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Name:  Frederic Michael Raphael  

Pen Name: Mark Caine


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois

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Published Works

  • Who Were You with Last Night, J. Cape (London), 1971
  • April, June and November, J. Cape (London), 1976
  • Richard`s Things, J. Cape (London), 1973
  • California Time, J. Cape (London), 1975
  • The Glittering Prizes, Allen Lane (London), 1976
  • Heaven and Earth, Beaufort (New York), 1985
  • After the War, Collins (London), 1988
  • The Hidden I, A Myth Revised, Thames and Hudson (London and New York), 1990
  • A Double Life, Orion (London), 1993
  • Old Scores, Orion (London), 1995

Selected Titles At Your Library

Richard's things /
ISBN: 0450052230. OCLC Number:

New English Library,. London :. 1981, ©1973.

The glittering prizes /
ISBN: 1906217335. OCLC Number:

JR Books,. London :. 2007.

Adam Morris, Alan Parks, Mike Clode, Anna Cunnginham, Barbara Ransome and the others leave Cambridge University to discover varying degrees of satisfaction, success and material comfort. But over all of them lies the common memory of those heady, golden days spent in unravelling the knots of friendship, in exploratory sex and in Badinage, that none of them will ever quite forget.A compelling story, "The Glittering Prizes" reflects the changing attitudes and styles of a generaton that went to Cambridge in the fifties.The subject of a highly acclaimed television series starring Tom Conti, "The Glitter Prizes" is a witty, incisive, beautifully written evocation of an era and its children.

Heaven and earth /
ISBN: 0140083308. OCLC Number:

Penguin,. Harmondsworth :. 1986.

After the war /
ISBN: 0670825638. OCLC Number:

Viking,. New York, N.Y., U.S.A. :. 1989, ©1988.

Old scores /
ISBN: 1857994205. OCLC Number:

Phoenix,. London :. 1996, ©1995.



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