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Name:  Melissa Pritchard  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: San Mateo, California

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Illinois Connection

Lived in Cook County 1976-1987.

Biographical and Professional Information



Carl Sandburg award for fiction.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Disappearing ingenue
ISBN: 9781400075850. OCLC Number: 869553316

Knopf Group E-Books,. .

This wildly imaginative collection presents the misadventures of unlikely heroine Eleanor Stoddard as she tries to lead an exemplary life but finds that things just keep going awry. In the summer after sixth grade, she dreams of being as courageous as Anne Frank. As a teenager, her sudden devotion to Catholicism coincides with her crush on a nun. As a suburban housewife who suspects her husband of having an affair, she imitates Nancy Drew to try to solve her own personal mystery. And as a middle-aged woman, she embarks on a trek through Central America accompanied by a rescued laboratory gorilla. While Eleanor makes her way through a whirlwind of adventures with life and love in which she is constantly reinventing her identity and rethinking her priorities, she manages to become a first-rate student, a published poet, and a loyal mother. Each story offers a glimpse into her familiar and charmingly odd journey, and she comes hilariously to life in these disarming tales. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Disappearing ingenue :
ISBN: 0385503032. OCLC Number: 48383445

Doubleday,. .

A series of short stories that follow Eleanor Stoddard on her quest to "better herself."

Late bloomer :
ISBN: 0385721927. OCLC Number: 793345995

Anchor Books,. .

Arizonan Prudence True Parker teaches surprisingly effective touchy-feely writing classes at a community college. Divorced, 48, in debt, and excruciatingly lonely, she's also smart, funny, generous, spiritually inclined, and open to new experiences, of which there are many in this clever roller-coaster ride of a novel.

Late Bloomer.
ISBN: 1299002854. OCLC Number: 843024788

Anchor,. .

Selene of the spirits
ISBN: 0865380945. OCLC Number: 39291988

Ontario Review Press ;. .

A 19th century English romance between a woman spiritualist and a scientist investigating her powers. She is Selene, a poor but ambitious woman whose powers are sometimes true and sometimes not, and she seduces Sir William Herapath who is married.