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Name:  Sharon De Vita  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Romance


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Illinois Connection

Sharon lives in a suburb of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sharon was an Adjunt Professor of Literature and Communication

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Titles At Your Library

Baby And The Officer (Lullabies And Love) (Silhouette Romance)
ISBN: 0373193165

Silhouette. 1998

Romance novel.

Baby With A Badge (Lullabies And Love) (Silhouette Romance)
ISBN: 0373192983

Silhouette. 1998

Romance novel.

On Baby Patrol (Bundles Of Joy/Lullabies And Love)
ISBN: 0373192762

Silhouette. 1998

Marriage Badge (The Blackwell Brothers)
ISBN: 0373194439

Silhouette. 2000

When he swooped through smoke and carried her from the building, Brenna Baxter could barely catch her breath. Then a glimpse of his blue eyes, chiseled features and strong hands made her hold tight. Was her savior truly the grumpy, woman-hating town sheriff? Yep, Colt Blackwell had come to rescue Brenna and the five children in her care. But his valor didn't stop there. Not only did Colt save them, he offered a temporary home on his ranch. His one provision -- his houseguest wouldn't think of making this a permanent arrangement.

Anything for Her Family ( Saddle Falls) (Silhouette Romance, No. 1580)
ISBN: 037319580X

Silhouette. 2002

Gentle and kind Natalie McMahon was everything rancher Jared Ryan wanted in his rambunctious children's nanny. While she was the perfect role model for his twin sons, she was also the embodiment of all of Jared's fantasies. But Jared sensed Natalie was hiding something from him, and before he'd open his wary, scarred heart he was determined to unlock the secrets of this beautiful woman.

Caring for Jared's kids came naturally to Natalie. And falling for the single dad was just as effortless. Natalie knew the feelings they were both fighting against couldn't be denied--nor could the truth...that Jared's adopted sons were actually hers.

A Family to Be (Saddle Falls, 3) (Silhouette Romance, No. 1586)
ISBN: 0373195869

Silhouette. 2002

Josh couldn't stop staring at the ultrasound photograph, feeling unaccountably connected to the helpless baby who was totally dependent on Emma for every beat of her heart.

He also felt a swell of pride in Emma. With so much stacked against her, she'd always--always--put her baby's welfare first.

"Well, Baby," he said, "you're one lucky little girl. And we're going to take very good care of you, your mom and me. Promise." He stopped in the hallway suddenly, wondering how and when it had happened.

Because he knew that in one fraction of a second, one unborn baby had stolen his heart.

Daddy Patrol (Silhouette Special Edition No. 1584)
ISBN: 037324584X

Silhouette. 2003

Connor and Cody's Daddy Wish List:

1) Must not be too old—like Grandpa.
2) Must like 'rithmetic—to help with homework.
3) Must like baseball—a lot!

Five-year-old twins Connor and Cody Maguire were as mischievous as their red hair and freckles indicated. If their latest scheme worked, they'd finally have the father they'd always wanted and their mom could stop worrying about them. The boys had the perfect candidate picked out: Sheriff Joe Marino. Not only did Joe meet their requirements, but he also liked kissing their mother, Mattie. Eeeew! Now all Connor and Cody had to do was convince their mom that Joe would make a great dad and husband!

My Fair Maggy (Silhouette Romance)
ISBN: 0373197357

Silhouette Romance. 2004

My Fair Maggy by Sharon De Vita released on Aug 25, 2004 is available now for purchase.

Au rendez-vous des amoureux
ISBN: 0733557945

Harlequin Mills & Boon (Aus). 2005

Doctor's Orders (Silhouette Romance)
ISBN: 0373198124

Silhouette Romance. 2006

Doctor's Orders by Sharon De Vita released on Apr 11, 2006 is available now for purchase.

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