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General Information

Name:  Susan Srikant  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;

Born: in

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Illinois Connection

Srikant lives in Urbana.

Biographical and Professional Information

Susan Srikant is the author of several books for kids. She has also created the ShowBiz series of plays for kids to perform. They include the well-loved stories - ''The Emperor's New Clothes'', ''Stone Soup'', ''The Princess and the Pea'', ''The Elves and the Shoemaker'', ''Rumpelstiltskin'', and ''The Little Red Hen''.

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

I like hats /
ISBN: 1545251762. OCLC Number: 1003055265

. .

Hats with big ears and hats with long zippers. Hats you can wear with your new pair of flippers! Hats shaped like a fish or maybe a moose, Hats for enjoying some pineapple juice. Join the fun as this little raccoon shows off his unique and colorful collection of hats. Written in playful rhyme with bright illustrations, this picture book covers everything from classic sombreros to one-of-a-kind pencil hats.

My brother Fred has hair that's red :
ISBN: 1540834964. OCLC Number: 991291650

. .

These fun-to-read, illustrated rhymes use simple words that are familiar to beginning readers.

Porcupines do extreme sports :
ISBN: 1533021317. OCLC Number: 1003048948

. .

Count down from ten with these quirky and adventurous porcupines as they try out a variety of extreme sports. These sing-song rhymes and silly illustrations make learning the numbers one to ten lots of fun.

The remedy /
ISBN: 1493699350. OCLC Number: 990805334

. .

Joss Hall's little sister, Bibi, is dying, and it's all Joss's fault. Everyone agrees the situation is hopeless, but there is no way Joss is going to sit around and do nothing. She and her friends, Domino and Anton, decide to hike through the dark and dangerous forests of Burkett Mountain in search of a mythical creature with healing powers called a jarrlock, hoping to find a way to help Bibi before it's too late.

The secret room of Kaatu temple /
ISBN: 1492893129. OCLC Number: 990805390

. .

At first Priya is excited about her trip to visit relatives in India. But when a strange man shows up at her uncle's house in Pollachi, Priya learns that someone has been keeping secrets, dangerous secrets, and that her family just happens to be involved in a curse on an ancient jungle temple! To protect her family, Priya and her friends decide to risk a hike to the temple to uncover its hidden treasure. Their adventure will teach them a terrifying lesson about greed and evil. A lesson that will be learned the hard way.

Three little princesses /
ISBN: 1539955834. OCLC Number: 1003049212

. .

"Three little princesses, all in a line, Woke up one morning, feeling just fine." Come along with these playful princesses as they enjoy a busy day swimming, climbing, swinging, dancing, and more