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Name:  Mary Anne Mohanraj  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1971 in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Illinois Connection

Ms. Mohanraj was a student at the University of Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ms. Mohanraj came to the United States when she was two. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 1993. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in creative writing in 1998 from Mills College. Mary Anne Mohanraj received her Ph.D. from the University of Utah, specializing in post-colonial literature and creative writing.

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Titles At Your Library

Bodies in Motion: Stories
ISBN: 006078119X

Harper Perennial. 2006

Like the sweet heat of a palate-pleasing curry or the brilliant radiance of bougainvillea, the short stories in Mary Anne Mohanraj's Bodies in Motion will delight the senses and sensibilities. Her tales follow two generations of two families living on the cusp of disparate worlds, America and Sri Lanka -- their lives and ties shaped, strengthened, devastated, and altered by the emigrant-immigrant ebb and flow. Through stunning, effervescent prose, intimate moments are beautifully distilled, revealing the tug-of-war between generations and gender in stories sensual and honest, chronicling love, ambition, and the spiritual and sexual quests of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

The Classics Professor: Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 1592400310

Gotham. 2003

Readers call the shots in these titillating original books, written by premier erotica authors, which allow you to live out your most uninhibited erotic fantasies.

The Classics Professor is a beautiful woman at a prestigious New York university whose cold professional fašade masks a powerful eroticism. Dr. Wendy Lake wants to seduce you, and a disastrous relationship has left you vulnerable to her advances. You're fascinated and intimidated. When the affair becomes dangerously intense, you'll have to decide whether you will submit to all her perversions, such as attending pansexual orgies in midtown escape the pressure through a fling with a nubile university co-ed or drop out of graduate school altogether.

A Taste of Serendib
ISBN: 1590211006

Lethe Press. 2003

Serendib: one of the many names for Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Taprobane -- an island nation south of India, rich in tea and spices, vegetables, fruit and fish, possessing a complex multicultural cuisine. A Taste of Serendib is a collection of unexpected, delightful, fortunate flavors, forty-five recipes to tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your stomach.

Kathryn in the City: Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 1592400302

Gotham. 2003

Readers call the shots in these titillating original books, written by premier erotica authors, which allow you to live out your most uninhibited erotic fantasies.

Kathryn in the City follows "you," as Kathryn, from a small Indiana town to San Francisco, where you decide whether to pursue a relationship with a sexy post-doctoral student, have a dalliance with a lesbian stripper, or shag your gay roommate's boyfriend, to name just a few of the possible fantasies you can choose from along your narrative journey. But always beware of the perils of big-city life that might leave you imprisoned in a dark dungeon with nary a Prince Charming in sight.

Aqua Erotica: 18 Stories for a Steamy Bath
ISBN: 0609806564

Broadway Books. 2000

Imagine a hot tub party where a married couple tests the boundaries of fidelity. A model who finds herself unaccountably aroused as she poses for a watercolor artist. A pool of water on a desert road and two lovers who know how to make the most of it. This is Aqua Erotica, a sensuous tasting of desire's liquid, ecstatic other worlds.

Aqua Erotica is a siren's song, a book so unforgettably sexy that you will want to take it with you to the bath, the sauna, the night-lit pool.

What's amazing is that you can.

The first-ever waterproof book for adults. The most seductive collection of original literary erotica ever gathered under one cover.

Aqua Erotica is a book that quite literally goes places you never imagined books could go. Featuring today's boldest erotic voices:

Francesca Lia Block
Poppy Z. Brite
Louise Erdrich
Carol Queen
Marcy Sheiner
Cecilia Tan
Barry Yourgrau
and many others --

Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica
ISBN: 1885876033

Intangible Assets Manufacturing. 1997

Sexual content has certainly received a disproportionate amount of the attention paid to the Internet. What sometimes gets overlooked in the discussions, however, is that the Net has indeed provided an outlet--if not exactly a market--for writers attempting artistic and literary treatments of erotic themes. One writer who earned online celebrity status for her posts of literary erotic fiction is Mary Anne Mohanraj--a writer of powerful voice and impressive range. Her fiction takes many forms and frequently strays from traditional narrative. There are letters, stories told in e-mail exchanges, poems, and stream-of-consciousness musings. The selections, though, are always well-defined characters, no matter how short the writing. Although Mohanraj may take the voice of man or woman, and portrays a variety of sexual orientations, her characters come across as believable individuals, with true-to-life thoughts and--in most cases--behaving in likely ways. Even the exceptions to believability are clearly intentional, as in a comical tale of passion between a beautiful professor and her handsome jock student, which is as much satire of erotica as it is erotica itself. Also worthy of note is that the publisher sought out this book as part of the battle against Internet censorship. Portions of the profits are being contributed to organizations working to protect free speech.

Silence and the Word
ISBN: 159021014X

Lethe Press. 2004

A new collection drawing from the many areas of Mary Anne Mohanraj's work, Silence and the Word includes everything from enticing erotica to Sri Lankan-American immigrant tales, from romantic poetry to provocative essays. Mohanraj boldly explores sexuality, ethnicity, and their interactions with the human heart. If you're a long-time fan, you'll be thrilled to have so much of her work finally collected in one place if you're a new reader, prepare to be emotionally engaged, possibly aroused, and certainly fascinated by what you're about to read.

Wet: More Aqua Erotica
ISBN: 0609808974

Three Rivers Press. 2002

A sensual new anthology of erotic short fiction presents steamy new stories from Celia Tan, Mary Gaitskill, Jack Murhigham, AM Homes, and other popular authors. Original. 50,000 first printing.

The Best of Strange Horizons: Year One : September 2000-August 2001 (The Best of Strange Horizons, 1)
ISBN: 1590210360

Lethe Pr. 2003

The Arrangement: A Novel
ISBN: 0060781203

Stein-Day. 1967

The hero (antihero) of this narrative is a highly successful Los Angeles writer and advertising executive born Evangelos Arness, now known as Eddie Anderson, and bylined Evans Arness over his magazine pieces. That he has many names is significant since Eddie, at 43, hasn't a clue to who he really is. He appears to be a valued member of his firm, with a bank account, a big house and a swimming pool. He appears to be the husband of Florence, a terribly nice woman even though she thinks of marriage as a panel discussion of Hesse and Camus. For Eddie there is an insane split between appearance and reality. His whole life is a series of phony arrangements: his marriage, his work, his sexual escapades, his friendships. "He finds a temporary antidote to the disease in Gwen Hunt, one of the most riveting characters in recent fiction - untamed, primitive, all instinct and gutter shrewdness. She is never accompanied to bed by specters of guilt or remorse or other culturally induced complications that might interfere with the pure animal ecstasy of sex. But it takes more than Gwen to save the tiny flicker of life left in Eddie. It takes two attempts at suicide, a crushingly merciless self-examination, a complete abandonment of the American dream and a voyage through the past. He totters, staggers, eventually marches through a series of wild, crazy and oh-so-human adventures toward that sensation he has never known - the feeling of being a man on his own, independent of the judgment of others, secure in the knowledge of his own worth. "One may dislike or disapprove of Eddie, but nobody can deny his humanity. He is at the mercy of his gonads and hormones as well as of his core science and the social gentilities. He is never a bore He has no self-pity. He doesn't disguise his son-of a-bitch qualities. He has a great sense of irony. H is often funny. By the end of the book he ha achieved what is most needed on this shaky plane -a new working model of a human being"

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