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Name:  Heidi Herman  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1968, in Bloomington, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Herman was born in Bloomington and grew up in small-town Central Illinois, attending Towanda Elementary, graduating from NCHS, and taking classes at Illinois State University. She later moved to Chicago and worked in telecommunications, which took her to six different states over the course of twelve years. She returned to settle back Central Illinois - this time in Morton - in 2013.

Biographical and Professional Information

After spending a total of thirty years in telecommunications, Heidi Herman refocused from technical writing to fiction.

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Titles At Your Library

The Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads
ISBN: 1478743301

Outskirts Press. 2015

After accidentally being seen by a human, an Icelandic Yule Lad named Stekkjastaur finds he must rely on a young shepherd boy to keep his troll identity a secret. Stekkjastaur gives a gift just to ensure the child's silence, but the little boy's happiness makes Stekkjastaur happy as well. He learns that one of the greatest gifts you can receive is the joy in giving to someone else. One by one, the Yule Lads each take a break from his own mischief, and each one learns the happiness gained from gift-giving. Even from a source as unlikely as a troll, a selfish act wrapped up in the Christmas spirit can grow into something wonderful.

Iceland's rich history of legends and folktales featuring a host of mystical creatures is reflected in this unique Christmas tale about trolls. This modernized version of the Icelandic Yule Lads brings new life to a very old story. The legend of the Yule Lads is well-known among Icelanders and has been passed down from generation to generation for over 1,500 years.The original tale was told to discourage bad behavior in youngsters and had a distinctly bogeyman vibe. After a law was passed in 1746 by the Danish government to prohibit parents from terrorizing their children with the Yule Lad stories (and their ogre-mother, Gryla), the Yule Lads gradually became the mischievous pranksters they are in modern stories.

The Icelandic Yule Lads: Mayhem at the North Pole
ISBN: 0998281638

Hekla Publishing. 2017

Go on an adventure across Scandinavia to the North Pole with these thirteen half-troll, half-ogre pranksters. The Icelandic Yule Lads cause mayhem and mischief in their search for holiday goodies. But, will they go too far and end up on Santa's Naughty List?

Her Viking Heart
ISBN: 194723384X

Hekla Publishing LLC. 2018

A compelling story about love, loss, betrayal and redemption, as one woman discovers a family secret that changes everything she's ever known. 2018 American Fiction Awards-Award Finalist in the Chick Lit/Women's Lit category

When Anna Miller's father is killed less than two years after the death of her mother, Anna finds herself alone in the world. Moving back into her family home, Anna has the arduous task of sorting through and packing up her parents' belongings. When she comes across some mysterious documents in her father's study she is confused but intrigued. Determined to complete the research her father began, Anna embarks on a journey that will take her back several generations in history to WWII. As she begins to unveil the mystery surrounding her family, her research takes her to a small town in Wyoming. It is in this town she meets a handsome rancher named Logan Harris, awakening feelings that haven't stirred inside her in a long time. As Anna gets closer to discovering the truth about her family secrets, she realizes it may be at the cost of her personal happiness.

The Guardians of Iceland and Other Icelandic Folk Tales
ISBN: 1947233963

Hekla Publishing LLC. 2016

2017 Book Excellence Award Winner for Multicultural Fiction.

Trolls and Hidden Folk are a part of daily life in Iceland. This collection of Icelandic folklore and legends comes from the days of the Vikings. The twenty-five short stories are centuries old and have been updated for today's readers of all ages. Children and adults alike will love to delve into this fantastic collection of traditional Icelandic fairy tales and legends. These short stories of trolls, elves with magical powers, and Hidden People have been passed down from generation to generation.

First written down hundreds of years ago, the stories are now brought together and updated for a modern audience, so now you too can read about the trolls who freely roamed Iceland, the race of Hidden People with strong magical powers and of the four powerful beings who still protect Iceland from invaders to this day. Packed full of fascinating myths, this collection of folklore is a must for anyone wanting to discover a world of mermaids and mermen, giants, shape-shifting seals and dragons in disguise.

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens
ISBN: 0692785140

Hekla Publishing LLC. 2016

Whether you're looking to connect with your roots, try something new or already love Icelandic cooking, this book is a must for your cookbook shelf. This is a collection of 25 traditional everyday Icelandic recipes, translated with step-by-step instructions. These are some of the simple classic favorites that truly reflect the home-style Icelandic flavors and heritage.

2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner
2016 Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner



History of Icelandic Food

Pronunciation Guide

Remoulade Remoulade (Brown Sauce)

Mřsuostur Brown Whey Cheese

Br˙nar Kart÷flur Brown Potatoes

Rˇfa Rutabaga

Kj÷ts˙pa Meat Soup

Plokkfiskur Fish Stew

Fiskur Me­ Ostur Cheesy Fish

Fiska Bollur Fish Balls

Baka­ur Fiskur Baked Fish

Flatk÷kur Flatbread

R˙gbrau­ Svart Black(Rye) Bread

R˙gbrau­ Br˙nt Brown(Rye) Bread

Litlabollur Doughnut Balls

Kleinur Kleinur (Doughnut)

Pipark÷kur Pepper Cookie

Parisark÷kur Meringue Cookie

Vanilluhringir Vanilla Ring Cookie

M÷mmuk÷kur Mama's Cookie

Smj÷rkrem Butter Icing

Bolludagur Bollur Buns (Cream Puff)

Rjˇmaterta Whipped Cream Cake

VÝnarterta Vienna Cake

FylturHveitibrau­skrans Coffee Wreath

VÝnarbrau­ I Vienna Bread (pastry) #1

VÝnarbrau­ II Vienna Bread (pastry) #2

VÝnarbrau­ III Vienna Bread (pastry) #3

P˙­ingur Fylta Custard Filling

P÷nnuk÷kur Pancakes

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: Yes. Contact Heidi Herman, (309)

202-7698 or email Standard Fee $500 Any size groups or geography Topics include: 1. Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice, Legacy of Legends (

2. Icelandic Folklore for Children 3. Cooking demonstrations of common Icelandic dishes 4. Viking Vitality-Scandinavian outlooks and attitudes for a long and happy life