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Jennie Fields

Born: 1953 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Fields was born in Chicago and was raised in Highland Park. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and painting from The University of Illinois.

Biography: Jennie Fields received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is the author of four novels. An Illinois native, she spent 25 years as an advertising creative director in New York and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Atomic love /
ISBN: 0593085337 OCLC: 1130372705

"Chicago, 1950. Rosalind Porter has always defied expectations--in her work as a physicist on the Manhattan Project and in her passionate love affair with colleague Thomas Weaver. Five years after the end of both, her guilt over the bomb and her heartbreak over Weaver are intertwined. She desperately misses her work in the lab, yet has almost resigned herself to a more conventional life. Then Weaver gets back in touch--and so does the FBI. Special Agent Charlie Szydlo wants Roz to spy on Weaver, whom the FBI suspects of passing nuclear secrets to Russia. Roz helped to develop these secrets and knows better than anyone the devastating power such knowledge holds. But can she spy on a man she still loves, despite her better instincts? At the same time, something about Charlie draws her in. He's a former prisoner of war haunted by his past, just as her past haunts her. As Rosalind's feelings for each man deepen, so too does the danger she finds herself in. She will have to choose: the man who taught her how to love ... or the man her love might save?"--

Crossing Brooklyn ferry /
ISBN: 0060099437 OCLC: 48958322

Perennial, New York : 2002.

Lily Beach :
ISBN: 0446670383 OCLC: 29595023

Warner Books, New York : 1994.

The age of desire /
ISBN: 0091949718 OCLC: 800852013

Ebury Press, London : 2012.

Reimagines the midlife world of Edith Wharton and the impact of her affair with a young journalist on her longtime friendship with disapproving literary secretary Anna Bahlmann, in a tale told against the backdrop of Gilded Age Paris.

The middle ages /
ISBN: 0688145906 OCLC: 47746265

William Morrow, New York : ©2002.

Feeling unfulfilled in her career and personal life, architect and single mom Jane Larsen calls upon an old boyfriend, the love of her life, and finds her interest in the outside world rekindled.