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Name:  John E. Farley  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Waterloo, Iowa

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Lives in Edwardsville, IL. Is a professor of sociology at Southern Illinois University.

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Attended the Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. Served on the Equal Housing Opportunity Council in Metropolitan St. Louis.

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Earthquake Fears, Predictions, and Preparations in Mid-America
ISBN: 0809322013

Southern Illinois University Press. 1998

The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) generated the strongest earthquakes ever observed in the lower forty-eight states in 1811 and 1812. And the region is overdue for another damaging quake. When self-proclaimed climatologist lben Browning predicted that a major earthquake would shatter the Heartland on 2 or 3 December 1990, many living within reach of the New Madrid fault zone reacted with varying combinations of preparation and panic.

John Farley’s study reports the results of four surveys conducted in the NMSZ both before and after the quake prediction. Thus, Farley notes the level of awareness and preparation at the height of the Browning-induced scare and shows to what extent earthquake awareness and preparedness were sustained in this region after the most widely publicized prediction in recent history proved baseless. All four surveys offer important insights into what people believe about earthquake risk in the NMSZ, what they know about earthquakes, what specific actions they have—and have not—taken in preparation for earthquakes, and what they think a severe quake would do to their neighborhoods.

Farley is the first researcher to study the response to an earthquake prediction while the prediction remained in effect and to continue the inquiry after the date covered by the prediction had passed. He is also the first researcher to look at earthquake awareness and preparedness in the NMSZ over an extended period of time.

Majority-Minority Relations (5th Edition)
ISBN: 0131444123

Prentice Hall. 2004

This book is designed to develop students' understanding of the principles and processes that shape the patterns of relations between racial, ethnic, and other groups in society. A wide variety of information is provided about a number of such groups with an emphasis on the relationships between dominant (majority) and subordinate (minority) racial and ethnic groups in the United States and abroad. Organized in a topic by topic approach, this book provides a more integrated sociological look at Majority-Minority relations. Affirmative action welfare reform whiteness as a racial identity African-American perspectives race/ethnicity in our schools wage and labor laws the war on drugs institutional discrimination race/ethnicity vs. language debate as well as September 11 impact on intergroup relations. For professionals working in a racially mixed environment.

Sociology & Study Guide Pkg (A
ISBN: 0131794728

Prentice Hall. 0


Kimmel Community Services Award, Dr. Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award

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