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Name:  Ruth Siburt  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: N/A

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Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to being a writer, Ruth Siburt has been a circulations manager at Richland Community College Library, and an elementary technology assistant at Decatur Public Schools, Decatur, IL.

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My mommies
ISBN: B000726EMO

American Foster Care Resources. 1989

Dragon Charmer
ISBN: 0880923504

Royal Fireworks Pr. 1990

Since her fathers death early in 2080, 13-year-old Elizabeth has been her mothers right hand girl. Mom had to work now, and it seemed that the only time Elizabeth wasnt worrying about her mom, her younger sister, or herself was when she was dreaming, reading, or thinking about dragons. Yet, even in her wildest dream, she never imagined becoming a dragon keeper, a Dragon Charmer, responsible for the care and well-being of a fierce, brave, beautiful, and endangered dragon.

Most dragon literature was defamatory and prejudicial and focused on a few mischief makers fighting fearsome presence. No one wrote about the dragon melting snow or moving clouds with the breeze from its wings, or the dragons song. Merlins apprentice, Maxine, set out to right the wrong and establish The Society for the Preservation of Dragon, or Dragon Charmers. Members learned that dragons grew very slowly and received a new scale only when a person did an unselfish, good deed. A magical reference book catalogued the name of the person responsible for the good and the time and date of its occurrence. Elizabeth was shocked to see that her fathers name appeared many times, and that the last entry was yesterday. He was still alive!

As Elizabeth works through the mystery of her fathers disappearance and the responsibilities of a Dragon Charmer, the reader witnesses a future world where water is in critically short supply where biblio-vox system audio books have replaced the old-fashioned book that had to be read with the eyes word by word where pets are not allowed where schooling is accomplished through group interactive television and where soap and water have been replaced by Rad-scan cleanser.

The Trouble With Alex
ISBN: 0880923660

Royal Fireworks Pr. 1999

Fourteen-year-old Kelly Lathrop, full of big plans for her lawn mowing business in the summer ahead, instead finds herself looking after her nine-year-old cousin Alex for four weeks

Cry Foul
ISBN: 0673618536

Celebration Press. 2006

Legends or Lies? (Benchmark Rockets)
ISBN: 0761443592

Benchmark Books. 2009

"Discusses the mysteries surrounding history's legends"--Provided by publisher.



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