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James Hosek

Born: in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Hosek was born in Chicago and grew up in Stickney. He attended Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School and J. Sterling Morton West High School. He received his B. S. And D. V. M from the University of Illinois.

Biography: James Hosek currently has a house call veterinary practice on the north side of Chicago and is the owner of Merrick Animal Hospital in Brookfield, Illinois. His book, ''Give a Dog a Bone'', was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A really good day :
ISBN: 1467937355 OCLC: 1007328896

If you've ever golfed or know a golfer or just love a story with a happy ending, A Really Good Day will capture and hold your attention from start to finish. It follows amateur golfer Scott Hanover as he has the most amazing day of his life. Along the way he manages to enlighten a golf-hating sportscaster, provide salvation to a washed up sports agent, and humble and educate a pretentious amateur golfer, Andrew Patterson, who finds his chance to turn pro in serious jeopardy. Interspersed with the humorous, touching, and sometimes unbelievable scenes, are bits of golf philosophy that can be applied to all aspects of life. Set on the beautiful George Dunne National Golf Course in Oak Forest, IL, you will follow a rich mix of characters along eighteen holes of laughter, tears and suspense and find yourself rooting for the biggest underdog in history. When it almost comes to an end after an unexpected incident on the 17th hole you will be biting your nails waiting to see what happens.--Provided by Publisher.

  Give a dog a bone :
ISBN: 9781505500073 OCLC: 1004272556

Dr. Atticus Klammeraffe, Dr. At for short, is not a morning person, but an early emergency call starts a series of events which land him in the middle of several mysteries. Atty, as he is known affectionately by his friends, is a veterinarian with a house call practice on the north side of Chicago, bearing a passable resemblance to the actor Oliver Platt. The mysteries start to pile up when an apparently simple illness fails to respond to Atty's best efforts at treatment. Then the unexpected death of another patient leads to a shocking discovery. Finally, A DOA dog, snagged by customs from a flight from Kazakhstan at O'Hare Airport, puts him in the middle of a Homeland Security smuggling investigation. There he meets Chicago cop, Marcy Avers, who uses her skills as a police officer to track down the smugglers, and her feminine wiles to help Atty trace the source of a deadly infection.--Provided by Publisher.