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Debbie Dadey

Born: 1959 in Morganfield, Kentucky
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Dadey lived in Aurora.

Biography: Dadey was a teacher in Kentucky, became a librarian. Was a Freelance writer with Argus Communications; was an instructor at University of Kentucky; a contributing editor for Writer's Digest from 1998-2002. She currently resides in Tennessee.

  • IRA children's Choice Award

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Children

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Selected Titles

A royal tea
ISBN: 9781532142062 OCLC: 1050612275

While Kiki and Echo help Shelly prepare for a royal tea with her visiting great-aunt, Queen Edwina, Shelly worries that the Queen will make her leave Trident City and move to Neptune Castle.

A tale of two sisters
ISBN: 1532142072 OCLC: 1050612628

Echo Reef is tail-flipping with excitement when she find a human object. But when her older sister claims the object for her own, how far will Echo go to reclaim it?

A very haunted holiday
ISBN: 9780439883610 OCLC: 145764471

At Sleepy Hollow Elementary, everyone is getting into the spirit of the holidays but when the resident ghosts stir up trouble, Jeff, Nina, and Cassidy must find out what is wrong and set it right.

  A whale of a tale
ISBN: 1338117084 OCLC: 1043758231

Scholastic, New York, NY : 2016.

When her class at Trident Academy visits a pod of whales, Kiki Coral must overcome her fears with the help of her friends.

Aliens don't carve jack-o'-lanterns
ISBN: 0439408318 OCLC: 50408844

Scholastic, New York : 2002.

When a stranger in a shiny suit comes to town on Halloween, the Bailey School kids investigate the sudden disappearance of candy in Bailey City.

Aliens don't wear braces
ISBN: 0785768505 OCLC: 234478232

Scholastic, New York : 2007, ©1993.

Strange doings seem to erupt whenever Mrs. Zork, the substitute art teacher shows up, in this most far-out adventure yet about the fun-filled Bailey School kids.

Angels don't know karate
ISBN: 9780590849029 OCLC: 35827051

Scholastic, New York : 1996.

The Bailey School kids set out to find out if the new karate teacher is really an angel.

  Battle of the best friends
ISBN: 9781614793236 OCLC: 741542635

Aladdin, New York : 2012.

Mermaid Echo is doing tail flips because she's going to see her favorite under-the-sea band, the Rays. They're performing for Pearl's birthday party and everyone at Trident Academy is invited except Echo's best friend Shelly.

Beware of the Blabbermouth!
ISBN: 0439681200 OCLC: 57229529

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2004.

The secret is out! Well, all of the third-graders' secrets are out. A tattletale is loose in the basement of Sleepy Hollow Elementary and suddenly rumors are spreading about everyone. Now the class is playing the blame game. Is Cassidy the blabbermouth? Is Jeff the Big Mouth? Or is someone--or something--else spying on the basement class? Nina is ready to do whatever it takes to catch the snitch. But would she be willing to tell on her best friends?--Page 4 of cover.

Bigfoot doesn't square dance
ISBN: 0590849050 OCLC: 36473744

Scholastic, New York : 1997.

Visiting Ruby Mountain during a class trip, Eddie spots enormous tracks on the dirt trail and becomes convinced that the prints belong to the square-dancing teacher, a large, hairy man who resembles Bigfoot. Original.

Blue-ribbon blues
ISBN: 0439429501 OCLC: 61284031

Scholastic, Inc., New York : 2002.

Barkley's School holds its first-ever agility contest, and the winner gets a blue ribbon. Jack dreams of winning the top prize for Maggie. But his friends think only the newest dog can beat Sweetcakes. How will Jack make Maggie proud?

Bobby and the big, blue bulldog
ISBN: 0874068894 OCLC: 39857570

Willowisp Press, St. Petersburg, Fla. : ©1998.

Surprising things happen when Bobby helps Andrew give the new bulldog a bath.

Bobby and the great, green booger
ISBN: 0874068452 OCLC: 37562729

Willowisp Press, St. Petersburg, Fla. : ©1997.

Bobby has lots of allergies, particularly to cats, and sneezes constantly.

Bogeymen don't play football
ISBN: 0590257013 OCLC: 37548409

Scholastic, New York : 1997.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the new mysterious student teacher who is on the Bailey City football team really be out to get the students of Bailey Elementary? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!--Cover.

  Books vs. looks
ISBN: 9781481440813 OCLC: 939706911

Kiki wants to start a book club, but Pearl tries to steal the spotlight with a rival fashion club in this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure.

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express :
ISBN: 0786850043 OCLC: 31307530

Disney Press, New York : ©1994.

