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Margaret Davis Ghielmetti

Pen Name:

Connection to Illinois: Ghielmetti lives in Chicago.

Biography: Margaret Davis Ghielmetti has lived on four continents and has visited nearly fifty countries. She is a Live Lit storyteller who has won two StorySLAMs with The Moth. She wrote and performed a solo show, Fierce, about refinding her creative expression, and is passionate about sharing the beauty of the world through her photos. She and her Swiss-born husband, Patrick, can be found in Chicago when theyre not out exploring.

  • ''Brave(ish): A Memoir of a Recovering Perfectionist '',
  • -- 2020 Sarton Awards Gilda Finalist

Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Brave(ish): A Memoir of a Recovering Perfectionist
ISBN: 1631527479 OCLC: 1142533129

She Writes Press, Berkeley, Calif. : 2020.

At forty, Margaret quits her sales job to follow her husband's hotel career to Paris. She's setting sail on this adventure with a glass half full of bravery, a well-traveled passport, a journal in which she plans to write her novel, and the mentally ingrained Davis Family Handbook of Rules to Live By. Everyone tells Margaret she's living the dream, but she feels adrift without a professional identity. Desperate to feel productive and valued, she abandons her writing and throws herself into new roles: perfect wife, hostess, guide, and expatriate. When she and her husband move to Cairo, however, the void inside she's been ignoring threatens to engulf her. It's clear that something needs to change, so she does the one thing she was raised never to do: asks for--and accepts--help. Over the next fifteen years abroad, the cultures of Egypt, Thailand, and Singapore confront Margaret with lessons she never would have learned at home. But it's only when they move back to Chicago--with Margaret now stepping into the role of perfect caretaker to her parents--that she has to decide once and for all: will she dare to let go of the old rules and roles she thinks keep her safe in order to step into her own life and creative destiny?