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Name:  Christopher Raschka  

Pen Name: Chris Raschka

Genre: Fiction Illustrator Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: May 6, 1959 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

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Illinois Connection

Raschka grew up in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Chris Raschka is a Caldecott-winning children's book author and illustrator. While he writes and illustrates his own books, Raschka also illustrates books written by other authors. A graduate of St. Olaf College, he currently resides in New York City.


'Yo! Yes? '

Caldecott Medal, 1994

100 Books that Shaped the Century list, School Library Journal

'Hello, Goodbye Window '

Caldecott Medal, 2006

'A Ball for Daisy '

Caldecott Medal, 2012

'A Poke in the I '

Best Illustrated Books, New York Times

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Selected Titles At Your Library

A ball for Daisy /
ISBN: 037585861X. OCLC Number: 649926186

. .

A wordless picture book showing the fun a dog has with her ball, and what happens when it is lost. This story is about what it is like to lose something special, and find a friend.

A foot in the mouth :
ISBN: 0763660833. OCLC Number: 809031270

. .

A collection of lively rhymes and tricky tongue twisters, poems for more than one voice, bilingual poems -- from classic Shakespeare and Lear to anonymous rhymes to contemporary riffs on everything under the sun. These poems just might inspire kids to memorize them!

A kick in the head :
ISBN: 9780763641320. OCLC Number: 55495168

. .

In this splendid and playful volume, acclaimed poetry anthologist Paul B. Janeczko and Caldecott Honor illustrator Chris Raschka present lively examples of twenty-nine poetic forms, demonstrating not only the (sometimes bendable) rules of poetry, but also the spirit that brings these forms so wonderfully to life. Featuring formal poems, some familiar and some never before published, from the likes of Eleanor Farjeon (aubade), X.J. Kennedy (elegy), Ogden Nash (couplet), Liz Rosenberg (pantoum), and William Shakespeare, the sonnet king himself, A Kick in the Head perfectly illustrates Robert Frost's maxim that poetry without rules is like a tennis match without a net. --

A poke in the I :
ISBN: 9780763623760. OCLC Number: 44578839

. .

A collection of thirty concrete poems with torn paper and mixed media illustrations.

A primer about the flag /
ISBN: 0763649910. OCLC Number: 659766059

. .

An illustrated poem which explores the artistry and purposes of flags.

A song about myself /
ISBN: 0763650900. OCLC Number: 953220828

. .

This little-known poem by the beloved poet is filled with playful rhymes that are complemented by vibrant watercolors.

Alphabetabum :
ISBN: 1590178173. OCLC Number: 869262296

. .

"What happens to the pictures of us? Nowadays they go straight to the Internet where anyone anywhere in the world can see them. And they're nothing terribly special. It wasn't that way a hundred years ago, when getting your picture taken was a very important event. You dressed your best and you looked thoughtfully and for a long time into the awesome, magical lens of the camera. But even these important pictures sometimes were lost, sold by the photographer or even thrown away by families. After many decades some of them found their way to flea-market tables in New York City, Rome, and Paris, where the artist Vladimir Radunsky couldn't take his eyes off of them. He bought them, took them home, and looked at them over and over. Now he has chosen his favorites for this book and his friend Chris Raschka has written a poem for each one in an imagined alphabet of names and personalities."--

Another important book /
ISBN: 006443785X. OCLC Number: 39002903

. .

Illustrations and simple rhyming text describe how a child grows from ages one through six.

Arlene sardine
ISBN: 9781453296233. OCLC Number: 832425161

Open Road,. .

Follows the short life of Arlene, from brisling to canned sardine.

Be boy buzz
ISBN: 9781484788400. OCLC Number: 966434497

. .

Celebrates being Bold, All Bliss Boy, All Bad Boy Beast, Boy running, Boy Jumping, Boy Sitting Down, and being in Love With Being a Boy.

Boy meets girl ;
ISBN: 2020676087. OCLC Number: 55886372

. .

This book with text featuring a boy, a girl, a cat, and a dog can be read forwards or backwards.

Buggy Bug /
ISBN: 1419712004. OCLC Number: 856647715

. .

