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Name:  Cheryl Bardoe  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

Bardoe studied journalism at Northwestern University. She lives in Chicago with her family.

Biographical and Professional Information

Cheryl Bardoe is a former senior project manager of exhibitions at the Field Museum in Chicago.

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Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas
ISBN: 0810954753

Harry N. Abrams. 2006

The only picture book available about the father of genetics and his pea plants!

How do mothers and fathers—whether they are apple trees, sheep, or humans—pass down traits to their children? This question fascinated Gregor Mendel throughout his life. Regarded as the world’s first geneticist, Mendel overcame poverty and obscurity to discover one of the fundamental aspects of genetic science: animals, plants, and people all inherit and pass down traits through the same process, following the same rules.

Living the slow-paced, contemplative life of a friar, Gregor Mendel was able to conceive and put into practice his great experiment: growing multiple generations of peas. From observing yellow peas, green peas, smooth peas, and wrinkled peas, Mendel crafted his theory of heredity—years before scientists had any notion of genes.

Children will be inspired by Gregor’s neverending search for knowledge, and his famous experiments are easy to understand as an introduction to genetics.

Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age (Orbis Pictus Honor for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children (Awards))
ISBN: 081098413X

Abrams Books for Young Readers. 2010

Mammoths and mastodons roamed the earth for more than a million years, and then suddenly went extinct. What was everyday life like for these colossal cousins of the modern elephant? What did they eat? How did they fit into their Ice Age landscape? Why did they disappear?

These questions and more are answered in this fascinating book that presents the latest research, drawing on the recent discovery of a fully frozen baby mammoth—which has allowed scientists to learn more than they ever could have known just from studying bones and fossils.

Profusely illustrated, Mammoths and Mastodons features photographs of archaeological digs, scientists at work in the field and in labs, and archival relics. Specially commissioned artwork also brings the story of mammoths and mastodons to life. The book includes a bibliography, a glossary, and an index.
Exhibition schedule
Publication will coincide with the Field Museum exhibit Mammoths and Mastodons, which runs from March 5 through September 6 in Chicago and is then projected to tour up to 10 venues through 2014.

March 5–September 6, 2010: The Field Museum, Chicago
October 16, 2010–January 9, 2011: City TBA
November 25, 2011–April 15, 2012: City TBA
May 26–September 3, 2012: City TBA
October 13, 2012–January 13, 2013: Museum of Science, Boston
February 23–May 27, 2013: City TBA
May 10–September, 2014: City TBA

F&P level: V
F&P genre: I

The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale
ISBN: 0810997398

Harry N. Abrams. 2011

Once upon a time, seven tiny duck beaks pecked their way out of their eggs, but the eighth egg was a little bit different. What emerged wasn't a duck at all--he was a dinosaur!

Everyone notices how different he is. He doesn't waddle! His teeth are too big! Feeling ugly and outcast, the dinosaur duckling leaves his family and ventures out on his own. Again and again he tries to make friends, but everyone runs away! Over time he grows bigger and bigger but still can't seem to find his rightful place. One day he unexpectedly comes across other dinosaurs that look just like him, and he discovers he's really a T. rex!

This humorous and charming take on The Ugly Duckling also includes an author's note about the dinosaurs depicted and the early ancestors of modern ducks who lived side by side, and features scientifically accurate illustrations of the creatures.

Praise for Ugly Duckling Dinosaur
“Facial characterization excels. A sure winner for those dino-hungry readers.” –Kirkus Reviews

“The extensive appended notes, including details of recent fossil findings, and a bibliography will grab dinosaur buffs and widen this title’s potential for curricular sharing.” –Booklist

Behold the Beautiful Dung Beetle (Junior Library Guild Selection)
ISBN: 1580895549

Charlesbridge. 2014

Dung is a precious pile of food and drink for these beetles.

Simple science text and dramatic illustrations give a close-up view of the fascinating world of the dung beetle. When an animal lightens its load, dung beetles race to the scene. They battle over, devour, hoard, and lay their eggs in the precious poop. Dung is food, drink, and fuel for new life—as crucial to these beetles as the beetles are to many habitats, including our own.

Back matter includes instructions for finding dung beetles, fun facts, glossary, and a selected bibliography.


The Ugly Ducking Dinosaur

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