A fictional account of the adventures of Bill Cody, a colorful legend of the American frontier, who worked as a rider for the Pony Express at the age of fourteen.

Buried treasure
ISBN: 0439429498 OCLC: 62060387

Scholastic Inc., New York : ©2002.

Jack and his friends look for buried treasure at Barkley's School.

  Cavemen do drive school buses
ISBN: 9780545069892 OCLC: 285420137

Scholastic, New York : 2008.

The Bailey school soccer team hasn't won a single game. They need to lean to play as a team. Will the strange cave drawings on the bus show them how to win.

Cherokee sister.
ISBN: 9781630833305 OCLC: 891371779

Because she is mistaken for an Indian, twelve-year-old Allie, a white girl, is forced to travel the Trail of Tears along with her best friend, a young Cherokee.

Class trip to the haunted house
ISBN: 0439678099 OCLC: 58968756

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2005.

The class takes a field trip to a mansion which is scheduled for demolition.

Cupid doesn't flip hamburgers
ISBN: 9780590848862 OCLC: 31793222

Scholastic, New York : ©1995.

The third graders from Bailey school go wild with lovesickness shortly after a new cafeteria cook distributes a special batch of Valentine cookies, and Eddie vows to find out if she's been secretly cooking up love potions for lunch.

  Danger in the deep blue sea
ISBN: 9781614793250 OCLC: 824624422

Aladdin, New York : 2013.

A shark has been spotted in Trident City! Pearl Swamp is so scared, she needs a shark Guard to escort her to and from school. She doesn't trust anyone who likes these terrifying creatures, especially Kiki Coral, who isn't nearly as frightened as Pearl. And to make matters worse, Pearl accuses Kiki of stealing her precious pearl necklace! Will the sharks destroy the peace of their sparking city? Or will the mergirls have to swim in dangerous deep-sea waters?

Double trouble monsters
ISBN: 0439058708 OCLC: 41104524

Scholastic, New York : ©1999.

The Bailey School Kids are going to find out if the Hauntly's are making monsters at Hauntly Manor Inn.

Dracula doesn't drink lemonade
ISBN: 059022638X OCLC: 33330031

Scholastic, New York : ©1995.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the new guidance counselor really be Count Dracula? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!

  Dracula doesn't play kickball.
ISBN: 1415533954 OCLC: 520862911

Scholastic, New York : ©2004.

The Bailey School kids investigate to see if the new playground monitor is Dracula and if his agenda is to turn the school's teachers into vampires.

Dracula doesn't rock and roll
ISBN: 0439043999 OCLC: 43034601

Scholastic, New York : 1999.

The Bailey School kids are trying to find out if Mr. Drake, the old school counselor, is really in a rock band full of vampires.

  Dragons don't cook pizza.
ISBN: 0758757557 OCLC: 520862935

Scholastic, New York : ©1997.

The Bailey School Kids decide to investigate when they begin to suspect that the cook at the new pizza place is really a dragon.

Dragons don't throw snowballs
ISBN: 0439793378 OCLC: 63775245

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

The Bailey School kids investigate to see if a mad scientist can turn a snow sculpture into a real dragon.

  Dream of the blue turtle
ISBN: 9781614793281 OCLC: 905372587

Kiki Coral has an amazing gift: she can see the future. She doesn't have visions very often, but they are always surprising! When Kiki sees a vision of her classmate Rocky Ridge coming face-to-frightening-face with a gigantic leatherback turtle, she is frightened to the tip of her shiny purple tail. Can Kiki save Rocky from his dangerous fate? What if no one in Trident Academy believes her scary prediction?

Elves don't wear hard hats
ISBN: 0590226371 OCLC: 33393208

Scholastic, New York : ©1995.

When a group of short construction workers begins building a school playground, Lisa begins to suspect that they are really Christmas elves.

Flower girl dreams
ISBN: 9781481440868 OCLC: 949913571

Unable to comprehend a beloved librarian's imminent marriage to a cafeteria worker who seems to be perpetually grouchy, Pearl becomes jealous when Echo, Shelly, and Kiki are all asked to be flower girls.

Frankenstein doesn't plant petunias
ISBN: 9780590470711 OCLC: 28330027

Scholastic, New York : 1993.

Dr. Victor has a secret. Has he created a monster? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!--Cover.

Frankenstein doesn't slam hockey pucks
ISBN: 0590189840 OCLC: 40514203

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

The Bailey school kids suspect that the new hockey coach is really Frankenstein's monster.

Frankenstein doesn't start food fights
ISBN: 0439559995 OCLC: 53080217

Scholastic Inc., New York : ©2003.