Buggy Bug has something very important to say.

Can't sleep
ISBN: 9781453296578. OCLC Number: 832432162

Open Road,. .

The moon comforts bedtime fears.

Charlie Parker played be bop /
ISBN: 0531070956. OCLC Number: 24906048

Orchard Books,. .

Introduces the famous saxophonist and his style of jazz known as bebop.

Clammy Clam /
ISBN: 1419712012. OCLC Number: 856647710

. .

Clammy Clam refuses to open his shell to say hello.

Cowy cow /
ISBN: 1419710559. OCLC Number: 851175267

. .

Cowy Cow has one hundred ideas, and some might even be good ones.

Crabby Crab /
ISBN: 9781419710568. OCLC Number: 843785328

. .

Crabby Crab, unhappy about the way he looks and moves, is surprised to learn that he is loved just the way he is.

Daisy gets lost /
ISBN: 0449817415. OCLC Number: 823927609

. .

A young dog experiences the fear of being lost and the joys of being found when she becomes separated from her owner.

Doggy Dog
ISBN: 9781419712036. OCLC Number: 856647716

. .

Simple words and illustrations detail some of the things that Doggy Dog is not, including a cat, a lampshade, and a potato.

Elizabeth imagined an iceberg
ISBN: 053106817X. OCLC Number: 28549532

Orchard Books,. .

By visualizing an iceberg and remembering how strong it can be, Elizabeth finds the inner strength to say, Get away from me! to a strange woman who is bothering her.

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle
ISBN: 9780375870071. OCLC Number: 784123774

Schwartz & Wade Books,. .

A father teaches his daughter all about bicycle riding, from selecting the right bike to trying again after a fall.

Farmy farm /
ISBN: 0545219817. OCLC Number: 683247618

. .

Rhyming text and touch-and-feel illustrations introduce a variety of farm animals and the sounds they make.

Fishing in the air
ISBN: 0060281111. OCLC Number: 41580565

Joanna Cotler Books,. .

A young boy and his father go on a fishing trip and discover the power of imagination.

Five for a little one
ISBN: 0689845995. OCLC Number: 59098940

. .

A young rabbit explores the world using his five senses. If you are a bunny, try a taste, take a gander, snuffle a sniff, relish a sound, and share a hug. Everything around is waiting. If you are a boy, or a girl, or a dog, or a kitty do like our friend Bunny. And enjoy.

Fortune cookies /
ISBN: 1416968148. OCLC Number: 232536676

. .

Seven fortune cookies foretell a child's fortunes for each day of the week.

Give and take
ISBN: 9781442416550. OCLC Number: 825196531

. .

In his apple orchard, a farmer meets a little man named Take and follows his advice, which does not turn out well, and the next day meets a little man named Give, whose advice is just as bad.

Good sports :
ISBN: 9780375985812. OCLC Number: 761326833

Dragonfly Books,. .

A collection of poems about football, skating, basketball, karate, and other sports celebrates the joy of competitive play, teamwork, and the importance of good sportsmanship.

Goosey Goose
ISBN: 0786806419. OCLC Number: 42753175

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

If you mess with Goosey Goose, you will be in trouble.

Grump Groan Growl /
ISBN: 9781368007825. OCLC Number: 1011039174

. .

Rhythmic text exposes a bad mood on the prowl, and advises the reader not to hide, but to let those feelings be.

Happy to be nappy /
ISBN: 1484788419. OCLC Number: 967667455

. .

Celebrates the joy and beauty of nappy hair.

Hip hop dog
ISBN: 9780061239632. OCLC Number: 243845190

Harper,. .

A neglected dog finds his purpose through rapping and rhyming.

Home at last /
ISBN: 0061349739. OCLC Number: 933517184

. .

"After Lester is adopted from his foster home by Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich, he can't fall asleep in his new bed. What will it take to make Lester feel home at last?"--

I pledge allegiance :
ISBN: 0763625272. OCLC Number: 56803371

. .

Divides the Pledge of Allegiance into words and phrases in order to define its meaning.

If you were a dog /
ISBN: 0374335303. OCLC Number: 759048515

. .

