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General Information

Name:  Robin Currie  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

Currie grew up in downstate Illinois. She earned a Bachelors of Elementary Education from Western Illinois University. She settled in Chicago. Currie now resides in Glen Ellyn.

Biographical and Professional Information

Robin Currie earned her MLS at The University of Iowa. She settled in Chicago where she edited preschool curriculum for David C Cook before working as Youth Services department head at Palatine Public Library.

Later in her life, she attended seminary at Luthern School of Theology in Chicago for both Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees. She served as Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn until retiring.

Now Robin volunteers her time by reading to Headstart children weekly and is a Pastor Associate for St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

Published Works

  • Rainbows and Ice Cream: Storytimes About Things Kids Like,Iowa Library Association,1983 - written with Jan Irving
  • Mudluscious: Stories and Activities Featuring Food for Preschool Children,Libraries Unlimited,1986 - written with Jan Irving
  • Glad Rags: Stories and Activities featuring Clothes for Children,Libraries Unlimited,1987 - written with Jan Irving
  • Full Speed Ahead: Stories and Activities for Children on Transportation,Teacher Idea Press,1988 - written with Jan Irving
  • Raising the Roof: Children's Stories and Activities on Houses,Teacher Idea Press,1991 - written with Jan Irving
  • The Mini Easter Activity Book,Lion Publishing,1993
  • From the Heart: Books and Activities about Friends,Teacher Idea Press,1993
  • Straw into Gold: Books and Activities about Folktales,Teacher Idea Press,1993
  • Second Helpings: Books and Activities about Food,Teacher Idea Press,1994
  • Bible Buddies: Noah and the Big Boat,Chariot Victor Publishing,1995
  • Bible Buddies: Zacchaeus, The Little Man, Cook Communications Ministries International, 1995
  • The Baby Bible Storybook, Chariot Victor Publishing, 1995 - reissued 2008 under the title Baby Bible for Girls, Baby Bible for Boys
  • Baby Bible Stories about Jesus, Cook Communications Ministries International, 1996 - reissued 2008
  • Story of Christmas, Standard Publishing, 1997
  • My Bible Friends Read and Do Book, Pauline Books & Media, 1997
  • The Story of Easter, Standard Publishing, 1997
  • Toddlers' Action Bible, Concordia Publishing House, 1998
  • Baby Bible: The Lord's Prayer, Chariot Victor Publishing, 1998
  • Peanut Butter Promises: Nap 'n' Snack Devotions, Concordia Publishing House, 1999
  • Baby Bible: Teach Me to Sing and Pray, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2000 - reissued 2008
  • More Baby Bible Stories, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2000
  • Baby Bible Christmas Storybook, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2001 - reissued 2010
  • Baby Bible Animals, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2003 - reissued 2009
  • Baby Bible A B C, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2004 - reissued 2009
  • Baby Bible 1 2 3, Cook Communications Ministries International, 2005
  • Tuktuk: Tundra Tale, Arbordale Publishing, 2016
  • The Very Best Story Ever Told, Sparkhouse, August 2018

Selected Titles At Your Library

Mudluscious :
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Glad rags :
ISBN: 0872875628. OCLC Number:

Libraries Unlimited,. Littleton, Colo. :. 1987.

Provides activities based on children's books centered on the theme of clothes, including specific types of apparel, accessories, and concepts of getting dressed and taking care of clothes. For grades preK-3.

Full speed ahead :
ISBN: 0872876535. OCLC Number:

Teacher Ideas Press,. Englewood, Colo. :. 1988.

"Introduce children to literature with stories and activities about things that go! Approximately 125 picture books are annotated, and a skills index allows the activity leader to use stories that will reinforce such skills as rhythm, following directions, and word recognition. Grades PreK-3"--Amazon website.

Raising the roof :
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Wings like eagles /
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Lion,. Oxford :. 1991.

From the heart :
ISBN: 1563080257. OCLC Number:

Teacher Ideas Press,. Englewood, Colo. :. 1993.

A resource book designed to help teachers and librarians plan literature based programs on the theme of friendship and its different forms.

Straw into gold :
ISBN: 1563080745. OCLC Number:

Teacher Ideas Press,. Englewood, Colo. :. 1993.

A variety of activities for PreK-3.

Second helpings :
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Noah and the big boat /
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Zacchaeus, the little man /
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A simple retelling of the New Testament story about the dishonest tax collector, Zacchaeus, and what happened when he met Jesus.

The Baby Bible storybook /
ISBN: 0781400767. OCLC Number:

Kingsway Publications ;. Eastbourne [England] :. ©1994.

Introduce your toddler to the excitement of reading the Bible in a way that he or she can really enjoy. The specially selected stories and brightly colored illustrations will provide new people to meet, places to see, and stories to hear. Each story includes simple activities and hand motions to go with the stories.

Baby Bible :
ISBN: 0781448891. OCLC Number:

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Collects biblical stories for infants and toddlers that teach about Jesus Christ. On board pages.

The story of Christmas /
ISBN: 0784707146. OCLC Number:

Standard Pub.,. Cincinnati, Ohio :. ©1997.

Seven different animals tell the story of baby Jesus and the first Christmas. Activity suggestions help keep children involved in each story and promote interactive learning.

My Bible friends read-and-do book /
ISBN: 081984795X. OCLC Number:

Pauline Books & Media,. Boston, MA :. ©1997.

An easy-to-read collection of stories about twenty-eight major Old and New Testament figures that contains special messages, prayers, and text-oriented activities.

The story of Easter /
ISBN: 0784705933. OCLC Number:

Standard Pub.,. Cincinnati, Ohio :. 1997.

Seven different animals tell what they learned about Jesus as they witnessed the events from his entry into Jerusalem through his appearance to his disciples after his resurrection. Includes instructions for reader to use sounds and movement.

Baby Bible :
ISBN: 0781435161. OCLC Number:

Faith Kids,. Colorado Springs, Colo. :. ©2001.

Simple verses, songs, prayers, and activities to help young children express worship to God.

More baby Bible stories /
ISBN: 0781435285. OCLC Number:

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The Baby Bible Christmas storybook /
ISBN: 0781403685. OCLC Number:

David C. Cook,. Colorado Springs, Colo. :. c2010.

Presents brief Bible stories, with suggested activities for each sentence in the account, that retell the story of the birth of Jesus. On board pages.

The baby Bible animals /
ISBN: 1434765415. OCLC Number:

David C. Cook,. Colorado Springs, CO :. 2009.

Many animals appear in the bible, from lions and donkeys to the crew of Noah's Ark!

The Baby Bible ABCs /
ISBN: 1434765423. OCLC Number:

David C. Cook,. Colorado Springs, CO :. 2009.

Learn the alphabet with help from Bible stories.

Baby Bible 123 /
ISBN: 078143906X. OCLC Number:

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"Introduce your toddler to the big world of numbers with interactive Baby Bible 1, 2, 3!"--Cover back.

Tuktuk :
ISBN: 1628558806. OCLC Number:

. .

Preparing for the dark, cold winter, a collard lemming outwits other arctic animals to line his nest with a furry kamik (boot).

The very best story ever told :
ISBN: 1506438113. OCLC Number:

. .

The Very Best Story Ever Told shares the essence of the gospel story in a unique and creative way, from God's love for the world to Jesus' life to the Spirit surrounding us today. Each line of the rhyming story includes important words reinforced with American Sign Language signs to engage the whole child.--from publisher.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: Yes. Currie is represented by: Cyle Young at the Hartline Literary Agency 123 Queenston Drive, Pittsburg, PA 15235 (412)


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