The Bailey School kids suspect that the man selling cookies in the school cafeteria is Frankenstein's monster.

  Frighting like cats and dogs
ISBN: 0439883598 OCLC: 131058892

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

Scaredy cats! There's a pet wash at Sleepy Hollow Elementary, and it isn't long before the classroom ghosts start causing trouble. Other kids can't see the ghosts, but the animals can --- and they're spooked! When the real pets escape, the ghost pets aren't far behind. It's up to Nina, Jeff, and Cassidy to track them down. Can they find the missing animals? Will the ghost pets be on the loose forever? Or will Nina and her friends wind up petrified?--Page 2 of cover.

Frights! Camera! Action!
ISBN: 0439678110 OCLC: 63763345

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2005.

Hollywood is coming to Sleepy Hollow! A big-time director wants to film a movie about ghosts in the third-graders' basement classroom.

  Genies don't ride bicycles.
ISBN: 0758758529 OCLC: 520860626

Scholastic, New York : ©1993.

When the Bailey School kids find an old bottle and open its stopper their wishes start to come true, and they wonder if the new man in town might just be a genie.

Ghost class
ISBN: 0439424372 OCLC: 50670667

Scholastic, New York : ©2002.

The basement of Sleepy Hollow's elementary school is haunted. At least that's what everyone says. But no one has ever gone downstairs to prove it. Until now ...--Page 4 of cover.

  Ghost dog
ISBN: 0439379873 OCLC: 50849291

Scholastic, New York : 2002.

Boo! The dogs at Barkley's School are spooked! Toys and treats are disappearing from the schoolyard--and a ghost may be the reason! Is Woodrow right about the legend of the ghost dog?

Ghost Game.
ISBN: 9781442042773 OCLC: 319491446

Paw Prints 2009.

Ghosts be gone!
ISBN: 0439560047 OCLC: 56977842

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2004.

It's Career Day and Andrew, the class bully, wants to be a rich and famous ghost hunter. Will the Ghostville ghosts be toast? Or will Andrew get himself slimed?

Ghosts do splash in puddles
ISBN: 043987629X OCLC: 74667054

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

Is something wrong with the plumbing or is there really a puddle ghost in the school bathroom?

Ghosts don't eat potato chips
ISBN: 9780590458542 OCLC: 26728983

Scholastic, New York : ©1992.

It started out to be a simple visit to a sick old aunt, but strange things were happening at the rundown house. Could it be haunted? Spooky things are happening in Aunt Matilda's house. Potato chips on the floor are spelling out secret messages and forming trails. And if Aunt Matilda is snoring in her bed, then who is whistling a tune? There must be a ghost in Aunt Matilda's house.

Ghosts don't ride wild horses
ISBN: 0439215846 OCLC: 48181557

Scholastic, New York : [2001]

While on a class trip to a ghost town, Eddie, Melody, Howie, and Liza become convinced that the mysterious man they meet there is really the ghost of Cowboy Pete.

Ghouls don't scoop ice cream
ISBN: 9780590258197 OCLC: 38994697

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

The Burger Doodle has a new ice cream scooper--and she's a bit bizarre. Howie and his friends think she might be a ghoul sent to spy on the people of Bailey City.

Giants don't go snowboarding
ISBN: 0590189832 OCLC: 40109240

Scholastic, New York : 1998.

Is the large man giving snowboarding lessons really a giant lurking on Ruby Mountain? The Bailey School Kids want to find out.

  Goblins don't play video games.
ISBN: 0758705719 OCLC: 520860710

Scholastic, New York : ©1999.

The Bailey School Kids investigate to see if the new computer teacher is a goblin from a video game.

Great green gator graduation
ISBN: 0439794013 OCLC: 70922270

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

Jake has promised his parents that he won't leav the swamp again. But when The Big One--the biggest, meanest alligator in the swamp--tries to eat his human friend Emily, Jake has no choice. He has to save Emily! But how can he stop The Big One? Swamp monsters are pretty strong, but Jake will need some help if he is going to mess with this giant gator! and to make matters worse, Principal Pellman wants Jake to speak at the school graduation. Will he be a hero or a zero?

Gremlins don't chew bubble gum
ISBN: 0590481150 OCLC: 32112008

Scholastic, New York : ©1995.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the substitute school secretary really be a gremlin messing up the electricity? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!

Guys and ghouls
ISBN: 0439794021 OCLC: 67238644

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

It's a boys-versus-girls battle! Big bully Andrew is determined to prove that boys are better than girls -- after all, boys are cool and totally rule. But Cassidy and Nina know that he's wrong, since girls smell sweet and can't be beat. But when classroom ghosts join the competition, the rest of the school realizes that something's not right. A ghost fight? not that's scary! The competition is on -- may the best ghoul win!--Back cover.

