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General Information

Name:  Jean F. Blashfield  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;

Born: in Madison, Wisconsin

-- Jean F. Blashfield on WorldCat --

Illinois Connection

Blashfield was raised in Evanston and did graduate work in Science Education at the University of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jean F. Blashfield has worked for publishers in Chicago, and Washington, D.C. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she has written more than 90 books, most of them for young people. She currently resides in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Abraham Lincoln
ISBN: 9780756528263. OCLC Number: 173986507

Compass Point Books,. .

Animal life
ISBN: 9780836884364. OCLC Number: 123377374

Gareth Stevens Pub.,. .

Examines the different types of animals, how they are classified, and how their attributes and behavior help them adapt to their environment.

ISBN: 0811463664. OCLC Number: 31604442

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Discusses Antarctica including the animals that live there, the scientists who work there, and the problems with its environment.

ISBN: 9780531212509. OCLC Number: 889426416

. .

Discusses the history, geography, and people of Argentina as well as the country's rich culture and traditions and its beautiful natural areas.

ISBN: 0516210688. OCLC Number: 42397347

Children's Press,. .

Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture and people of the state of Arizona.

ISBN: 9780531253083. OCLC Number: 743432563

Children's Press,. .

Explores the geography, history, arts, religions, and everyday life of the Land Down Under, also called the Lucky Country.

Awesome Almanac.
ISBN: 1880190079. OCLC Number: 28437899

B & B Pub. ;. .

ISBN: 0817250417. OCLC Number: 38831472

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Presents the basic concepts of carbon, one of the most important chemical elements found in all living things.

Carl Sagan :
ISBN: 9781438149684. OCLC Number: 908389342

. .

Learn many things about Carl Sagan as a person and as a Astronomer. Learn about his historical contributions to Astronomy and to the world.

Cartier :
ISBN: 0756501229. OCLC Number: 46590006

Compass Point Books,. .

Provides an account of Cartier's journey to discover a water route between France and China in the 1500s. Presents a brief description of the life and explorations of Cartier, who made three voyages to what is today known as Canada, in search of a northwest passage to China. Students will learn the geographic, economic, and religious reasons that brought the explorers and settlers to unfamiliar regions; their problems, their goals and accomplishments, as well as their fears and superstitions.

ISBN: 0739843583. OCLC Number: 46618264

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Explains what the chemical element chlorine is, and discusses its importance to humans.

ISBN: 0516206842. OCLC Number: 38992994

Children's Press,. .

Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, sports and arts, and people of the state of Colorado.

ISBN: 9780531275429. OCLC Number: 771913523

Children's Press,. .

Discusses England's long and fascinating history (from its earliest settlement thousands of years ago to its modern status as part of the United Kingdom), its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and diverse cities.

Faerie mound of dragonkind
ISBN: 0880384492. OCLC Number: 16162820

TSR,. .

As one of the characters in a dangerous world of ancient magic and power, the reader makes decisions controlling a quest for a precious object. Includes instructions for using a die and cutout figures at certain points in the quest.

Galápagos Islands
ISBN: 0811463621. OCLC Number: 30036063

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Explore these unique islands and meet its inhabitants.

ISBN: 9780531256015. OCLC Number: 819531721

. .

Examines the geography, history, and government of Germany, while highlighting its achievements in art, medicine and industry.

Golda Meir
ISBN: 9780761449607. OCLC Number: 1026928922

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,. .

Presents the biography of Golda Meir against the backdrop of her political, historical, and cultural environment--Provided by publisher.

ISBN: 0516236784. OCLC Number: 57432251

Children's Press,. .

Discusses the geography and climate, history, wildlife, economy, government, people, religion, and culture of Greenland.

ISBN: 0516259490. OCLC Number: 76064607

Children's Press/Scholastic,. .

Describes the geography, people, government, culture, history, religion, economy, and wildlife of Haiti.

Hillary Clinton
ISBN: 9781608703470. OCLC Number: 650877481

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark,. .

Presents the biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton against the backdrop of her political, historical, and cultural environment--Provided by publisher.

Horse soldiers :
ISBN: 053120300X. OCLC Number: 36713030

Watts,. .

Examines the role played by cavalry, or horse soldiers, in both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War.

ISBN: 0817250387. OCLC Number: 38831490

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Presents the basic concepts of this central element of the universe.

ISBN: 0836855205. OCLC Number: 52086514

World Almanac Library,. .

Examines the history, structure, and operation of Interpol, the world's law-enforcement agency.

ISBN: 1332057349. OCLC Number: 978483352


ISBN: 9780531282793. OCLC Number: 192109594

Children's Press,. .

Takes readers on a tour of Iowa, describing the state's history, culture, land, economy, government, and sights, and including unique facts, color maps and photos, the state song, suggested activities, lists of famous people, cultural institutions, and annual events, and other resources.

ISBN: 9780531236765. OCLC Number: 866859656

. .

Describes the geography, history, government, economy, people, religion, and culture of Ireland.

Iron and the trace elements
ISBN: 0739843591. OCLC Number: 46908506

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Defines trace elements and discusses how they affect life on the planet.

