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Samuel J. Rogal

Born: 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Rogal lived in Normal, Illinois from 1982 - 1986. He currently resides in LaSalle, Illinois.

Biography: Dr. Samuel Rogal graduated with a BS from Clarion State College (now known as Clarion University of Pennsylvania) and from the University of Pittsburgh with a MA. Rogal was an Instructor in English at Waynesburg College in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania from 1960-1962 and at Iowa State University of Science and Technology in Ames from 1962-1966. He was an assistant professor of English at State University of New York at Oswego from 1966-1968. At Mary Holmes College in West Point, Mississippi, he served as the Chair of the Department of English from 1968-1981. From 1981-1984, he was an Assistant Professor of English at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois and in 1984 Rogal moved on to be the Chair of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts at Illinois Valley Community College in Oglesby. He has since retired and is Chair Emeritus. Contributor to books and articles on rhetoric, hymnology, bibliography, and eighteenth-century British literature to professional journals, Rogal is also the author of many of his own books and articles.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

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A general introduction to hymnody and congregational song /
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  A new and critical edition of George Osborn's The poetical works of John and Charles Wesley (1868-1872).
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A William Somerset Maugham encyclopedia /
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Provides information on Maugham's life and career. Discusses important biographical and literary events in the author's life.

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This book compares Whittier's original published texts with those versions that were adapted as hymns, exhibiting the hymnodic elements of his poetry and allowing the reader to observe the methods and results of textual changes to Whittier's lines by hymnal editors. It offers in-depth comparative studies of many of his poems and their resultant hymns--Provided by publisher.

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  Preparing the research paper
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This work is to be used with the 1895 ed. of Gospel hymns, a hymn anthology that was originally issued in 6 v. from 1876 through 1891.

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"The life of Susanna Annesley Wesley (1669-1742) represents a complex social and intellectual entity within the context of eighteenth-century life in general. One one level she endured the domestic drudgery associated with the wife of a poor, incompetent rural Church of England rector. On the other, she had, early in her life, developed strong intellectual and theological perceptions, which she complemented with a rigid sense and practice of discipline. Through a discussion of her marriage and her roles as mother and mentor emerges the image of an admittedly dependent woman -- wife and mother -- struggling hard to maintain and advance her own intellectual independence. Book jacket."--Jacket.

The American pre-college military school :
ISBN: 9780786439584 OCLC: 431940024

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This comprehensive work begins by discussing several notable military school founders. Other topics include: notable military school faculties and administrators; curricular changes and innovations since the 19th century; escalating tuition costs and the role of money in determining a school's success or failure; and the future of the pre-college military school--Provided by publisher.

The call of the road :
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The social divide :
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The book highlights three distinctive features of politics and policymaking in creating this politics: the polarization of political elites; the predominance of advertising politics and intense fragmented interest group politics as political parties have ceased to mobilize ordinary people into politics; and the unprecedented role that budgetary concerns have played in social policymaking. The authors first analyze the institutions and tools of policymaking, including Congress, the political use of public opinion polling, and the politics of the deficit. They then consider policies designed to win over the middle class, including health care policy, employer-provided social benefits, wages and jobs, and crime policy. Last, they address policies targeted at the disadvantaged, including welfare, affirmative action, and urban policy.