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Angie Daniels

Born: in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: She was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biography: Angie Danials is an author, and has worked as a human resources management professional.

  • Romance in color Reviewers' Choice Award, 2003 Affair de Coeur awars, 2004 for ''Heart & Soul'' Best African American Romance of 2005 award

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

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Selected Titles

A will to love /
ISBN: 1585711411 OCLC: 61768778

Genesis Press, Columbus, MS : ©2005.

Destiny in disguise /
ISBN: 1583144463 OCLC: 62752143

BET Publications, Washington D.C. : ©2005.

After relocating and taking on a new identity to flee from a killer, romance author Desiree Davidson soon experiences passion--and peril--with her sexy new neighbor.

  Endless enchantment
ISBN: 9780615624303 OCLC: 824144608

Endless enchantment /
ISBN: 1583144455 OCLC: 53342288

BET Publications, Washington D.C. : ©2003.

Hart & soul /
ISBN: 1585710873 OCLC: 53090738

Genesis Press, Columbus, MS : ©2003.

ISBN: 0060145080 OCLC: 704770

Harper & Row New York, [1974]

In the company of my sistahs
ISBN: 9780758281630 OCLC: 781939754

Dafina Books/Kensington Pub., New York : 2006.

When Lisa's cancer returns, she plans to tell the women closest to her while they vacation in Jamaica. She hopes by sharing her medical condition they will make life changes. Her sister, Renee, is quite unhappy with her third husband, but feels obligated to him because he provides a lifestyle she could never achieve on her own. Kayla is an overweight mother of two. Her insecurities about her appearance allow her to accept less than what she deserves.

In the company of my sistahs /
ISBN: 0758207441 OCLC: 72149758

Dafina ; New York : 2007.

Intimate intentions /
ISBN: 158571044X OCLC: 46436793

Genesis Press, Columbus, MS : ©2000.

  Love uncovered
ISBN: 075828425X OCLC: 416215876

Dafina Books, New York : 2005.

Single, ambitious, and feisty, detective Chenoa Campbell always gets her man ... under arrest. But when her ex-partner is gunned down, her boss thinks she's too emotionally involved to take the case unless she agrees to his terms. She has to work with Zearl Sinclair, a hard-muscled -- and hard-headed -- tough guy who thinks women cops belong behind a desk, not on the street ...--Page 4 of cover.

Love uncovered /
ISBN: 0758212305 OCLC: 59878172

Dafina ; New York : 2005.

  The Playboy's Proposition
ISBN: 9781941342305 OCLC: 1017754161

Sheyna Simmons hates to lose. Unfortunately, so does her sexy, domineering boss. She and Jace Beaumont have been competing with each other since grammar school, but ever since she showed up in a skimpy maid's outfit to pay off her latest bet, she's noticed Jace can't take his eyes off her. Good thing she'd never fall for a playboy.... But when she gets in a jam at a bachelorette auction, it's Jace who agrees to pay $50,000 for a forty-eight-hour getaway with Sheyna in Las Vegas. And he has every intention of collecting his prize--even if getting Sheyna in his bed means he'll never want her to leave....

The playboy's proposition /
ISBN: 0373860536 OCLC: 191699681

Kimani Press, New York : 2008.

When I first saw you /
ISBN: 0758212313 OCLC: 70173591

Dafina ; New York : 2006.

When literary agent Chante Campbell, her heart filled with poetry and her life empty of romance, gets an all-expense paid vacation for her birthday, she never expects to spend it with her fiance--since she doesn't know she has one. As it turns out, her grandfather impersonated Chante on an Internet dating site, accepted a marriage proposal, and arranged a romantic rendezvous! Thank goodness Chante's son spills the beans, and Chante is headed to Philadelphia to send the online Romeo back to his computer. Then Chante meets Dr. Antonio Marks--and like a lightning strike in a summer storm, she's hit by blazing attraction. She should tell this gorgeous widower and pediatrician the truth. But Chante fears that even if he overlooks the matchmaking mishap, he'll never forgive the bigger lie she's hiding. Now, trapped by deception, Chante is desperately seeking a solution--and life is about to send one that will test the awesome power of love.

When i first saw you.
ISBN: 161773103X OCLC: 922156060

Dafina, [Place of publication not identified] : 2013.

  When It rains--
ISBN: 9780758207425 OCLC: 368044974

Dafina Books, New York : [2009]

After being sexually assaulted, beauty salon owner Honey Love opens her heart to private investigator Jay Andrews, but their relationship is threatened by betrayal and violence when Jay's former flame sets out to destroy Honey.

When it rains-- /
ISBN: 0758207417 OCLC: 67343349

Dafina Books, New York : ©2005.

After being sexually assaulted, beauty salon owner Honey Love finds herself opening her heart to P.I. Jay Andrews, but their relationship is threatened by betrayal and violence when a former flame sets out to destroy Honey.