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Name:  Wayne Allen Sallee  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois, Humboldt Park Area

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Has lived in Cook County his whole life.

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Drinking Buddies

Deadline Publications. 1989

Holy Terror: A Novel
ISBN: 0929480651

Mark V Ziesing. 1992

Serial killer Frank Haid, dubbed the Painkiller by Chicago police and media, murders 18 people--all paralytics. Commanded by an unseen presence that he calls ''Father'' and that speaks in the voice of an uncle whose rotting corpse he keeps in the living room, Haid destroys his victims (what's left of them) and evidence in a way that puzzles police. Hardest hit are residents of Marclinn, a home for the handicapped, where survivors decide they must track down the madman themselves. Their efforts bring them into contact with Chicago's weird underworld--including junkie/murderers and a deformed prostitute whose head grows out her chest--and their own true selves. Crippled physically and emotionally, Marclinn inhabitants must overcome their limitations before taking on their nemesis. Their unlikely front man is Evan Shustak, who is the novel's centerpiece. About a hundred pages into the novel, he dons his superhero outfit - wrist braces, a "utility belt" from which hang bags of vitamins and aspirin, and a plaid heating pad for a cape then announces: "Crippled and insane, I am the American Dream!"

Praise for The Holy Terror

"Sallee's characters in "The Holy Terror" are like nothing we've seen since Flannery O'Conner sent Hazel Motes into the big city in her seminal novel "Wise Blood". Like O'Conner, Sallee has the talent to make his repulsive denizens of the street readable with an absurd sense of humor. Of course, he also has the talent to make them extremely terrifying, and in the first part of the novel, he spends a good deal of time doing just that. Still, Francis Haid is one of the most sympathetic serial killers we've seen since Hannibal Lecter, but not because he's witty. Sallee has created an unusual supernatural power, one that the reader will not forget, one that might make Haid as much of a savior as a murderer." --- Rick Kleffel - Agony Column Reviews

With Wounds Still Wet

Silver Salamander. 1996

True tales of the scarlet sponge
ISBN: 1930997108

DarkTales. 2001

Downward Spiral
ISBN: 0975514466

Midnight Library. 2006

Downward Spiral is a collaborative collection from four of the top names in underground horror. Wayne Allen Sallee, J. F. Gonzalez, Gord Rollo, and Victor Heck bring you stories of extreme horror, loss of dignity, and utter dispair. Powerslide with us into the depths of the Downward Spiral. Featuring a mixture of hard to find reprints and a slew of new material written expressively for this volume, Midnight Library is proud to present this volume for the first time. Included in these pages is Victor Heck's shocking "Birthday Box", Wayne Allen Sallee's tale of a night gone horribly wrong in the masterful "Winnings", Gord Rollo's descent into the South American jungles "River God" and a brand new novella by J. F. Gonzalez, "In Step".

Fiends By Torchlight
ISBN: 0977904903

Annihilation Press. 2006


Rhysling Award for the poem, In The Meat Time, 1990.

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