Easy-to-read text invites the reader to imagine life as a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird, and even a dinosaur.

Jimmy Grasshopper versus the Ants /
ISBN: 0763630217. OCLC Number: 77572663

. .

Angry that his singing is unappreciated by the Ants who relied on his music to make their summer work easier, Jimmy Grasshopper decides to sue them for lacking respect and not acknowledging his usefulness in their lives.

John Coltrane's Giant steps
ISBN: 0874999723. OCLC Number: 50953257

Live Oak Media,. .

John Coltrane's musical composition is performed by a box, a snowflake, some raindrops, and a kitten.

Lamby Lamb /
ISBN: 1419710575. OCLC Number: 837923206

. .

The narrator uses reverse psychology to get a young sheep dressed.

Like likes like
ISBN: 0789481898. OCLC Number: 48227598

DK Pub.,. .

Two cats fall in love in a rose garden.

Little black crow
ISBN: 9780689846014. OCLC Number: 436358380

Atheneum Books for Young Readers,. .

A boy thinks about the life of a little black crow that he sees, wondering where it goes in the snow, where it sleeps, and whether or not it worries like he does.

Little treasures :
ISBN: 0547428626. OCLC Number: 693553924

. .

Shares terms of endearment for children in fourteen languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi.

Little tree
ISBN: 1423103351. OCLC Number: 74469117

Hyperion Books For Children,. .

Inspired by a poem by E.E. Cummings, this is the story of a little tree that finds its own special place in the world as a much-loved Christmas tree.

ISBN: 0763690600. OCLC Number: 1109444773

. .

Moosey Moose
ISBN: 9781419712029. OCLC Number: 856647714

. .

Moosey Moose wants his long pants.

Mother Goose of Pudding Lane /
ISBN: 0763675237. OCLC Number: 1114308166

. .

Tells the story of Elizabeth Foster Goose of late 17th-century Boston, who sang lullabies and songs and made up rhymes and poems to help her care for her big and boisterous family of fourteen children.

Mysterious Thelonious
ISBN: 0874996740. OCLC Number: 45431880

Live Oak Media,. .

Matches the tones of the diatonic scale to the values of the color wheel in presenting a portrait of the work of the Afro-American jazz musician and composer of Mysterioso.

New shoes /
ISBN: 0062657526. OCLC Number: 1031999741

. .

When a young child discovers a hole in a sneaker, mother and child embark on a big childhood adventure--a trip to the store to pick out new shoes. From having feet measured and making a selection to finally showing off the new shoes to a friend, this momentous child moment is treated with respect, excitement, and page-turning energy in a wonderfully age-appropriate picture

New York is English, Chattanooga is Creek
ISBN: 0689846002. OCLC Number: 56733085

Atheneum Books for Young Readers,. .

New York City, though a bit boastful, decides to throw a party to make new friends of other unique cities like Chattanooga and Minneapolis.

Old dog baby baby /
ISBN: 1596438533. OCLC Number: 928488387

. .

"A rhyming picture book about a lazy old dog and a playful baby"--

Otter and odder /
ISBN: 076364174X. OCLC Number: 698624790

. .

When Otter falls in love with his food source, a fish named Myrtle, he must decide whether to follow the way of the otter or the way of his heart.

Paul writes (a letter) /
ISBN: 080285494X. OCLC Number: 1042082492

. .

Picture book adaptation of the letters of Paul the Apostle.

Peter and the wolf
ISBN: 9780689856525. OCLC Number: 209690310

Atheneum Books for Young Readers,. .

Retells the orchestral fairy tale in which a boy ignores his grandfather's warnings and captures a wolf with the help of a bird, a duck, and a cat.

Puddle /
ISBN: 0062651951. OCLC Number: 1027735262

. .

A puddle sits despairingly as she is trampled on by humans and animals alike until something miraculous happens that makes her feel worthwhile.

Ring! Yo?
ISBN: 0789426145. OCLC Number: 42022282

DK Ink,. .

In a telephone conversation--of which the reader at first only hears one side--two friends, one black and one white, have a disagreement and then make up.