Happy boo day
ISBN: 0439150094 OCLC: 43336318

Scholastic, New York : ©2000.

Jane, Ben and Annie are friends with Kilmer, whose parents own Hauntly Manor Inn. The kids meet Franklin, Kilmer's great-grandfather, who is in town for Kilmer's birthday and discover that he was on the Titanic. Jane thinks he died when the Titanic sank and is the ghost haunting Bailey City.

Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth - #30.
ISBN: 0606134751 OCLC: 1003237542

Scholastic, Inc. New York 1998.

ISBN: 0439560039 OCLC: 56675717

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2004.

Field Day is going to be a nightmare for Cassidy because she can't run or kick or bat as well as her friends. But there is one thing she is really good at-finding out --ghostly secrets.

Howling at the Hauntlys'
ISBN: 059010845X OCLC: 39001483

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups. It is the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn. Could a werewolf visiting from Transylvania be staying there?

Inside the magic
ISBN: 9781429976237 OCLC: 862068867

Oh, no! Mr. Leery has been kidnapped by the evil Queen of the Boggarts. It's up to the apprentice Keyholders Penny, Luke, and Natalie to rescue him. Together with their links, a unicorn named Kirin, a dragon named Dracula and a rat named Buttercup, the three Keyholders cross the border to land inside the magic, a place where anything can happen.--Page 4 of cover.

Kilmer's pet monster
ISBN: 0590108476 OCLC: 40930402

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups. It is the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn. Could a witch with a very unusual pet be visiting for a while?

  King of the kooties
ISBN: 0802776221 OCLC: 48671954

Walker & Co., New York : 2001.

Nate's new friend Donald is being teased by the meanest girl in fourth grade, but after several failed attempts, he comes up with a plan to make her stop.

King of the kooties
ISBN: 9781623344689 OCLC: 867135195

Nate's new friend Donald is being teased by the meanest girl in fourth grade, but after several failed attempts, he comes up with a plan to make her stop.

Knights don't teach piano
ISBN: 0590258044 OCLC: 38119003

Scholastic, New York : 1998.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the new piano teacher who lives in a castle and wears a full suit of armor really be a knight planning to take over Bailey City? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out!

  Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball
ISBN: 9781424234578 OCLC: 262434775

Fitzgerald Books 2008.

Leprechauns don't play fetch
ISBN: 0439408334 OCLC: 51530208

Scholastic, New York : ©2003.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City, but could the owner of Clover Patch Pet Store really be a leprechaun?

Martians don't take temperatures
ISBN: 0590509608 OCLC: 33958558

Scholastic, New York : ©1996.

The students at the Bailey School are trying to find out if the new school nurse is really a Martian.

Marty the maniac
ISBN: 0874067723 OCLC: 35013974

Willowisp Press, St. Petersburg, Fla. : ©1996.

Marty is trying to break a world's record but breaks her arm instead and uses that for her inspiration.

  Marty the millionaire
ISBN: 0874068657 OCLC: 37969311

Willowisp Press, St. Petersburg, Fla. : ©1997.

Marty won a million dollars but big money can mean big trouble.

Marty the mudwrestler
ISBN: 0874068487 OCLC: 37508177

Willowisp Press, St. Petersburg, Fla. : ©1997.

Marty did it again! She made a muddy mistake, and now Allison is MAD at Marty.

Mermaids don't run track
ISBN: 9780590849067 OCLC: 36774796

Scholastic, New York : ©1997.

Is the beautiful track coach with the long hair a mermaid? There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the beautiful singing track coach with long hair really be a magical mermaid?

Monsters don't scuba dive
ISBN: 9780590226356 OCLC: 32369406

Scholastic, New York : 1995.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the swimming teacher at Camp Lone Wolf really be a sea monster? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!--Cover.

Mrs. Jeeper's creepy Christmas
ISBN: 0545041929 OCLC: 183039057

Scholastic, New York : 2007.

Eddie doesn't like to read but finds himself spending lots of time reading with the library volunteer, Grandpa Vamps. Could Eddie be under the spell of a vampire disguised as Grandpa Vamps?

Mrs. Jeepers' monster class trip
ISBN: 0439215854 OCLC: 45567664

Scholastic, New York : ©2000.

Mrs. Jeepers takes the third grade camping for the weekend to study rocks, and they begin to wonder whether she could bring a canyon full of rock monsters to life.

Mummies don't coach softball
ISBN: 0590226398 OCLC: 34724305

Scholastic Inc., New York : ©1996.

