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Harlan Cohen

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Connection to Illinois: Cohen lives in Chicago.

Biography: Harlan Cohen is a New York Times bestselling author of five books, a professional speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and creator of Best First Year (

Harlan has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs, including the Today Show. He has been featured as an expert offering advice in the New York Times, Real Simple, Seventeen, Psychology Today, and hundreds of other publications. He is a professional speaker who has visited more than four hundred college campuses (TEDx Talk: His 'Help Me, Harlan!' advice column is distributed by King Features Syndicate.


Primary Literary Genre(s): C:YOUNG ADULT; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Campus Life Exposed: Advice from the Inside
ISBN: 0768904986 OCLC: 44045762

Peterson's/Thomson Learning, Princeton, N.J. : ©2000.

Dads Expecting Too!: A guide for expectant fathers and their partners
ISBN: 1402280645 OCLC: 808413730

Sourcebooks Naperville, Ill. : 2013

PREGNANCY, BIRTH & BABY CARE. Harlan Cohen, New York Times bestselling author and America's only male syndicated advice columnist, presents the best advice from dads and moms on how to make the pregnancy a joyous time, while minimizing the discomforts. Each entry contains a tip, stories and quotes from real expectant dads and moms, and advice from the author. Plus, the book has been completely medically reviewed, and contains pictures of the baby's development throughout the 40 weeks. Unlike other books on the shelf, Dad's Expecting Too is fun and engaging without being jocular. For all expectant dads who are excited about pregnancy and looking to bond and make things easier for mom (and for all the moms who love these men), this is their guide.

Getting Naked: Five Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life (While Fully Clothed & Totally Sober)
ISBN: 0312611781 OCLC: 740628911

St. Martin's Griffin, New York : ©2012.

A guide to navigating a dating life for love and happiness outlines a five-step approach based on the most commonly asked questions from the author's syndicated advice column.

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College (An Essential College-Bound Gift for Teen Girls or Boys)
ISBN: 1492645966 OCLC: 982131043

Sourcebooks, Naperville, Ill. : 2017.

Looking for the perfect high school graduation gift for your college-bound grad' Now in it's 5th edition, the New York Times bestselling Naked Roommate is the #1 go-to guide on dorm and college life! Harlan Cohen's tips and advice on student life -from sharing a bathroom with 40 strangers to sharing lecture notes-provide the behind-the-scenes look at EVERYTHING freshmen need to know about college (but never knew they needed to know). This essential, fully updated edition is packed with real-life advice on everything from managing money to managing stress. Hilarious and outrageous, with stories from students on over 100 college campuses this book covers the basics, and then some, including: College Living: Dorm dos, don'ts, and dramas; lying, noisy, nasty roommates Finding People, Places and Things: Facebook, Twitter, and beyond; Friend today, gone tomorrow Classes: To go or not to go'; How to get an A, C, or F Dating: 17 kinds of college hookups; long distance = BIG concerns The Party Scene: The punch in the fruit punch; Sex, drugs, and the truth Money: Grants, loans, and loose change; Credit cards and online gambling This hilarious and truthful book (School Library Journal) offers entering freshman a genuine and insightful look at everyday life. In college, there's a surprise around every corner. Luckily, The Naked Roommate has you covered! The best gift book of its kind-inimitable, practical, and funny.

The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only
ISBN: 1402267568 OCLC: 793169725

Sourcebook EDU, Naperville, Ill. : ©2012.

A guide designed to help parents with various aspects of their child's college experience, with tips, statistics, and stories from students, parents, and others, covering move-in, communication, grades, partying, budgeting, preparation, roommates, and more.

The Naked Roommates First Year Survival Workbook
ISBN: 1402239432 OCLC: 831118322

Sourcebooks Naperville, Ill. : 2010

An Amazing College Experience Starts with You! The Naked Roommate's First Year Survival Workbook is your personal road map to creating and living your own best college experience. Based on the New York Times bestselling book The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College, this guidebook is the ultimate companion for a student looking to have the most successful and productive first year. Harlan Cohen, the most trusted voice on the college transition.

Win or Learn: The Naked Truth About Turning Every Rejection into Your Ultimate Success (Ignite Reads)
ISBN: 1728223466 OCLC: 1153282916

Simpler Truths 2021

The fear of rejection is universal. From being on the receiving end of a breakup to being turned down for your dream job, we've all experienced the sharp sting of rejection and grown to fear the risks that might lead to our next failure. After years of relentless risk-taking and rejection, New York Times bestselling author Harlan Cohen has unlocked the secret to sparking success without the fear of failure. In Win or learn, Cohen guides you through a life-changing experiment to identify your dreams, eliminate your fears, and confidently take the risks necessary to achieve every goal you set. Through Cohen's approach, you'll learn to want more, risk more, and ultimately achieve more--Page 4 of cover.