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Jules Feiffer

Born: 1929
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Feiffer taught at Northwestern University in Illinois.

Biography: Jules was raised in The Bronx, New York City, New York, where he graduated from James Monroe High School in 1947. Feiffer is an adjunct professor at Stony Brook Southampton. Previously he taught at the Yale School of Drama and Northwestern University. He has been a Senior Fellow at the Columbia University National Arts Journalism Program. He was in residence at the Arizona State University Barrett Honors College from November 27 to December 2, 2006. In June–August 2009, Feiffer was in residence as a Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth College, where he taught an undergraduate course on graphic humor in the 20th century.

  • -- Pulitzer Prize, ''The Village Voice''

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children

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Selected Titles

A bad friend /
ISBN: 0822219816 OCLC: 60525557

Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York : ©2005.

  A barrel of laughs, a vale of tears
ISBN: 0788753444 OCLC: 47671960

Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD : â„—2001.

A prince who makes everyone laugh is sent on a quest to turn him into a person worthy of being a king, but he gets everything wrong except for the meaning of life.

A barrel of laughs, a vale of tears /
ISBN: 0062059262 OCLC: 38996402

HarperCollins Publishers, [New York] : 1998, ©1995.

Prince Roger is sent on a quest, the purpose of which is to turn the carefree young prince into a sober man and worthy monarch. Roger gets everything wrong--except for the meaning of life, and that he gets right. "Feiffer follows "The Man in the Ceiling" with another winner, this time a rollicking medieval farce that pokes fun at medieval farces--and just about everything else--while managing at the same time to be hilarious, engaging and thoroughly entertaining".--"Family Life". Prince Roger sets out eagerly on a quest and finds a few adventures, a lot of friends, a damsel or two in distress (not!) and himself, in the end. A carrier of joy' whose mere presence causes everyone to laugh uncontrollably, Roger finds cruelty and kindness equally amusing, and expects his quest to be a lark. It's anything but: As Roger passes through the Forever Forest, nearly starves at the Dastardly Divide, sees people at their worst in the Valley of Vengeance, and temporarily despairs in the Mountains of Malice, he sobers up, learns to care for others, becomes an expert peacemaker, does Good Deeds, and falls in love with Lady Sadie, who says what she thinks as she repeatedly saves his bacon.'-K. Feiffer's worldly-wise, confiding tone and sense of the absurd are highly congenial, and the drawings are a vintage Feiffer delight.'-Publishers Weekly. 100 Books for Reading and Sharing 1995 (NY Public Library).

Backing into forward :
ISBN: 9780226240350 OCLC: 748286990

The University of Chicago Press, Chicago : 2012, ©2010.

Backing into forward :
ISBN: 0385531583 OCLC: 370387406

Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, New York : ©2010.

The award-winning cartoonist, playwright, and author delivers a witty, illustrated rendition of his life, from his childhood as a wimpy kid in the Bronx to his legendary career in the arts.

  Bark, George
ISBN: 9781448748204 OCLC: 41560450

A mother dog tries to teach her pup how to bark, and is surprised at why he wasn't learning.

  I lost my bear
ISBN: 9781439565384 OCLC: 37493027

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1998.

When she cannot find her favorite stuffed toy, a young girl asks her mother, father, and older sister for help.

Little murders :
ISBN: 0573611653 OCLC: 1080225

  Meanwhile ...
ISBN: 9781442010253 OCLC: 678864741

Michael di Capua Books/HarperCollins, [U.S.] : ©1997.

Raymond escapes into the comic book world of high adventure instead of heeding his mother's requests to do chores.

Meanwhile-- /
ISBN: 0062059335 OCLC: 37720269

Using a "magical" word from his comic books, Raymond escapes his mother's calls into a series of dangerous adventures.

Tantrum /
ISBN: 1560972823 OCLC: 40056349

Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA : 1997.

"A novel-in-cartoons about a guy who doesn't want to be a husband anymore, doesn't want to be a daddy anymore, doesn't want to be responsible anymore--and who becomes what he really wants to be: a two year old!"--Publisher description.

The best men's stage monologues of 2005
ISBN: 1575254298 OCLC: 62861521

Smith and Kraus, Hanover, NH : ©2006.

Contains forty-three monologues for men, selected from some of the best plays published or produced during the 2004-2005 theatrical season, most for characters under the age of forty.

The house across the street /
ISBN: 0786809108 OCLC: 50764102

A boy, looking out a window of his home, thinks about the wonderful life of the boy who lives across the street.

The man in the ceiling /
ISBN: 0062059076 OCLC: 29688909

HarperCollins Publishers, [New York] : 1993.

Although not very good at sports or in his schoolwork, Jimmy can draw and dreams of being a great cartoonist; that dream seems within reach when star athlete Charley Beemer suggests they create comics together.