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Name:  Dorothy E. Lee  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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Illinois Connection

Dorothy Lee lived in Montgomery County, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dorothy E. Lee was a college dropout who later earned a Ph.D. in sociology and became a professor and department chair at Illinois State University. Nine years after retirement she began writing and has published The Revision, Under My Hat, and Another Hat. She is now a permanent Florida Resident.

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Titles At Your Library

Secretarial Office Procedures
ISBN: 0070370508

Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Pub Co. 1988

The Revision
ISBN: 0595148905

iUniverse. 2000

ABOUT THE BOOKEleanor Elliot arises one morning to find her name in the obituary column. Shocked at the news, but appalled at the short summary of her nearly eighty years, she vows to rewrite it.In preparation, she relives her life, recalling her family, the husband and children who sustained her and a friendship that lasted a lifetime. She reviews the decades of momentous change through which she lived.The Revision is about life as most of us live it, one day at a time. Most of those days are much like every other. Some are highlights and become the benchmarks against which we measure other events. Others are sad, if not tragic, and forever clutch at our throats. Taken together, they become our life, which can not be reduced to a few paragraphs.Given EleanorÍs opportunity, what would you write?

Under My Hat
ISBN: 059523321X

iUniverse. 2002

Lettie arrives in the little town of Denata with a small child and a past. Supporting herself and her daughter as a beautician she soon learns that many of her clients have secrets also. Their stories are sometimes touching, other times sad and often funny. All of them she keeps under her hat. Her clients become a cast of familiar characters who along with other friends keep her going. From time to time her past appears to be catching up with her and to threaten her way of life as well as her daughters. Thanks to her daughter she is forced to reunite with the family which abandoned her when she needed them most. When least expected she meets Clint with whom she shares her secrets, her life and a mystery. This story is about the evolution of Lettie Ediston who becomes very much a part of the town, more in fact than she had imagined.

Another Hat: A sequel
ISBN: 059529183X

iUniverse, Inc.. 2003

A sequel to Under My Hat, Another Hat finds Lettie as mayor of Denata, her small town. She is elected by a write-in vote while on her honeymoon. Having worked many years as a hair stylist, Lettie is not a politician and has no knowledge of how to lead a community. But she is a hard worker and a fast learner, and she quickly informs herself of the town's needs. Then she begins to recommend changes.Changes pose a threat to the contented community. Lettie soon has the townspeople worried and the town council riled. Even worse, her full-speed-ahead approach and her workaholic style often distress her husband Clint, a country lawyer and former mayor of the town.Many of Lettie's friends and clients from Under My Hat are major characters in this book also. At the same time that they provide support for her projects, they also tell her honestly what the people in town are saying regarding her performance as mayor.For better or for worse, by twists and turns, Denata is pulled into the twenty-first century. Denata may be a typical small town. But Lettie is not a typical mayor.



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