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Pamela J. Wolfe

Pen Name: P.J. Wolfe

Connection to Illinois: Pamela lives in Mount Pulaski, Illinois.

Biography: As an eighth grader Pamela Wolf was intrigued by the song, 'Paperback Writer.' She thought it would be fun to write but pushed that idea to the back burner until many years later she found herself receiving a liberal arts degree with an emphasis on creative writing from the University of Illinois. Thus began her writing career.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Tactical error /
ISBN: 1606727826 OCLC: 947904629

After accidentally discovering a rogue army camp hidden in the woods near her home, Samantha hides in a cluster of bushes and learns the true intentions of the group of mercenaries. Knowing she must do something to keep these men from completely forming their alliance, she and her Siberian husky use quite unconventional methods to wreak havoc on the enemy's camp. Colonel James Marlow, retired Marine, sees Samantha's efforts and decides she is having too much fun, so he joins her. They combine their efforts to try to stop the invasion before it escalates into an all-out war.