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Charles A Bobbitt

Born: 1945
Connection to Illinois: Bobbitt lives in Peoria.

Biography: Charles Bobbitt is a long-time Peoria resident who loves his city and treats its sore spots with a gentle touch.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

It Didn't Play in Peoria: Missed Chances of a Middle American Town
ISBN: 0738525707 OCLC: 308211233

Arcadia Publishing Charleston, S.C. : 2009

"Will it play in Peoria?" was an old Vaudeville phrase meaning, "Will it appeal to the average person?" But it had greatness in its grasp, and more than once. The Illinois city has gained fame through the years, but more often as the butt of jokes or as an example of the typical Middle American town than through any recognition of its many accomplishments. Peoria boasts a string of close brushes with prosperity, any one of which could have made it a Chicago or a St. Louis. Charles Lindbergh, for example, first approached Peoria for backing for his historic flight, but the town's moneymen refused him and his Spirit of Peoria, perhaps losing a chance at the airline industry as well.

Peoria, Illinois Revisited in Vintage Postcards
ISBN: 0738507113 OCLC: 44725457

Arcadia Publishing Chicago, Ill. : 2000

From the Illinois Riverfront to the streets of downtown, these postcards demonstrate the many changes that have taken place in this city throughout the years. The growth and expansion in Peoria have been phenomenal, and this volume allows us to follow the timeline of the city.

Peoria: A Postcard History
ISBN: 0738554693 OCLC: 947197140

Arcadia Publishing 1998

One of the largest cities in Illinois, Peoria is the seat of Peoria County and lies on the Illinois River where it forms Lake Peoria. Located in the state's central-farm country, Peoria is a manufacturing center known as the "Earth-Moving Equipment Capital of the World. " Distilling has also been important in Peoria, which was home to the world's largest distillery, Hiram Walker and Sons, in 1933. Peoria: A Postcard History will allow you to visit "the world's most beautiful drive," as proclaimed by President Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to Grand View Drive in an automobile manufactured in Peoria Heights.