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General Information

Name:  William Elliott Hazelgrove  

Pen Name: William Hazelgrove

Genre: Literary Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Adult;

Born: 1959 in Richmond, Virginia

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Illinois Connection

Hazelgrove's family moved to Chicago when he was fourteen. After college, he returned to the Chicago area. He currently resides in St. Charles.

Biographical and Professional Information

William Elliott Hazelgrove has a Masters in History and is the best-selling author of ten novels and two works of nonfiction. His books have hit the National Bestseller List, received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Booklist, Book of the Month Selections, Literary Guild Selections, History Book Club Bestsellers, Junior Library Guild Selections, and ALA Editor's Choice Awards. He was the Ernest Hemingway Writer-in- Residence where he wrote in the attic of Ernest Hemingway's birthplace. He has written articles and reviews for ''USA Today'' and other publications. He has been the subject of interviews in NPR's ''All Things Considered'' along with features in ''The New York Times'', ''LA Times'', ''Chicago Tribune'', ''Chicago Sun Times'', ''RichmondTimes Dispatch'', ''USA Today'', ''People'', NBC, WBEZ, WGN, and American History TV CSPAN. He also runs a political cultural blog, ''The View from Hemingway's Attic''.

Published Works

  • Ripples, Pantonne Press, 1992
  • Tobacco Sticks, Bantam, 1997
  • Mica Highways, Bantam, 1998
  • Rocket Man, Koehler Books, 2013
  • The Pitcher, Koehler Books, 2013
  • Real Santa, Koehler Books, 2014
  • Jack Pine, Koehler Books, 2015
  • The Pitcher 2: Seventh Inning Stretch, Koehler Books, 2015
  • The Bad Author, Black Rose Writing, 2015
  • My Best Year, Koehler Books, 2016
  • Madam President: The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson, Regnery History, 2016
  • Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt, Regnery History, 2017
  • Al Capone and the 1933 World's Fair, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2017
  • Shots Fired in Terminal 2, Prometheus Books, forthcoming
  • The First Twelve Seconds, Prometheus Books, forthcoming

Selected Titles At Your Library

Ripples /
ISBN: 0963005294. OCLC Number:

Pantonne Press,. Chicago :. [1992]

Brenton and Christian grow up together in Baltimore. Brenton moves away and after four years of separation the two friends are reunited. But things have changed, and Brenton comes to realize Christian's tragic weakness as well as his own.

Rocket Man /
ISBN: 1938467582. OCLC Number:

Koehler Books,. New York :. ©2013.

We meet Dale Hammer, who becomes the Rocket Man for his sons scout troop and immediately his life implodes. Accused of cutting down the subdivision sign to his neighborhood, he becomes the lone rebel, going down in a flaming arc. When Rocket Day comes, Dale is determined to give his son more than his father gave him.

The pitcher /
ISBN: 1938467590. OCLC Number:

. .

The Pitcher, is a classic story of baseball, the price of dreams, and the lessons of life. A mythic baseball story about a broken down World Series Pitcher is mourning over the death of his wife and an under-priveledged Mexican-American boy who lives across the street and wants to learn to pitch. This is a mainstream contemporary novel about dreams lost and found.

Real Santa /
ISBN: 194019296X. OCLC Number:

. .

George Kronenfeldt is an unemployed engineer with one shot to keep his daughter's belief in Santa intact. When Megan tells him the only way she will believe in Santa is if she can videotape him and then tells her fourth grade class she will prove the existence of Santa Claus by posting her video to YouTube, George realizes he must become the Real Santa. He devises a plan to land nine reindeer on his roof and go down his chimney, hiring a broken down movie director who eventually has him funding a full scale production that bankrupts him and threatens his marriage. When George goes to find the "Real Santa" to help him, the line between what is real and magic is crossed. Real Santa is a funny heartwarming story of parenthood gone wrong and illuminates what lengths parents will go to keep their children happy.

Jack Pine :
ISBN: 163393084X. OCLC Number:

Köehler Books,. Virginia Beach :. ©2015.

