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Gary W. Moore

Born: 1954 in Kankakee, IL
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Lives in Bourbonnais, Illinois with his family.

Biography: Gary W. Moore is a successful entrepreneur and business executive, exciting speaker and sales trainer, musician and author. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, ''Playing with the Enemy'', which is a book about Gene Moore, Gary's father. Gene was a baseball prodigy who lost his dream of becoming a national league ballplayer to war and injury, but overcame heartbreak and adversity to become a successful business man and father. ''Playing with the Enemy'' was the winner of the 2006 Military Writers Society of America Book of the Year and is currently being made into a major motion picture by the Academy Award winning producer, Gerald Molen. The book has been chosen to receive the Jerome Holtzman Award from the Chicago Baseball Museum. ''Playing with the Enemy'' has been a community-wide reading selection of the year (One Book, One Community) in the many communities including but not limited to:*Kankakee County, IL*Batavia, IL*Naperville, IL*Plainfield, IL*Bolingbrook, IL*Joliet, IL*Freeport, IL*El Dorado Hills, CA*Seward, NE*Atmore, ALLincoln-Way Schools (IL), Lemont High School (IL) and Pace High School (FL) chose ''Playing with the Enemy''as their all-school read.Moore has been featured in publications such as ''Entrepreneur'' Magazine, ''Selling Power'' Magazine, ''Sales and Marketing Management'' Magazine, and was named the 1995 Chamber of Commerce Businessperson of the Year. In 1996, he was awarded the prestigious Sam Wlton Leadership Award. He has been seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.Moore is also a contributing author for ''Chicken Soup for the Father & Son Soul''. His newest book, ''Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddly Holly, My New Buddy John and My Lost Decade of Music'' was released nationally on January 20, 2011.

  • '''''Playing with the Enemy'''''
  • -- 2006 Military Writers Society of America Book of the Year
  • -- 2011 Jerome Holtzman Award for Excellence in Baseball Writing
  • -- 2013 ILLINOIS READS Book '''''Hey Buddy'''''
  • -- Finalist for the Indie Next Generation National Boo

Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

Hey Buddy :
ISBN: 1932714979 OCLC: 759859056

Savas Beatie, New York : ©2011.

The "thoroughly fun ... [and] crazy good" memoir about one man's life and how it was changed by the legacy of a rockabilly legend (Chicago Sun-Times). Buddy Holly, icon: black horn-rimmed glasses, blue jeans, a white T-shirt, white socks, loafers, and "Peggy Sue." Not so much to Gary W. Moore. Admitting he "grew up in a Rock & Roll vacuum," Gary favored jazz. He couldn't name a single Buddy Holly song. Buddy Rich' Yes. But that changed in a single evening when Gary was dragged along to a Winter Dance Party in Cedar Falls, Iowa-a tribute to Buddy's final, tragic 1959 tour. It was headlined by musician extraordinaire John Mueller, whose uncanny recreation of the legend was hailed by Buddy's own brother Travis as "the best I've ever seen." It took just one song to seize Gary's heart and soul. From then on, for Gary, it was everything Buddy. In this inspiring "rock-and-rollercoaster of a read", Moore shares his personal journey to learn more about Buddy's life, music, his influence, his impact, and the times in which he lived (Bill Guertin, author of Reality Sells). He'd meet Buddy's friends and family, celebrities, Buddy Holly fans, and make a new friend himself in John Mueller. The result is "as American as apple pie and as compelling as Don McLean's legendary hit about The Day the Music Died" (James Riordan, New York Times-bestselling author).

Playing with the enemy :
ISBN: 0143113887 OCLC: 844261392

Savas Beatie, New York : 2006.

Foreword by baseball legend Jim Morris, former Major League pitcher with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was true in the 1940s, and it is still true today: if you have talent, someone will notice. In Gene Moore's case, that someon was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Gene Moore was a farm boy living with his family in Sesser, Illinois, a town so small even map makers ignored it. As a teenager, when he wasn't in school or helping his Pop on the farm, slopping the hogs and doing other chores with his older brother Ward and five sisters, Gene was playing baseball with the guys on the town team. Some were twice his age. The older fellows didn't mind having the Moore kid on their team because he could hit the ball farther than anyone else, he was the best catcher anyone had ever seen, he could throw men out from his knees, and not a ball ever got past him. Gene was 15 years old. Word quickly spread across the United States about the country boy who could hit the ball a country mile. The Dodgers wanted to take a look at this farm kid, barely old enough to shave and still awaiting his first kiss, but brash enough to call the pitches from behind the plate and motion to the infielders and outfielders as to how they should position themselves for certain hitters. Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Gene's destiny was interrupted by Pearl Harbor. After playing ball for the Navy in the Azores and North Africa, Gene and his team were sent to the States for a special-and top secret-mission: guarding German sailors captured from U-505. Unable to field a team, Gene convinced his commander to allow him to teach the enemy how to play baseball while he and his teammates waited for the war to end so they could be called up into the Major Leagues. But Gene's future changed irrevocably in Louisiana. His life ... and maybe our national pastime ... was forever altered. Inspired by true events, Playing with the Enemy is the riveting story of a depression-era youth and his brush with destiny. Author Gary Moore, Gene's son, did not learn of his father's remarkable odyssey through World War II and the hardships of minor league baseball until the day before Gene's death. Confronted with evidence of a possible career in baseball, Gene finally broke his decades of silence and spent the next several hours relieving himself of the heavy burden he had been carrying. The stunning news sent the author on his own odyssey as he researched his father's life and interviewed dozens of people. The astonishing story of Gene Moore's life in and out of baseball is an exciting and often heart-wrenching saga that will capture the heart of every red-blooded American who can still smell the fresh-cut summer grass or remember how it felt to tie on the cleats while dreaming of making it to the big leagues. Jammed with memorable characters from an extraordinary time in our country's history, Playing with the Enemy is a story that will be read and reread for generations to come. And it is one you will never forgrt. About the Author: Gary W. Moore is the president and managing partner of Covenant Air and Water, LLC, a motivational speaker, and an accomplished musician.

The final service
ISBN: 9781611212952 OCLC: 936176865

Forty-year-old Sandy Richards is a successful music teacher, wife, and mother living a comfortable middle class life in a small Midwestern town. But behind her warm smile and easy laugh is a heavy burden she cannot release. During her childhood, Sandy (or “Shadow” as just about everyone knew her) was inseparable from her larger-than-life father, a World War II hero she adored. Sandy followed him everywhere, hung on his every word, and loved him with all her heart as only a young child can. Sometimes loving him was more difficult than others, especially when he was there and then he was gone―right in front of her eyes without ever leaving the house.