The kids decide to find out if the clumsy new softball coach, who keeps wrapping up his injuries in bandages, is really a mummy.

My mom the frog
ISBN: 0590602055 OCLC: 35196028

Scholastic, New York : ©1996.

Jason is convinced that his mother turned into a frog after kissing the wart on his hand.

New ghoul in school
ISBN: 0439424399 OCLC: 53099396

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2003.

The new boy in Nina, Jeff, and Cassidy's class is strange! He's see-through. He floats above his chair. And he never seems to leave the classroom. Could the new boy be a new ghost? Nina and her friends are afraid to find out. And so are the other ghosts! Could this mean more fun for the class in the basement, or more haunting?

Ninjas don't bake pumpkin pies
ISBN: 0439043980 OCLC: 42661709

Scholastic, New York : 1999.

The new baker in town makes a mean pumpkin pie. But could he really be a Ninja plotting to steal some valuable Japanese art? It's up to the Bailey School Kids to find out.

No haunting zone!
ISBN: 9780439883658 OCLC: 145763970

Scholastic, New York : 2007.

The town board wants to tear down Sleepy Hollow Elementary and build a brand-new school. If the old school is gone, what will happen to the ghost class living in the basement?

Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs.
ISBN: 9780756975456 OCLC: 176926792

Perfection Learning Prebound, 2007.

Phantoms don't drive sports cars
ISBN: 0590189824 OCLC: 39764860

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

The Bailey School Kids investigate a strange man who plays in the orchestra to discover if he could be the real phantom haunting the opera.

Pirates don't wear pink sunglasses
ISBN: 9780590472982 OCLC: 30385701

Scholastic, New York : ©1994.

Suspense, humor, and the appealing Bailey School kids make this an irresistible early chapter book. At Camp Lone Wolf, the Bailey kids suspect that the camp director is a werewolf. What's more, the newest member of the camp staff, Captain Teach, thinks he's a pirate. Line drawings.

Playground bully
ISBN: 0786815477 OCLC: 46886600

Volo, New York : ©2001.

During Jack the Wonder Dog's first day at Barkley's School for Dogs Jack meets new friends, encounters a Doberman bully, and tries to help a cat.

Puppies on parade
ISBN: 0786816805 OCLC: 51552477

Hyperion Books for Children, New York : ©2002.

The dogs at Barkley's School are marching in the town's 100th-anniversary parade ... and so are the dogs from Howl's Dog City. The dogs from across town don't seem too friendly -- or maybe Jack and his friends aren't being too nice. Who will put his best paw forward?

Puppy love
ISBN: 0786816791 OCLC: 51061971

Hyperion Books for Children, New York : ©2002.

The dogs at Barkley's School for Dogs become concerned when their teacher, Fred, falls in love with a veterinarian.

Puppy trouble
ISBN: 0439305691 OCLC: 48996547

Scholastic, New York : ©2001.

At Barkley's school for dogs, a friendly canine named Jack becomes concerned when a new puppy begins learning the mean ways of Sweetcakes, the school's Doberman bully.

Ready, set, goal!
ISBN: 9781481487108 OCLC: 1003133807

Shelly Siren loves playing on Trident Academy's Shell Wars team. But is she ready to complete in the Shell Wars Championships in the fintastically famous city of Atlantis? As part of their trip, the mergirls get a tour of Atlantis and swim through Poseidon's Temple where Shelly sees a spookfish, which according to legend, carries a horrible curse.

Reindeer do wear striped underwear
ISBN: 9780439876308 OCLC: 77237092

Scholastic, New York : ©2006.

When Liza, Howie, Eddie and Melody discover that Santa's reindeer are all at the Bailey City Zoo with terrible colds, Eddie becomes determined to do what he can to save Christmas.

  Robots don't catch chicken pox.
ISBN: 0758759088 OCLC: 520861237

Scholastic, New York : ©2000.

The Bailey School Kids investigate to see if the drama teacher is a robot.

Santa Claus doesn't mop floors
ISBN: 0590444778 OCLC: 24562159

Scholastic, New York : ©1991.

Mr. Jolly keeps the school magically clean and bitter cold, and he's full of surprises, but can he make a miracle happen?

Santa Dog
ISBN: 0786816775 OCLC: 54931403

Volo, New York : ©2002.

At the dog run in the park, the Barkley's classmates meet jingles. He is a jolly Eskimo dog who is spreading Christmas cheer. Floyd and Bubba think Jingle's human must be Santa.--Page 4 of cover.

Sea Monsters Don't Ride Motorcycles.
ISBN: 9781424234431 OCLC: 262434778

Fitzgerald Books 2008.