Island hopping in the Pacific
ISBN: 0896865673. OCLC Number: 25247192

Crestwood House ;. .

Explains why it was necessary for allied forces to make their way through islands up the Pacific on the way to invading and conquering Japan.

ISBN: 9780531236772. OCLC Number: 824696841

. .

Describes the geography, history, government, economy, people, religion, and culture of Italy.

La magia al reves
ISBN: 8471768151. OCLC Number: 20645050

Timun Mas,. .

ISBN: 0739843605. OCLC Number: 46634138

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Explains what the chemical element magnesium is, and its importance to humans.

ISBN: 9780531248881. OCLC Number: 855507223

. .

Describes the geography, history, economy, culture, and people of the state of Maryland, and includes ideas for classroom assignments.

ISBN: 9780531282823. OCLC Number: 862149447

. .

Explores the land, people, history, economy, and travel opportunities of the state of Missouri.

ISBN: 0516206516. OCLC Number: 41026478

Children's Press,. .

Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, sports and arts, and people of Norway.

ISBN: 9781406227826. OCLC Number: 738376810

Raintree,. .

ISBN: 9780531207895. OCLC Number: 869141244

. .

Despite its small size, Panama has played a big role in history. Located at the junction of Central America and South America, its famous canal offers the fastest passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Readers will learn how Panama was first settled, how it came to be the site of one of the world's most important canals, and what life is like there today.

ISBN: 0739834509. OCLC Number: 45137463

Raintree Steck-Vaughn,. .

Notes the importance of phosphorus to plants and animals.

Shirley Temple Black :
ISBN: 9781438149677. OCLC Number: 900410274

. .

Slavery in America
ISBN: 9780531263112. OCLC Number: 708357867

Children's Press,. .

Describes the history of slavery in the United States, from colonial times to the end of the Civil War, and includes information on the slave trade, the Underground Railroad, and the lives of African Americans after emancipation.

Star Rangers and the spy
ISBN: 0880380802. OCLC Number: 10758768

TSR, Inc. ;. .

As a young Star Ranger chasing the thief of an experimental spaceship, the reader makes decisions controlling a series of adventures in outer space.

The California Gold Rush and the '49ers
ISBN: 9781515771166. OCLC Number: 971020217

. .

Try your luck, and search for your fortune in California! Follow the joy and heartbreak of the '49ers during the California Gold Rush--Publisher's website.

The Delaware Colony
ISBN: 1567666108. OCLC Number: 51886226

Child's World,. .

Relates the history of the Colony of Delaware from its founding by David Pietersen de Vries in 1631 to its statehood in 1787.

The ghost tower
ISBN: 0880382155. OCLC Number: 12221678

. .

The Oregon Trail
ISBN: 0756500451. OCLC Number: 47009771

Compass Point Books,. .

An introductory history of the Oregon Trail and its significance in opening the west to settlers, including information on the people who opened the Trail, their reasons for going west, modes of transportation, and a description of a typical day on the Trail.

The Santa Fe Trail
ISBN: 0756500478. OCLC Number: 47009865

Compass Point Books,. .

Introduces the history and economic purpose of the Santa Fe Trail and the resulting settlement of the Southwest.

The South Carolina colony
ISBN: 1567667104. OCLC Number: 51770154

Child's World,. .

Relates the history of the Colony of South Carolina from the early Native Americans to the first settlers in 1526 to statehood in 1788.

The transcontinental railroad
ISBN: 0756501539. OCLC Number: 46538338

Compass Point Books,. .

Describes the building of the first railroad across the United States and the effect it had on uniting the nation and the future of North America.

ISBN: 0516208314. OCLC Number: 39714047

Children's Press,. .

Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, and people of the state of Virginia.

When land, sea, and life began :
ISBN: 1403476578. OCLC Number: 57044005

Heinemann Library,. .

Looks at the earliest events on Earth, telling how the planet was formed and how its structure developed, how continents arose and broke apart, and living things began to appear.

When life flourished in ancient seas :
ISBN: 1403476586. OCLC Number: 57044006

Heinemann Library,. .

This is not an imaginary world. This is our continent, North America, over 450 million years ago! Journey into the distant past with When Life Flourished in Ancient Seas: The Early Paleozoic Era. Witness the earliest transformations in what would become North America, when marine life blossomed, and living things first moved onto land.

Why they killed
ISBN: 0445210966. OCLC Number: 22718275

Popular Library,. .

ISBN: 9780531248744. OCLC Number: 856647681

. .

Describes the history, geography, ecology, people, economy, cities, and sights of the state of Wisconsin, and includes ideas for classroom assignments.

Women at the front :
ISBN: 0531202755. OCLC Number: 35095916

Franklin Watts,. .

Explores ways in which the various activities of women during the Civil War altered their role in society and led to new initiatives in women's rights.

Women inventors
ISBN: 1560652748. OCLC Number: 32626849

Capstone Press,. .

Each volume presents brief accounts of five women and their inventions, including Sybilla Masters, Madam C.J. Walker, Mary Anderson, and Nancy Perkins.