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Cie T. Adams

Born: Normal, Illinois
Pen Name: C.T. Adams also writes as Cat Adams at times with Cathy Adams

Connection to Illinois: Adams was born in Normal, Illinois and attended Illinois State University.

Biography: Adams is a paranormal romance novelist. She also has worked as a paralegal as office work provided a living while she pursued the goal of becoming a novelist. Forming the partnership with Cathy Clamp was the catalyst that led to publication. Cie provides a wildly vivid imagination, while Cathy's editing, and business acumen gives the partnership the impetus to get writing projects off of the 'drawing board' and into the hands of the readers. The partners have two books currently accepted for publication. They look forward to a long and happy collaborative relationship, having plans for two multi-book series and several individual works on their way to completion.

  • -- Honorable mention, inspirational category, Writer's Digest, 2001 for '''''Lessons'''''
  • -- Top 20 Debut Release, BookScan for '''''Howling Moon'''''
  • -- Award of Excellence, Reviewer's International Organization for '''''Touch of Evil'''''
  • -- Best Werewolf

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

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Selected Titles

Cold moon rising
ISBN: 0765359642 OCLC: 308179136

Tor Books, New York : 2009.

Former Mafia hit man turned werewolf Tony Giodone must deal with mobsters, an unhappy girlfriend, and a cabal of Sazi mass murderers who are trying to exterminate humanity.

Magic's design
ISBN: 0765359634 OCLC: 243544473

Tor Tom Doherty Associates, New York : 2009.

Talos is a magic wielder, born into the mage guild of firecrafters. As an agent of the Overworld Police, he has come from a secret land to protect Earth from magicians intent on enslaving humanity. Mila has always had the gift of healing. But this very modern woman never realized that her skill was born of an ancient magic that only firecraft can fully unlock. Together, Tal and Mila discover that the source of their powers is in unity. Love's shining light might burn them alive protecting the magic of the world, but if the Tree of Life dies, and all the magic in the world is extinguished.

Moon's fury
ISBN: 0765356643 OCLC: 154674733

Tor, New York : 2007.

Cara Salinas, the leader of a small Mexican red-wolf pack in Tedford County, Texas, butts heads with Adam Bueller, a one-time Minneapolis beat cop and now the new county sheriff, when he tries to integrate his exiled Minnesotan wolves with Cara's red wolves, a situation complicated by Sazi raptors who are feeding on the wolf-children of both packs.

Road to riches :
ISBN: 1890437840 OCLC: 52415795

Western Reflections Pub. Co., Montrose, Colo. : ©2003.

Timeless moon
ISBN: 0765356651 OCLC: 166378165

Tor, New York : 2008.

One of the most powerful Sazi in existence, Josette Monier lives in self-imposed exile. What she has experienced lies beyond the scope of the Sazi, for her mate is in love with someone else. Josette must set aside her personal pain and save her people--and perhaps save herself and find love again. Original.

Touch of darkness
ISBN: 0765359626 OCLC: 191810197

Tor, New York : 2008.

As they prepare for their marriage, Katie and Tom find the upcoming ceremony threatened by Tom's werewolf former girlfriend who is stalking Katie, Katie's hostile brothers, a freak blizzard, the latest schemes of the Thrall, and her dead former fiancé, who may not be so dead after all, in the sequel to Touch of Madness and Touch of Evil.

Touch of darkness
ISBN: 9780765365118 OCLC: 406137702

Tor, New York : 2010.

Touch of evil
ISBN: 0765354004 OCLC: 63702945

Tor, New York : 2006.

Betrayed by her former lover and falling victim to the bite of the Thrall, Katie Reilly finds herself transformed by the bite that has enhanced her natural psychic abilities and placed her in line to become queen of the parasitic Thrall, only to find herself falling for a handsome firefighter--and werewolf--who could hold the key to her salvation.

Touch of evil /
ISBN: 0765377829 OCLC: 893240486

When the Thrall Queen Wants You ... Run! In the ER after a minor traffic accident, Kate Reilly is attacked by Monica Micah, the Queen of Denver, Colorado's Thrall population, The Thrall -- vampire parasites -- have been preying on humans for thousands of years, using us as both hosts and food. Kate killed a Thrall Queen and became Not Prey, so by the Thrall's own rules, Monica should be giving Kate a wide berth. Instead, Monica wants Kate dead. Eventually. First, she wants to force her to become the things she hates most in the world: a new Thrall Queen. Worse, though Monica broke the rules, Kate can't: if she hides or flees, she'll lost Not Prey status. Not that Kate thinks seriously about running away. Too many people rely on her in one way or another: the tenants in the apartment building she owns; her brothers; her ex-boyfriend and his seriously unpleasant wife; a missing sixteen-year-old girl Kate has promised to find before the Thrall do; and Tom, the handsome werewolf who just moved in downstairs. No. Kate's not going anywhere. Kate Reilly is Not Prey. She's going to fight.

Touch of madness
ISBN: 0765356635 OCLC: 137240232

Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York : 2007.

As if dealing with the members of her werewolf boyfriend Tom's pack--who are trying to break them up--is not enough, Kate Reilly finds herself targeted by a serial killer who plans to make her his next victim, accused of a series of murders she did not commit, and pursued by the parasitic Thrall vampires, who want her to investigate the killings of their young. Original.