Is the winning rider at the motorcycle races really a sea monster? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!

  Sea Serpents Don't Juggle Water Balloons
ISBN: 9781424234608 OCLC: 262434761

Fitzgerald Books 2008.

The Bailey School Kids must find out if Eddie's new math teacher is really a sea serpent.

  Shooting Star
ISBN: 9781623348052 OCLC: 900606665

A fun and exaggerated account of the life and exploits of the sharp-shooting Wild West entertainer, Annie Oakley. Goto's exuberant, energetic, and subtly comical illustrations are perfectly matched to Dadey's rollicking tongue-in-cheek tall tale.

Shooting star :
ISBN: 0802784852 OCLC: 34919736

Walker and Co., New York : 1997.

An exaggerated account of the life and exploits of the sharp-shooting entertainer.

Skeletons don't play tubas
ISBN: 0590481134 OCLC: 31387170

Scholastic, New York : ©1994.

The Bailey School kids are surprised when their weird band teacher comments that the classroom skeleton, Claude, can play music better than they can, and when everyone wonders who is playing the tuba, Eddie vows to find the truth.

  Slime time
ISBN: 0439643627 OCLC: 55502321

Scholastic, Inc., New York : 2004.

The school carnival is coming up, and the kids with the coolest booth win a free trip to Fun Zone.

Snow day
ISBN: 0439404770 OCLC: 50849292

Scholastic, New York : 2002.

When a big storm hits the city, the dogs are snowed in at Barkley's School. Jack is excited about his first snow-day sleepover. But snow can be troublesome, too. Especially when Bubba disappears in the blizzard!

Snow monster mystery
ISBN: 0439058732 OCLC: 42910986

Scholastic, New York : ©1999.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups, and it's the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn. Could Kilmer's uncle Yetta really be the Abominable Snowman?

Snow monsters do drink hot chocolate
ISBN: 0545069904 OCLC: 312540809

Scholastic, New York : ©2009.

It's snowing ... and snowing ... and snowing! Will the snow ever stop? Or does that wild snowboarder have something to do with it?--Page 2 of cover.

Stage fright
ISBN: 0439560012 OCLC: 53884858

Scholastic, New York : ©2003.

It's show time! Jeff, Cassidy, and Nina find some great props for their class play when they visit a sale at the old Blackburn Mansion. But they bring back more than just an antique fiddle and pet dish. They bring more ghosts! And the new ghosts like to sing, all of the time. Now, the Ghostville ghosts are trying to steal the spotlight and ruin the class play. The show must go on, but it can't go on like this!

Sticks and stones and doggie bones
ISBN: 0786815523 OCLC: 48916939

Volo : New York : ©2002.

Floyd has to wear a special collar after he hurts his nose.

Story sparkers :
ISBN: 158297019X OCLC: 44266303

Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, Ohio : ©2000.

Swamp monster in third grade
ISBN: 0439424410 OCLC: 51309939

Scholastic, New York : 2002.

From the author of The Bailey School Kids series comes a new adventure. Jake's not sure why he changed from a swamp monster to a kid. He wants to be his scaly self again, but doesn't want to morph into a monster in the middle of his third grade class. Illustrations.

Tattle tails /
ISBN: 0786816783 OCLC: 50750961

Volo, New York : ©2002.

"Harry is tattle-telling on the dogs at Barkley's School. He's getting all the dogs in trouble--especailly Jack. And Jack doesn't like that one bit. Then Harry tattle-tells on Sweetcakes, and things really get out of control"--Page 4 of cover.

The Abominable Snowman doesn't roast marshmallows
ISBN: 0439650372 OCLC: 57653471

Scholastic, New York : ©2005.

The Bailey School kids investigate to see if a frosty stranger who visits their town's winter festival is really the Abominable Snowman.

The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids :
ISBN: 0590997858 OCLC: 608844608

Scholastic, New York : ©1996.

The kids must discover if the new bus driver is a living gargoyle off the old library.

  The Bailey City monsters.
ISBN: 1435100352 OCLC: 227830739

Scholastic, New York : 2007.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups. Four Bailey City monsters are included in this volume.

The Bailey School kids joke book
ISBN: 0590995529 OCLC: 36796074

Scholastic, New York : ©1996.

A collection of jokes and riddles about the weird grown-ups living in Bailey City.

The crook and the crown
ISBN: 1532142102 OCLC: 1050621560

Shelly Siren and her friends visit King Neptune's royal castle and attend their first ball in this Mermaid Tales adventure--

The Hauntlys' hairy surprise
ISBN: 0590043021 OCLC: 40834711

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups. It is the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn. Could Dracula, a mad scientist, and Frankenstein's monster be living there?

