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Name:  Ron Roth  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction


Died: June 1, 2009 in La Salle, Illinois

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He lived in Peru, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Having served as a Roman Catholic Priest for more than 25 years, he hold a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Theology and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies. He was also the founder of the Spirit of Peace Monastic Community, an international interfaith Benedictine order, as well as Celebrating Life a global interfaith spiritual community that imparts, deepens, and celebrates the Presence of the Divine.

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The Healing Path of Prayer: A Modern Mystic's Guide to Spiritual Power
ISBN: 0609802267

Harmony. 1998

Prayer is the key to tapping into the healing energy of the Divine. Yet for many people, prayer has been reduced to a rote practice that has lost its basic meaning and efficacy.

In his long-awaited book for an ecumenical readership, internationally renowned spiritual healer Ron Roth teaches his unique approach to prayer as energy medicine. The Healing Path of Prayer explains in detail the connection between healing, faith, and prayer. Roth shows you how to find your own path to prayer in a way that connects with God's healing energy. As Roth explains, you can use this energy for physical healing, and perhaps more significantly, for healing emotional and spiritual wounds that may be the root of physical maladies.

The Healing Path of Prayer offers specific guidance in setting up a daily prayer practice that is rewarding and meaningful. Through a series of simple but effective exercises and rituals, Roth shows you how to celebrate your own sacraments and become a mystic in the course of your everyday life. As Roth revitalizes many tired, traditional prayers with his fresh and inspiring reinterpretations from original scripture, he also recounts the dramatic story of when he discovered his healing abilities, as well as true case studies of healing in which he has participated.

The Healing Path of Prayer is a blueprint for a truly democratic spirituality. Each chapter offers a new, higher level of prayer, enabling you to acquire more advanced techniques of focus, intention, and insight. Roth's instruction on how to pray and establish a daily practice of meditation will lead you into a vital path of everyday mysticism and personal power.

Holy Spirit: The Boundless Energy of God
ISBN: 1561707058

Hay House Inc. 2000

A powerful collection of prayers, meditations, and breathing exercises is designed to help readers open their hearts to the action of the Holy Spirit and develop a personal connection with the boundless energy of God's love. 20,000 first printing.

Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing
ISBN: 1561706787

Hay House. 2000

Complemented by a collection of prayers and spiritual exercises, a study of the healing power of prayer explains how to develop an effective prayer life, integrate prayer into every aspect of one's everyday life, and utilize prayer to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth. Original.

Reclaim Your Spiritual Power
ISBN: 1561707082

Hay House. 2001

This handbook offers advice on how to tap into the tremendous and never-ending abundance of God in our lives. Ron Roth says that anyone who is willing to listen and trust can access a direct line to God's infinite abundance. He teaches techniques on how to pray in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit. For example, he uses special breathing exercises to show you how to open your heart and let God in.

Holy Spirit for Healing: Merging Ancient Wisdom With Modern Medicine
ISBN: 1561707066

Hay House Inc. 2001

In this book, Ron Roth explains how the body and mind cooperate in the healing process. Because mental programming creates results in our life, we need to begin by healing subconscious attitudes. This book is not so much a study of how to heal, but rather how to stop blocking the flow of life.

The Sacred Light of Healing: Teachings and Meditations on Divine Oneness
ISBN: 0595448968

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

Few American spiritual teachers of recent years have inspired others as lovingly as Ron Roth. After serving the Roman Catholic Church as a priest for twenty-five years, Roth left to pursue a more universal spirituality, teaching the possibility of a one-to-one relationship with Divinity as well as the belief that healing and enlightenment are available to all people. Speaking from the cornerstone teachings that have inspired his ministry, Roth journals his reflections on his personal realizations in The Sacred Light of Healing. He reflects on the Holy Spirit, the original teachings of Jesus, and the inner way of the ancient monks known as the Therapeutae. Roth also discusses his late-life journey to India and an awakening to his own work for global peace. As related to and written by Roger Montgomery, this first-person account is Roth's moving true story of how we all can move into a closer relationship of Oneness with God.

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