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Jeff Brumbeau

Born: New York, New York on June 1, 1955
Connection to Illinois: Brumbeau lives in Chicago and Taos.

Biography: Jeff Brumbeau grew up in New York City, where he lived with his mother and sister in his widowed grandmother's house. His mother worked hard to support her family, who struggled to get by. Jeff has had a variety of jobs befitting a degree in English, he says, including pumping gas, carpentry, painting, working in a mail room, car wash, factory, and candy store, on an oil rig in Wyoming and in advertising. He lives in Chicago and Taos with Marcia, his wife; Samantha, the opera singing Persian cat; and Louis, the daredevil alley cat.

  • The Quiltmaker's Gift Children's Book of the Year, Book Sense, 2000

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Miss Hunnicutt's Hat
ISBN: 0439318955 OCLC: 49558642

Orchard Books New York : 2003

From the creators of the 310,000-copy New York Times bestseller THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT, a delightful celebration of the eccentric in all of us! Miss Hunnicutt is wearing her new hat from Paris--and it has a CHICKEN on it! Everyone knows you can't wear a chicken on your head! The prim little town of Littleton is in a tizzy preparing for a visit from the Queen. So, when Miss Hunnicutt steps out in her new hat, the stuffy townsfolk are scandalized. The chicken has to go! But plucky Miss Hunnicut stands up for her right to wear what she likes. And when the Queen's arrival prompts a surprising turn of events, the townspeople learn to celebrate the silly eccentricities that make life interesting.

The Man-in-the-Moon in Love
ISBN: 1556702299 OCLC: 24627510

Tabori & Chang New York : 1992

When Man-in-the-Moon falls in love with a woman on Earth and marries her, his new-found bliss is interrupted by Man-in-the-Sun, who insists that the new bride cannot move to the moon to be with her husband.

The Quiltmaker's Gift
ISBN: 0439309107 OCLC: 41431586

Pfeifer-Hamilton Duluth, Minn. : 2000

In this enchantingly told original folktale, a wise quiltmaker makes the most beautiful quilts in the world – but she will give them only to those who have nothing. When a rich, dissatisfied king insists that she give him one of her quilts, she gives him what seems an impossible task: to give away all he owns. One by one, the king gives away his many possessions, and finds that the more he gives away, the happier he is. Finally, when the king has nothing, the quiltmaker gives him the promised quilt. But he knows that the true reward for his generosity has been the smiles of those he has helped. The Quiltmaker's Gift has touched the hearts of readers young and old, bringing it to the PW bestseller list and earning it numerous awards and commendations. The heartwarming, strongly moral tale supports important values, and the detailed illustrations, featuring dozens of lovingly rendered quilt patterns, offer hours of delight. Children will delight in this new commemorative edition, which includes a special Quiltmaker's Gift Box so that, following the example of the Quiltmaker, they can create their own beautiful quilts. The gift box includes a quarter yard of quilting fabric, step-by-step instructions for simple, fun projects, and helpful tips and advice for eager young quiltmakers.

The Quiltmaker's Journey
ISBN: 0439512190 OCLC: 51389227

Orchard Books New York : 2004

Jeff Brumbeau's prequel to the best-selling THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT, illustrated with Gail de Marcken's rich, sumptuously detailed paintings, will be embraced by new and old fans of the Quiltmaker. Escaping from the protective walls of wealth and privilege, a young girl discovers the harsh world outside, where some people don't have as much as others. When she realizes that she has the power to help them, the young girl finds a strength and peace she never knew before. Making the loveliest quilts in all the land, the young girl decides to give them away.