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Stephen Warren

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Connection to Illinois: Mr. Stephen Warren is an associate professor of history at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois



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The Shawnees and their neighbors, 1795-1870 /
ISBN: 0252076451 OCLC: 460255114

University of Illinois Press, Urbana : 2009.

Stephen Warren traces the transformation in Shawnees sociopolitical organization over seventy years as it changed from village-centric multi-tribe king groups to an institutionalized national government led by wealthy men with only marginal kin ties to the people they claimed to represent. The Shawnees and Their Neighbors, 1795-1870 lays bare the myths and histories produced by Shawnee interpreters and their vested interests in modernizing the tribes. Until recently, historians have assumed that Central Algonquians derive from politically unified tribe's, but by analyzing the crucial role that individuals, institutions, and policies played in shaping modern tribal governments, Warren reveals a messier, more complicated history of migration and conflict. Ultimately, Warren establishes that the form of the modern Shawnee "tribe" was coerced in accordance with the U.S. government's desire for an entity with whom to do business, rather than as a natural development of traditional Shawnee ways.