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Lindsay Hunter

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Hunter moved to Chicago to study writing at the School of the Art Institute. She lives there still today.

Biography: Lindsay Hunter is the co-founder and co-host of a flash fiction reading series called ''Quickies!''

  • "Eat Only When You're Hungry"
  • -- Finalist, Chicago Review of Books Fiction Award, 2017
  • -- NPR Great Read, 2017
  • -- Recommended reading by Nylon, Buzzfeed, Vulture, Lit Hub, Chicago Review of Books and Chicago Reader

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Daddy's :
ISBN: 0982580800 OCLC: 694142919

Featherproof Books, Chicago, Ill. : 2010.

Don't kiss me
ISBN: 9780374533854 OCLC: 812252591

Here you'll meet Peggy Paula, who works the late shift at Perkins and envies the popular girls who come in to eat French fries and brag about how far they let the boys get with them. You'll meet a woman in her midthirties pining for her mean-spirited, abusive boyfriend, Del, a nine-year-old who is in no way her actual boyfriend. And just try to resist the noir story of a reluctant, Afrin-addled detective. Self-loathing, self-loving, and otherwise trapped by their own dumb selves, these characters make one cringe-worthy mistake after another.

Eat only when you're hungry /
ISBN: 0374146152 OCLC: 957021293

A father searches for his addict son while grappling with his own choices as a parent (and as a user of sorts).

Ugly girls /
ISBN: 0374535892 OCLC: 883747759

Traces the chaotic breakdown of a friendship that shapes and unravels the identities of two rebellious girls in the wake of a stalker's predations.