The lost princess
ISBN: 9781442482593 OCLC: 891829832

Shelly is a princess! A real princess! It's been a well-kept secret in Trident City, but now the word is out, and Shelly doesn't know how to act! Should she start wearing a glittery crown? Or move to a grand undersea palace? Will her friends have to call her Your Highness? Being a princess may be exciting, but Shelly's not sure she can truly play this royal part.

The monsters next door
ISBN: 0590107879 OCLC: 38166017

Scholastic, New York : ©1997.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups. It is the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn. Could Dracula, a mad scientist, and Frankenstein's monster be living there?

The other side of magic
ISBN: 9781429926096 OCLC: 862068969

Natalie is surprised to learn that her classmates Penny and Luke are apprentice Keyholders, protecting the border between the real and magical worlds from goblins sent by the evil Queen of the Boggarts. Natalie is even more surprised to find out that she could be a Keyholder, too, if she forms a link with a rat named Buttercup. Will Natalie choose to join the Keyholders?

The other side of magic /
ISBN: 0765359839 OCLC: 263984763

Starscape, New York : ©2009.

Natalie is surprised to learn that her classmates Penny and Luke are apprentice Keyholders, protecting the border between the real and magical worlds from goblins sent by the evil Queen of the Boggarts. Natalie is even more surprised to find out that she could be a Keyholder, too, if she forms a link with a rat named Buttercup. Will Natalie choose to join the Keyholders?

  The polar bear express
ISBN: 1532142080 OCLC: 1050622103

Wanting to help a lost baby polar bear return home, Kiki Coral and her mermaid friends worry that the cost of the bear's transportation will prevent them from seeing a concert performance of their favorite boy band.

  The secret sea horse
ISBN: 9781338148565 OCLC: 971252611

Of all the creatures in the ocean, sea horses are Echo Reef's favorite. They're sweet and gentle and they glide through the water so gracefully. When Echo discovers that Rocky Ridge, one of her Trident Academy classmates, has his own pet sea horse, she wants one right away. Not everyone agrees sea horses should be pets, however. Perhaps they are happiest when swimming freely. But Echo thinks that if Rocky can make a sea horse happy, she can too! Can't she?

The treasure haunt
ISBN: 0439678102 OCLC: 59668616

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2005.

During a read-a-thon, the children at Sleepy Hollow Elementary learn about a hidden treasure in their own school basement.

The worst name in third grade
ISBN: 9780439720007 OCLC: 124100253

Scholastic Inc., New York : [2007], ©2005.

Bridgett Butt is in a rut! Bridgett always gets teased about her name. And now to make things even worse, her favorite teacher is moving away. The new teacher, Miss Snotgrass, isn't nearly as nice. Bridgett's best friend has a new best friend. And something is wrong with Bridgett's dog.

The wrong side of magic
ISBN: 9780765359858 OCLC: 319495256

Starscape, New York : 2009.

When Penny, Luke, Natalie and their links return home after rescuing Mr. Leery from the clutches of the evil Queen of the Boggarts, they find a lot of changes in Morgantown. Mrs. Bender, the principal, has decided on longer school days with no recess. The cafeteria ladies are serving up some extremely yucky food (even more than usual). And their teacher, Mr. Crandle, is giving them twice as much homework. What is wrong with all the adults in town?--Page 4 of cover.

This side of magic
ISBN: 0765359820 OCLC: 263984746

Starscape, New York : 2009.

The evil Queen of the Boggarts is determined to invade the real world and only the Keyholders and their counterparts from the magical world can stop her.

Top dog
ISBN: 0786815493 OCLC: 47280017

VOLO, New York : ©2001.

Jack wants to be in a commercial, but how will he beat out Sweetcakes?

Treasure in Trident City
ISBN: 1614793298 OCLC: 905372505

While preparing for a unit on storytelling, the mermaids of Trident Academy learn of a legendary pirate treasure in their own city and Pearl decides to find it, despite a warning that it is guarded by a ghost.

Triplet trouble and the bicycle race
ISBN: 059090731X OCLC: 36725461

Scholastic, New York : ©1997.

Mr. Parker's class is having a bicycle race and the biggest rivalry is between Sam and the Tucker Triplets.

Trolls Don't Ride Roller Coasters.
ISBN: 9781442042575 OCLC: 319492359

Paw Prints 2009.

Trouble at Trident Academy
ISBN: 9781442449787 OCLC: 741542796

Aladdin, New York : 2012.

