance and national cohesiveness will arise merely out of the government's encouragement of the free operation of opposite and rival interests. Two hundred years later, says Will, it just hasn't worked out that way. Instead, we have become a nation of individuals and interest groups given to habitual self-indulgence in the unchecked pursuit of material acquisitions and private passions. Much of the fault, he says, may be traced to our inadequate understanding of the guiding role that government can and should play in determining the country's moral character. Proper government, Will says, involves the cultivation of good character in its citizens. This is what he means by statecraft as soulcraft.

Statecraft as soulcraft :
ISBN: 0671427342. OCLC Number: 71272136

Simon & Schuster,. .

The conservative thinker and columnist reflects on the fundamental beliefs of American political theory, questioning the sufficiency of the principle of competing self-interests as a basis for society and arguing for a more broadly based interpretation of the role of government.

Suddenly :
ISBN: 0029344360. OCLC Number: 28402335

Free Press ;. .

Suddenly The American Idea Abroad and at Home 1986-1990
ISBN: 0684863812. OCLC Number: 171549755

Free Press. .

The leveling wind :
ISBN: 0140247025. OCLC Number: 34159512

Penguin Books,. .

The pursuit of happiness, and other sobering thoughts /
ISBN: 006090738X. OCLC Number: 6242962

Harper & Row,. .

The Woven Figure
ISBN: 9780684864587. OCLC Number: 1085164658

Scribner,. .

The woven figure :
ISBN: 0684848201. OCLC Number: 40571677

Simon & Schuster,. .

With a happy eye but-- America and the world, 1997-2002 /
ISBN: 0743243846. OCLC Number: 53945011

Free Press,. .