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Name:  Jim Conover  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1940 in Kennett, Missouri

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Illinois Connection

In 1962 Jim moved to Pekin, Illinois where he eventually joined the Police Department and served for 20 years.

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Lynch Law
ISBN: 0966947207

Lynch Law Productions. 1999

A documentary in great narrative form, this book is a well told and exciting true tale of America's western frontier history that I believe warrants a place in America's written history as much as do the James gang, the Daltons, Billy the Kid or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It is a great example of true frontier justice meted out by citizens when they have reached a boiling point with outlaws. Lynch Law takes you back to that time and lets you witness the true story behind the lynching as it unfolds.

Greenhorns and Killer Mountains
ISBN: 0966947215

Lynch Law Productions. 1999

Book by Conover, Jim

Slayer of Innocence
ISBN: 096694724X

Lynch Law Productions. 2013

A predator pedophile serial killer had been on the loose for many years. More than 16 young boys throughout the Midwest, California, Oklahoma and Arizona had disappeared under very similar circumstances and at least 14 had been discovered murdered. This pedophile predator had made the Midwest his killing field from 1972 until 1979 when a handful of dedicated lawmen finally caught his track. These lawmen, from 7 states and many different agencies, joined forces to hunt this predator down before he could kill again.

Slayer of Innocence is a true narrative account of that desperate struggle.


Bronze award at the 2000 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival for Screenplay title Major Pauline

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