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Maureen Holohan

Born: June 18, 1972, in Troy, NY
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Maureen attended Northwestern University. After graduating, she played semi-pro ball in Chicago.

Biography: Maureen attended Northwestern University on a full basketball scholarship. She earned All-Big Ten and honorable-mention All-American honors. In the classroom, she was all Academic Big-Ten and a winner of the prestigious Randolph Hearst Journalism Award for feature writing.After graduating, Maureen played semi-pro ball in Chicago. When torn arches hindered her career, she began to focus on writing. Unable to find any literature about girls with a passion for sports, she wrote and self-published seven books in The Broadway Ballplayers series. In less than three years, Maureen sold over 100,000 copies of her books.


Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

Catch Shorty /
ISBN: 0743407482 OCLC: 50274852

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 2002.

"With the girls' football league kicking off, my family could just go without me. I assured them I would be perfectly happy living in my best friend's basement, close enough to the park where we had put an end to that powder-puff stuff ..."

Don't stop
ISBN: 0965909131 OCLC: 39957066

Broadway Ballplayers, Wilmette, IL : ©1998.

Angel, who is participating in both cross-country and soccer during the same season, realizes that her true test is dealing with the pressures at school, problems at home, and painful foot injuries.

Everybody's favorite
ISBN: 9780743427234 OCLC: 893114146

Aladdin, New York, NY : 2014.

Sweet P. The Real Deal. Big Time. Some kids told me they'd pay cold cash just to have one of my nicknames. Even the big-talking boys begged me for games of one-on-one. Audiences crowded the courts as I smiled politely, racked up my points, and took care of my basketball business. The fans always rooted for me, which was cool, but I needed a break from the hoops spotlight. I thought going to soccer camp with the ballplayers would give me a chance to live in someone else's shadow for once. But when we arrived, the coaches pegged me as the superstar the second I stepped out of the car. Soon I found myself running with a few campers who bent the rules ... Meet the Ballplayers -- a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Avenue.

  Everybody's Favorite
ISBN: 0613979559 OCLC: 38733437

Broadway Ballplayers 1998

Friday nights
ISBN: 9780743427227 OCLC: 893114145

Aladdin, New York, NY : 2014.

Meet the Ballplayers -- a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Avenue ... I'm Molly. My friends say I'm like a bull in a china shop when I play soprts. But my bruised knees and elbows never hurt when we win. Penny's my name. Sometimes people call me Big Time or Sweet P because of my smooth moves ... and when we lose, I take all the blame. I'm Rosie. I don't really talk much. My coach doesn't like that I'm the only girl on the baseball team. I can't wait to strike him out. Don't let my friends fool ya. I'm Wil, the best and brightest Ballplayer of this bunch. Now can somebody please tell my coach to put me in the game' I'm Angel, the oldest Ballplayer. With my foot injuries and problems between my parents, the Ballplayers help get me through the tough times. As the new summer basketball league kicks off, these five freinds team up to form the Broadway Ballplayers. But Molly and the others run into some serious competition both on and off the court. Can they bring the championship home to Broadway Avenue'

Ice cold /
ISBN: 0743407474 OCLC: 49418044

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York, NY : 2002.

Hoping to beat a pair of bullies at their favorite sport, Molly O'Malley and the Ballplayers form a hockey team. When attitudes clash on the ice and in school, Molly wonders whether winning one hockey game will be enough to end the war.

Left out
ISBN: 9780743427241 OCLC: 893114260

Aladdin, New York, NY : 2014.

A girl doesn't belong on the all-star team. She isn't tough enough. The coaches and parents didn't even bother to whisper. To them, I was not an all-star. I was the girl playing shortstop. I was the girl up to bat. I was the easy out. For weeks, I went to practice and stared down a coach who lobbed me the ball and stuck me on the bench. Then I went home to a father who told me I needed to play harder and study more. Nothing I did on the field or in school was ever enough. One day I stood up at the plate with what felt like three strikes already against me. It came down to one pitch, one swing ... one moment to prove them all wrong. -- Rosie.

Left out /
ISBN: 074340744X OCLC: 46762767

Pocket Books, New York : 2001, ©1998.

"Meet the Ballplayers--a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Aveune."

Sideline blues /
ISBN: 0743407458 OCLC: 47735410

Pocket Books, New York : ©2001.