Mermaids Shelly and Echo are excited to begin third grade at the prestigious Trident Academy, but snooty Pearl, jokester Rocky, brilliant Kiki, grumpy Mr. Fangtooth, and an argument over their first project challenge the best friends. Includes facts about marine plants and animals and words to the Mermaid Tales Song.

Twist and shout
ISBN: 1532142110 OCLC: 1050594616

When Echo injures her tail, she can't compete in the Poseidon Tail Flippers team competition. Will Echo find a way to help her team win from the sidelines?

Unicorns don't give sleigh rides
ISBN: 0590257838 OCLC: 37796511

Scholastic, New York : 1997.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could Mr. Withers at the Bailey Stables really be hiding a magical unicorn? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out!

Vampire trouble
ISBN: 0590108468 OCLC: 39908574

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

Bailey City is full of some pretty weird grown-ups, and it's the perfect place for the spooky Hauntly Manor Inn, run by Kilmer's grandmother, who is rumored to be a vampire.

  Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots.
ISBN: 9781424234622 OCLC: 262434781

Fitzgerald Books 2008.

Vikings don't wear wrestling belts
ISBN: 9781424234479 OCLC: 47204941

Scholastic, New York : ©2001.

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the professional wrestler in town for WestleBaileyLive be a real-lie Viking? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!--Page 4 of cover.

Werewolves don't go to summer camp
ISBN: 9780590440615 OCLC: 24157783

Scholastic, New York : 1991.

Mr. Jenkins' beard and bare feet have campers at Camp Lone Wolf wondering if he might be a werewolf who comes out at midnight for a snack.

Werewolves don't run for president
ISBN: 0439650364 OCLC: 56554401

Scholastic, New York : 2008, ©2004.

When Mr. Youngblood, a candidate for President, speaks at the Bailey School, the kids at the school are convinced that he is really a werewolf with sinister intentions, especially when he starts talking about changes for schools.

Whistler's Hollow
ISBN: 0747561060 OCLC: 51439389

Bloomsbury, London : 2003.

In 1920, eleven-year-old Lillie Mae, recently orphaned, goes to live with her loving great-aunt and great-uncle in their Kentucky farm house, where she learns the truth about several secrets.

  Will Rogers
ISBN: 9781623348175 OCLC: 911391158

There wasn't anything Will Rogers couldn't rope, from his headmaster's horse to a wild zebra on the African plains. Illustrated with over-the-top paintings and told with the legendary humor that Will Rogers himself was so renowned for, this book pays tribute to the spirit and bold adventures of America's most beloved humorist, humanitarian, and lasso artist extraordinaire.

Will Rogers :
ISBN: 0802786812 OCLC: 39625285

Walker and Co., New York : ©1999.

In this tall tale, the legendary Will Rogers is so good with his lasso that he ropes the whole earth and creates the equator and on the rebound hollows out the Grand Canyon. Includes biographical information about the real Will Rogers.

Wish upon a starfish
ISBN: 1532142099 OCLC: 1050568838

Pearl has always dreamed of being famous: the star-studded stage, the sea flowers, the applause! So when she finds out that her third grade class is performing The Little Human, she just knows she ll get the leading role. Especially since world-renowned merstar Angelfish Molie is judging the tryouts! But in a shocking turn of events, Pearl s best friend, Wanda, gets cast as the little human instead and Pearl is stuck playing the stinky sea witch. Pearl can t believe her best friend would steal her dream role from her. After Pearl tries and fails to get Wanda to trade parts, she decides to quit the play. Are Pearl s dreams of being a sea star doomed? And can she and Wanda patch up their friendship before it goes up in bubbles?

  Wizards do roast turkeys
ISBN: 0545002354 OCLC: 181590934

Scholastic, New York : ©2007.

Great-Uncle George, in charge of the Thanksgiving feast at Liza's house, appears to be an actual wizard.

Wizards Don't Need Computers.
ISBN: 9781442043299 OCLC: 319491911

Paw Prints 2009.

  Wizards don't wear graduation gowns.
ISBN: 1404621547 OCLC: 520862522

Scholastic, New York : ©2002.

The Bailey School kids set out to discover whether the new assistant principal is really a wizard.

  Wolfmen don't hula dance.
ISBN: 075875793X OCLC: 520862580

Scholastic, New York : ©1999.

The Bailey School Kids investigate a hula dancer who may be a wolfman.

  Zombies don't play soccer
ISBN: 9780545422192 OCLC: 761213246

Scholastic Audio, [New York, N.Y.] : 2011.

With humor, suspense and mystery, this popular series continues as The Bailey School Kids investigate a new soccer coach whose spacey stare has them worried. Will her hard-driving practice sessions turn them into winners or zombies?