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General Information

Name:  Donald Paul Zochert, Jr.  

Pen Name: Donald Zochert

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: 1938 in Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Born and raised in Illinois, Donald now resides in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Donald began his career with United Press International as a reporter and went on to work for the Chicago Daily News until 1978 when he became a freelance writer full time. In 1975, he edited the book, ''Walking in America''.

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Titles At Your Library

Laura: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder
ISBN: 0380016362

Avon. 1977

Courage, Adventure, Steadfast Love

From a little house set deep in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, across Indian territory and into the Dakotas, Laura's family moved westward right along the frontier.

Their true-life saga, beloved by countless millions of TV viewers and readers of the bestselling Little House books, is one of spirit and devotion in the face of bitter-cold winters, wilderness trails, and heartbreaking personal tragedy.

Here, for the first time, and drawing on her own unpublished memoirs is the endlessly fascinating full account of Laura's life -- from her earliest years through her enduring marriage to Almanzo Wilder, the "farmer boy" of her stories.

Murder in the Hellfire Club
ISBN: 0140055045

Penguin Books. 1980

The Hellfire Club was a ribald fraternity of thirteen members. It was dedicated to lechery and lust--but it was not accustomed to death.... The porter at the Vulture Tavern has been found dead in a room locked from within. His corpse bears no trace of violence. In all London, only one man calls it murder--the visiting American and pioneer in electrical experiments, Benjamin Franklin. He believes he has uncovered the world's first murder by electricity. As more murders follow, Franklin sets out in pursuit of a diabolical killer. The trail will lead to blasphemies, debaucheries, desecrations--in short, to the lewd rites of the Hellfire Club!

Another Weeping Woman

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1980

It began with the wounded cry of a car horn shattering the silence of a cold September dawn. It began with two girls, ghostly pale, huddled inside the car in terror, screaming one word over and over. The word was bear. Beyond the car, poles arched skyward above the shredded nylon of a tent. And beyond the tent, shrouded in mist, was the bear. And a lifeless shape that had once been a young woman. The killing of a coed in a national park campground by a grizzly run amok wasn't the kind of case Nick Caine handled. He left that to the boy scouts in the National Park Service. But when the autopsy revealed that the coed also had a bullet in her brain, a random death became a cunning murder-and Caine was on the case, a case that would lead him on a tangled trail that ultimately wound back eighteen years into the past-a trail, cont.,

The Man of Glass: A Nick Caine Adventure
ISBN: 0030562228

Holt Rinehart & Winston. 1981

Private eye Nick Caine becomes involved with nine respectable businessmen, one of whom betrayed the others at Anzio thirty years ago and is now intent on killing them off

Yellow Dogs
ISBN: 0871132540

Atlantic Monthly Pr. 1989

Daniel Hansen's refusal to fight in the Great War raises the wrath of a patriotic Kansas community and brings imprisonment upon himself and violence upon his family

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