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Constance (Connie) Olker

Born: 1964 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: Constance Olker

Connection to Illinois: Olker was born in Chicago.

Biography: Constance Olker grew up in a household that stressed a sound understanding of speaking and writing the English Language, which proved beneficial in all levels of her corporate career. She studied Psychology and Family Services in college. She has written the Punctuation Pals Series as one way to give something worthwhile back to the community in a fun and light-hearted, yet educational way.

  • The Punctuation Pals is the winner of The Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

The Punctuation Pals go snow skiing /
ISBN: 1933449144 OCLC: 85875803

Nightengale Press, Gurnee, IL : 2005.

An amusing that describes skiing on slopes made up of the Wonders of the World.

The punctuation pals go to the baseball park /
ISBN: 1933449152 OCLC: 244103073

Nightengale Press, Gurnee, IL : ©2005.

The Punctuation Pals Go to the Beach /
ISBN: 1933449128 OCLC: 748495050

Nightengale Press, Gurnee, IL : 2005.

The Punctuation Pals is an educational series teaching punctuation in a fun and interactive way. This series of humorous, colorful and fun to read stories are essential in providing elementary aged children with a good start in writing skills that will last them a lifetime! Contains games, mazes, and puzzles which are all helpful tools to continue learning.

The Punctuation Pals go to the moon /
ISBN: 1933449136 OCLC: 85875805

Nightengale Press, Gurnee, IL : 2005.

The Punctuation pals meet at school /
ISBN: 1933449071 OCLC: 1018139440

Nightengale Press, Mequon, WI : 2006.