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General Information

Name:  James P. Carroll  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1943 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

James Carroll was born in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

James Carroll was raised in Washington, D.C., and ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1969. He served as a chaplain at Boston University from 1969 to 1974, then left the priesthood to become a writer. A distinguishedscholar-in-residence at Suffolk University, he is a columnist for the Boston Globe and a regular contributor to the Daily Beast.

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Titles At Your Library

Madonna red
ISBN: 0316130079

Little, Brown. 1976

Boston 1976 1st Little Brown. 313pp. Mystery fiction about Irish Republican Army. Fine in VG DJ.

Memorial Bridge
ISBN: 0804112746

Ivy Books. 1995

Sean Dillon pulls himself out of the slums of the Depression to become a lawyer, and discovers beautiful, passionate Cass, a woman of the same mean streets. With her fierce intelligence as his compass, Sean knows he can make his life matter. He becomes an intelligence officer and presidential advisor through war and peace, but he begins to lose his passion for the good fight -- until the rage and confusion of the 1960s enters his family's life. Only then can Sean, Cass, and their son Richard come face-to-face with the high price to be paid for their most cherished convictions -- love of their family and their country.

From the horrors of the Chicago stockyards to the gangland corruption that pollutes the city from the intrigue of World War II espionage to the sharply divided homefront during the Vietnam War, master storyteller James Carroll tells an American epic of conscience, ambition, and conflict.

The City Below
ISBN: 0395825229

Mariner Books. 1996

In this compelling family saga set during a tumultuous era in Boston history, 1960-1984, James Carroll chronicles the lives of two brothers, Nick and Terry Doyle, as they strive to move beyond the strictures of their working-class Charlestown neighborhood to" the city below." Though one brother is drawn to the worlds of politics and real estate and the other to the underworld of organized crime, their fates remain inextricably linked as each struggles to break free of the blood tie holding him captive to the past. As in his previous best-selling novels Mortal Friends and Family Trade, James Carroll seamlessly blends fiction and history to create a gripping tale of family bonds and ethnic violence, vows and betrayals, and political intrigue in the inner sanctums of both church and state. Publishers Weekly called The City Below a" superbly detailed vision of Boston . . . an excellent chronicle of three decades during which starry-eyed idealism was brought low by political cynicism and pe

Secret Father: A Novel
ISBN: 061848535X

Mariner Books. 2005

Secret Father is a suspenseful drama of family and politics set in Cold War Berlin. Missed signals, cloaked motives, false postures, and panicked responses echo tragically across borders and generations when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a father and son recount the tense events of nearly thirty years before. In 1961, just before the Wall rises, three teenagers from an American school in West Germany travel to the Communist side of the divided city to join a rally. Unknown to them, their parents have unfinished business reaching back to World War II which will pull the teens into the vortex of an international incident.

Practicing Catholic
ISBN: 0547336268

Mariner Books. 2010

A clear-eyed and personal examination of the Catholic faith, its leaders, and its complicated history by National Book Award–winner James Carroll

James Carroll turns to the notion of practice—both as a way to learn and a means of improvement—as a lens for this thoughtful and frank look at what it means to be Catholic. He acknowledges the slow and steady transformation of the Church from its darker, medieval roots to a more pluralist and inclusive institution, charting along the way stories of powerful Catholic leaders (Pope John XXIII, Thomas Merton, John F. Kennedy) and historical milestones like Vatican II. These individuals and events represent progress for Carroll, a former priest, and as he considers the new meaning of belief in a world that is increasingly as secular as it is fundamentalist, he shows why the world needs a Church that is committed to faith and renewal.

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