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Katherine Dolores Marko

Died: 2009 in Geneva, Illinois

Pen Name: Katherine Marko

Connection to Illinois: Marko lived in Elgin.

Biography: Katherine D. Marko moved to Elgin in August of 1955. She was a freelance writer. Over the years, she sold over 300 articles, poems and stories, including nine children's books and several entries for the Children's Encyclopedia Britannica.


Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

  "God, why did dad lose his job?" /
ISBN: 0570036291 OCLC: 8410597

Concordia Pub. House, St. Louis, Mo. : ©1982.

When a spoiled twelve-year-old's father loses his job, Stacy finally realizes that the valuable things in life are not material.

Animals in orbit :
ISBN: 0531200035 OCLC: 22388713

F. Watts, New York : 1991.

Discusses the animals originally sent up in space as experiments, and looks at currents projects being conducted on various plants and animals.

  God, when will I ever belong? /
ISBN: 0570036240 OCLC: 4858061

Concordia Pub. House, St. Louis : ©1979.

After a sequence of foster homes in which she was unhappy, 12-year-old Jeanie finds herself in a new one she dislikes for the same reasons.

Hang out the flag /
ISBN: 0027623203 OCLC: 25628730

Macmillan ; New York : ©1992.

In 1943, as she waits for her father to come home on leave, a sixth-grade girl in a midwestern town tries to find something special to do for the war effort, such as catching a German spy.

How the wind blows /
ISBN: 0687176808 OCLC: 6789102

Abingdon, Nashville : ©1981.

Describes the various types of winds and their names in different parts of the world and discusses both the destructive and beneficial aspects of wind.

Pocket babies /
ISBN: 0531202119 OCLC: 32626391

Franklin Watts, New York : ©1995.

Examines marsupials, those animals that carry their babies in pouches, including the opossum, kangaroo, and Tasmanian devil.

  Time goes on forever /
ISBN: 0531203166 OCLC: 36126792

Franklin Watts, New York : 1997.

Examines the concept of time and the inventions used to measure it.

Whales, giants of the sea /
ISBN: 0687445604 OCLC: 5564313

Abingdon, Nashville : ©1980.

A look at whales, how they probably came to be, and their future.