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Michael S. Barry

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Barry is a pastor at Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Libertyville, Illinois.



Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A reason for hope :
ISBN: 1562922149 OCLC: 56892600

Life Journey, Colorado Springs, Colo. : ©2004.

"Hope is a strange commodity. When we don't need it, we rarely think about it. But when we need it, we need as much as we can get. So it is for people who are dealing with cancer. As a chaplain for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, author and pastor Michael S. Barry has an insider's understanding of the cancer patient's need for A Reason for Hope. With warmth and wisdom, he offers the reader scientific evidence and Scriptural principles that fuel the will to live and build the hope that can heal. If you have cancer?or are in a support role to someone who does?here is A Reason for Hope."--Publisher's website.

A reason for hope :
ISBN: 0781413753 OCLC: 915134918

When you have cancer, hope is one of the greatest things you can have. Author and pastor Michael S. Barry gives insights that will help fuel the will to live and build the hope that can heal.

A season for hope /
ISBN: 1562922831 OCLC: 57007786

Honor Books, Colorado Springs, Colo. : 2005.

The art of caregiving :
ISBN: 0781444306 OCLC: 842836939

David C. Cook, Colorado Springs, Colo. : ©2007.

Written to encourage the caregiver, The Art of Caregiving will be a candle of joyful hope to the one whose life has taken on unique new challenges when a loved one faces cancer. Cancer treatment is often a nighttime journey through a wilderness, during which patients and their caregivers are confronted with worry and fear; a journey where the slightest flicker of hope means more than words can express. Michael S. Barry shows how, with God's help, readers can be the light of hope for those who bear the burden of illness. This book: Equips the caregiver with unique tools for supporting those with serious illness; Helps the caregiver develop a mindset of joy and encouragement in the midst of uncertainty; Demonstrates the connection between health and joy, gratitude, and prayer. - Publisher.

The art of caregiving :
ISBN: 9780781414166 OCLC: 915134919

Helps caregivers find new joy in caring for those they love by equipping them with unique tools for supporting those with serious illness and through developing a mindset of joy.