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Name:  Tim W. Brown  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1961 in Rockford, Illinois

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Brown was born in Rockford, Illinois and graduated from Northern Illinois University. He taught English at Rooselvelt University from 1986 - 1996. From 1982 - 1999, Brown was the editor at ''Tomorrow Magazine'', a poetry ezine. He conducts fiction writing workshops at several Chicago institutions - including Columbia College, The Poetry Center, Guild Complex, River Oak Arts and the Ragdale Foundation.

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Deconstruction Acres
ISBN: 1886625034

III Pub. 1997

Set amid the cornfields and keg parties of Jasper, a fictitious Midwestern college town, Deconstruction Acres depicts the struggles of Underdog, a townie, against his many enemies at Jasper College. In a story brimming with irony and humor, he competes with celebrity professor Race Fletcher, author of a book deconstructing the Green Acres TV show, for the affections of beautiful but haunted Ione Twayblade. He battles corrupt college president Milton Flaghorn, who governs Jasper College like a banana republic. He runs from sex-crazed Judy Blaine, who craves his attention while she stalks Ione. Through waging war against the hated college, Underdog discovers skills and talents he never knew he had.

Left of the Loop
ISBN: 140102033X

Xlibris Corp. 2001

Set in the mid 1980s, Left of the Loop chronicles the misadventures of two roommates living in a decrepit loft building just west of Chicago’s famed Loop. Narrating the story is Spungkdt, a poet who uses the raw material of the surrounding meatpacking district to give his writing verve. His roommate Stark is drummer for a hapless rock and roll band pursuing ever-elusive success. Contemporary pioneers, they confront the ugly sights, rude sounds and foul smells of the urban frontier.

With dark humor and biting wit, author Tim W. Brown smashes the popular myth that the 1980s were all about BMWs, cocaine and junk bonds for most young people, and he captures the essence of an historic neighborhood that has long since lost its soul to gentrification.

Walking Man
ISBN: 0978984706

Bronx River Press. 2008

Fiction. From the same metafictional universe as the films Best in Show and This is Spinal Tap, WALKING MAN documents the life and times of Brian Walker, publisher of the zine "Walking Man." Through a fateful encounter between his foot and a yuppie's BMW, Brian becomes the most famous zine publisher in America and an ardent defender of pedestrian rights. Meanwhile, he must juggle the ambitions of his sexy actress girlfriend with his own soaring celebrity. Written in the tradition of the scandalous tell-all biography, WALKING MAN satirizes so-called "alternative" culture while it fondly recollects the 80s and 90s zine scene. "I loved this book from its first page. WALKING MAN tells an extremely funny story and is spot-on in its critique of pop culture trendiness"--Joseph Weisberg.



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