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Janice May Udry

Born: 1928 in Jacksonville, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Udry was born in Jacksonville and graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston.

Biography: Janice May Udry is a children's book author. Her first book, ''A Tree Is Nice'', won the 1957 Caldecott Award for the most distinguished American picture book. After marrying, she moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband. Her papers are held at the University of Southern Mississippi.

  • '''''A Tree Is Nice'''''
  • -- Caldecott, 1957
  • -- 2016 ILLINOIS READS Book '''''The Moon Jumpers'''''
  • -- Caldecott Honor Book, 1960

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

A tree is nice
ISBN: 9781435200227 OCLC: 924546656

Briefly describes the many values of a tree.

A tree is nice.
ISBN: 0064431479 OCLC: 305176

Harper, [New York] ©1956.

Briefly describes the value of a tree.

Brothers and sisters are like that!
ISBN: 0690160410 OCLC: 217286

Crowell New York, [1971]

Ten stories of the good and bad aspects of having a brother and sister.

  Emily's autumn
ISBN: 0437821811 OCLC: 16380259

World's Work, Kingswood : 1976.

A little girl recounts to her cornhusk doll the pleasures of a summer on Grandmother's farm.

Glenda Glinka, witch-at-large /
ISBN: 0064404102 OCLC: 35970603

HarperTrophy, New York : [1997]

Glenda the witch decides she wants to be a school girl but fails to recognize her complete lack of success in the venture.

  How I faded away
ISBN: 0807534161 OCLC: 1694057

A. Whitman, Chicago : ©1976.

Unhappy and ignored at school Robbie fades away but becomes visible when he cries or finds something he can do well.

  Is Susan here?
ISBN: 0060261420 OCLC: 21339492

HarperCollins, [New York] : 1993.

When Susan disappears for the day, different animals appear in her place and help Susan's mother and father with the household chores.

  Let's be enemies
ISBN: 9781442003514 OCLC: 225723

John gives the reasons why he and James are no longer friends, but finds it hard to remain enemies.

Let's be enemies /
ISBN: 0064431886 OCLC: 25196614

HarperCollins, New York : 1988.

John is angry at his bossy friend James and decides to tell him so.

Mary Jo's grandmother /
ISBN: 0807549843 OCLC: 105119

A. Whitman, Chicago : ©1970.

When her grandmother is hurt in a fall, Mary Jo must get help to the remote farm where they live.

The moon jumpers /
ISBN: 0060284609 OCLC: 944631

Four children play in the moonlight before bedtime on a soft summer night.

Thump and Plunk /
ISBN: 0064442675 OCLC: 40631824

HarperCollins Publishers, New York : 2000.

When Thump thumps Plunk's doll Plunkit, an argument starts which their mother resolves.

  What Mary Jo shared
ISBN: 1322167699 OCLC: 892044256

Albert Whitman & Company, Chicago : 2014.

Mary Jo is a very shy little girl. When it comes time to share something in class she has nothing to share. She comes up with several ideas of what to share, but at the last minute says she has nothing to share. In the end she is able to find the perfect thing to share. It is something that no one else in the class has thought of sharing before.

  What Mary Jo wanted
ISBN: 0807588482 OCLC: 615587397

A. Whitman, Chicago : ©1968

When she gets her long-wished for puppy, a little girl takes the responsibility of training him; but no matter what she does, that puppy won't sleep at night.