When the sixteen year old daughter of a prominent attorney is raped in a woodshed and a logger found shot the next morning, Deputy Sheriff Reuger London becomes embroiled in a war between environmentalists, the Ojibwa Indians fighting for their timber rights, and the ruthless son of a powerful logger. Ben Johnson is the biggest logger in the Northwoods and his son Cliff will soon take over the business. Logging is dying a slow death from environmental restrictions and all that's left are the scrub firs and jackpine. But far up in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota are trees called the Old Pines. These three hundred year Norwegian pines are priceless and Johnson Timber wants them. A radical leader of Earth First, Tom Jorde, will do anything to stop the logging in the Boundary Waters. Then another logger is murdered and Jorde is implicated. The town pressures Reuger to stop the environmentalist and arrest an Indian, Tommy Toboken, for the rape of the girl. Tommy had saved his life once before and Reuger knows he is being setup. When he falls in love with the lawyer brought to town to defend Tom Jorde and realizes Johnson Timber is going to log out the Federally protected trees, Reuger is torn between old loyalties and what is right. (William Hazelgrove).

Seventh inning stretch :
ISBN: 1633930025. OCLC Number:

Koehler Books,. [Place of publication not identified] :. 2015.

Ricky is a senior and all seems to be going well when Bailey Hutchinson moves in from Texas and has an almost hundred mile an hour fastball. Fernando comes back and demands money from Ricky when he hears MLB Scouts are interested in him. After a bad pitch hits him in the head he has to go back to throwing rocks with The Pitcher to find himself again.

The bad author /
ISBN: 1612965687. OCLC Number:

. .

"A literary-thriller penned in the motif of a Raymond Chandler mystery. This rollercoaster ride of a novel is centered on cop/author Derek Pelican who investigates the murder of a writer in an alley in Chicago. Adding to the murder mayhem, a literary agent turns up dead in Lake Michigan and then a prominent editor is murdered. As it turns out, a disgruntled author is behind the killings and Derek Pelican must work around the clock to stop him before he kills again. The Bad Author takes us on a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride from Chicago to New York to find out who is behind the killing of literary agents, writers, and publishers. A smart man's mystery, The Bad Author is the first in a series of more novels to come featuring Derek Pelican."--provided by

My best year /
ISBN: 163393151X. OCLC Number:

. .

Madam President :
ISBN: 162157475X. OCLC Number:

. .

An up-close look at Edith Wilson, a first lady with unequaled responsibilities during her husband's presidency. After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a paralyzing stroke in the fall of 1919, his wife, First Lady Edith Wilson, began to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the chief executive. Mrs. Wilson had had little formal education and had only been married to President Wilson for four years, yet in the tenuous peace following the end of World War I, she dedicated herself to managing the office of the president, reading all correspondence intended for her bedridden husband. Though her Oval Office authority was acknowledged in Washington circles at the time--one senator called her "the presidentress who had fulfilled the dream of suffragettes by changing her title from First Lady to Acting First Man"--Her legacy as the first woman president is now largely forgotten. William Hazelgrove's Madam President is a vivid, engaging portrait of the woman who became the acting president of the United States in 1919, months before women officially won the right to vote.

Forging a President :
ISBN: 1621574768. OCLC Number:

. .

Evaluates the years Teddy Roosevelt spent as a cattle rancher and deputy sheriff in Dakota Territory that influenced his character as president, sharing insights into how his achievements were shaped by the nature and culture he experienced firsthand.

Al Capone and the 1933 World's Fair :
ISBN: 1442272260. OCLC Number:

. .

"William Elliot Hazelgrove provides the exciting and sprawling history behind the 1933 World's Fair, the last of the golden age. He reveals the story of the six millionaire businessmen, dubbed the Secret Six, who beat Al Capone at his own game, ending the gangster era as Prohibition was repealed. He also details the story of an intriguing woman, Sally Rand, who embodied the ideals of the World's Fair with her own rags-to-riches story and brought sex into the open, as well as the story of Rufus and Charles Dawes, who gave the fair a theme and found financing during the worst economic times the country had ever experienced."--Jacket.


Forging A President

  • History Book Club Selection
  • Madame President

  • Literary Guild Selection
  • History Book Club Selection
  • Editors Pick, Foreword Reviews
  • Real Santa

  • Starred Review, Booklist
  • Starred Review, Booklist
  • The Pitcher

  • Selection for Fall, Junior Library Guild
  • Bestseller List for Hispanic Fiction, Amazon
  • Bestseller List for Baseball, Amazon
  • Tobacco Sticks

  • Starred Review, Publishers Weekly
  • Book of the Month Club Selection
  • Ripples

  • Editors Choice Award, ALA Booklist

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