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Name:  Ann Janine Morey  

Pen Name: Ann Janine Morey-Gaines


Audience: Adult;

Born: Atlanta, Georgia

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Illinois Connection

Dr. Morey was a professor at Southern Illinois University from 1975 through 1985.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dr. Morey is is Associate Vice Provost for Cross Disciplinary Studies at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

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Apples and Ashes: Culture, Metaphor, and Morality in the American Dream (American Academy of Religion Academy Series)
ISBN: 0891305351

Scholars Pr. 1981

Book by Morey-Gaines, Ann-Janine, Morey, Ann-Janine

Religion and Sexuality in American Literature (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture)
ISBN: 0521416760

Cambridge University Press. 1992

Through the voice of American fiction, Religion and Sexuality in American Fiction examines the relations of body and spirit (religion and sexuality) by asking two basic questions: How have American novelists handled the interaction between religious and sexual experience? Are there instructive similarities and differences in how male and female authors write about religion and sexuality? Using both canonical and noncanonical fiction, Ann-Janine Morey examines novels dealing with the ministry as the medium wherein so many of the tensions of religion and sexuality are dramatized, and then moves to contemporary novels that deal with moral and religious issues through metaphor. Based on a sophisticated and selective application of metaphor theory, deconstruction, and feminist postmodernism, Morey argues that while American fiction has replicated many traditional animosities, there are also some rather surprising resources here for commonality between men and women if we acknowledge and understand the intimate relationship between language and physical life.

What Happened to Christopher: An American Family's Story of Shaken Baby Syndrome
ISBN: 0809322153

Southern Illinois University Press. 1998

A tragedy and a trial placed Ann-Janine Morey in an ideal position to write this wrenching exploration of the havoc wreaked on a family by Shaken Baby Syndrome. As an alternate juror in a 1995 murder trial in Murphysboro, Illinois, she observed a case that has become too common: that of an adult caregiver shaking to death a baby. A seasoned researcher and published scholar, in this book Morey witnesses the court proceedings firsthand, comes to know the families of the toddler intimately, and augments her observations and interviews through research into Shaken Baby Syndrome. The result is an agonizingly human tale supported by the evidence of science, sociology, and criminology.

Morey's What Happened to Christopher memorializes the short life of nineteen-month-old Christopher Attig (1992­–1994). To reveal what Christopher meant to those closest to him, Morey conducts extensive interviews with the child's parents and grand-parents. She also interviews the officials involved in the case to set the scene from a legal and police angle. Gary Lynn Gould, who was convicted of and imprisoned for killing Christopher, did not answer Morey's requests for interviews.

Morey characterizes her investigation as a "story of quiet horror because it takes place in a way and a setting that could be any town and many families." Nonetheless, Morey's narrative skill transforms Christopher into much more than an ordinary child, senselessly slain. He is Christopher, irreplaceable and unique. And by the time she reconstructs Christopher's final days and the aftermath of his murder, Morey has depicted the principals in the case so deftly and imbued them with such humanity that we experience their torment and their hope.

Morey also provides a juror's insight into the trial. By showing what happened to Christopher Attig and by presenting the accumulated findings relative to Shaken Baby Syndrome, she seeks through education to help prevent future deaths like Christopher's.



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