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Name:  Neil Dahlstrom  

Pen Name: None


Born: Moline, Illinois

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Dahlstrom was born and raised in East Moline, Illinois. Today he resides in Moline. He studied history, classics and art at Monmouth College (IL), and received an MA in Historical Administration from Eastern Illinois University.

Biographical and Professional Information

==Biographical and Professional Information==Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar Speakers Bureau, 2007-2009Chair, Corporate History Affinity Group, American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), 2006-2008'''Select Articles'''“Rock Island Prison, 1863-1865: Andersonville of the North Dispelled,” Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 4, Winter 2001, 291-306.“Dilemmas of a Corporate Historian," History News: The Magazine of the American Association for State and Local History, Autumn 2005, Volume 60, No. 4, 12-15. “Abraham Lincoln and the Press,” The Lincoln Newsletter: A Publication of the Lincoln College Museum, Volume XXV, Number 2, Summer 2006.'''Professional Affiliations'''Moline Preservation Society (MPS),Society of American Archivists (SAA), Midwest Archives Conference (MAC), American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA)

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Titles At Your Library

The John Deere Story: A Biography of Plowmakers John and Charles Deere
ISBN: 0875803369

Northern Illinois University Press. 2005

Today, John Deere is remembered-some say mistakenly-as the inventor of the steel plow. Who was this legendary man and how did he create the internationally renowned company that still bears his name? He began as a debt-stricken blacksmith who, fleeing debt in New England in the 1830s, set up shop in a little town on the Illinois frontier. There, in response to farmers' struggles, he designed a new plow that cut through the impervious prairie sod and lay open the rich, heavy soil for planting. The demand for his polished steel plow convinced him to specialize in farm implements.

In the decades before the Civil War, John Deere envisioned a company supplying midwestern farmers with reliable, affordable equipment. He used only high quality, imported steel and resisted pressure to raise prices. At the same time, he won respectful affection from his employees by working alongside them on the shop floor. Upon taking the helm in the 1860s, John's only surviving son, Charles, expanded the Moline factories to increase production, started branch houses in major midwestern cities to speed distribution, and began to transform the company into a modern corporation. The transformation didn't come without difficulties however: Charles found himself battling the Grange, facing threats of labor unions and strikes led by his own employees, and enduring patent suits and blatant thefts of product designs and advertising.

Lincoln's Wrath
ISBN: 1402203985

Sourcebooks, Inc.. 2005

In the blistering summer of 1861, President Lincoln began pressuring and ordering the physical shutdown of any Northern newspaper that voiced opposition to the war. These attacks were sometimes carried out by soldiers, sometimes by angry mobs under cover of darkness. Either way, the effect was a complete dismantling of the free press.

In the midst stood publisher John Hodgson, an angry bigot so hated that a local newspaper gleefully reported his defeat in a bar fight. He was also firmly against Lincoln and the war--an opinion he expressed loudly through his newspaper.

When his press was destroyed, first by a mob, then by U.S. Marshals “upon authority of the President of the United States,” Hodgson decided to take on the entire United States. Thus began a trial in which one small-town publisher risked imprisonment or worse, and the future of free speech hung in the balance.

Based on 10 years of original research, Lincoln's Wrath brings to life one of the most gripping, dramatic and unknown stories of U.S. history.



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