Seriously, Norman! /
ISBN: 0545298784. OCLC Number: 731735475

. .

Why are grown-ups so insane? That's the question Leonard, Norman, Anna and Emma (the twins) try to answer with the help of Norman's new tutor, Balthazar Birdsong (who is also fairly nuts).

Side by side /
ISBN: 0714878669. OCLC Number: 1055913754

. .

A heartfelt ode to the physical and emotional roles of father and child.

Simple gifts :
ISBN: 0805051430. OCLC Number: 36776496

. .

A Shaker hymn about acceptance and sharing.

Skin again
ISBN: 078680825X. OCLC Number: 56897297

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story. The skin I'm in is just a covering. If you want to know who I am you have got to come inside and open your heart way wide. Celebrating all that makes us unique and different, Skin Again offers new ways to talk about race and identity. Race matters, but only so much, what's most important is who we are on the inside. Looking beyond skin, going straight to the heart, we find in each other the treasures stored down deep. Learning to cherish those treasures, to be all we imagine ourselves to be, makes us free. Skin Again celebrates this freedom. Like layers of skin, readers will peel away the pages of this visionary work from the creators of Happy to Be Nappy, and inside reveal all that is needed for us to be loving and accepting of one another. bell books is the author of a number of groundbreaking books, including Happy to Be Nappy, an NAACP Image Award Nominee; Homemade Love, a Bank Street College Children's Book of the Year; and Be Boy Buzz. She lives in New York City.

Sluggy Slug
ISBN: 0786805846. OCLC Number: 41981870

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

Sluggy Slug will not go because he is sluggy.

Snaily Snail
ISBN: 0786806397. OCLC Number: 42690033

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

Snaily Snail is loved all the time, no matter what he is doing.

Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie /
ISBN: 9780439929431. OCLC Number: 192081860

. .

A little girl spends time with her Poppy and Nana and answers to two very different nicknames.

Table manners :
ISBN: 076361453X. OCLC Number: 46422165

. .

Chester teaches his good friend Dudunya about napkins, "full-mouthed speaking accidents," and other important aspects of proper mealtime behavior.

Talk to me about the alphabet
ISBN: 0805067825. OCLC Number: 49664248

Henry Holt,. .

Illustrations and simple text for each letter of the alphabet demonstrate the sounds made by that letter.

The blushful hippopotamus /
ISBN: 0531095320. OCLC Number: 33983645

. .

Though Roosevelt the hippopotamus's sister teases him because he blushes a lot, his best friend helps him feel better about himself.

The Cosmobiography of Sun Ra :
ISBN: 0763658065. OCLC Number: 856977176

. .

A one-hundredth birthday tribute to the late jazz artist explores his observations about humanity's discriminatory and violent behaviors as well as his efforts to forge world peace through music with the Sun Ra Arkestra.

The death of the hat :
ISBN: 0763669636. OCLC Number: 884480026

. .

Poetry, scholars claim, is one of the oldest living art forms. This collection traces the canon from the Middle Ages - when poets may have written about a sword, a candle, or a bookworm - to the current day, when their subjects might be cocoa or a birthday card. Yet a fascination with the natural world has held true for poets across the millennia, as evidenced by Cui Tu's Tang Dynasty poem "A Solitary Wildgoose" and Mary Oliver's contemporary poem "The Summer Day." Is it possible to sum up more than one thousand years of poetry in 50 poems? Of course it is not. But Paul B. Janeczko and Chris Raschka bring intelligence and joy to the mission in this, their fourth poetry anthology collaboration for young and not-so-young readers.

The doorman's repose /
ISBN: 1681371006. OCLC Number: 957241858

. .

"Some of us look up at those craggy, mysterious apartment buildings found in the posher parts of New York City and wonder what goes on inside. The Doorman's Repose collects ten stories of the doings of 777 Garden Avenue, one of the craggiest"--

The four corners of the sky :
ISBN: 0805048162. OCLC Number: 43540635

. .

A collection of folk stories from around the world, each accompanied by background information, that explain the various perspectives of different peoples on how the universe and their world came to be.

The hello, goodbye window
ISBN: 9780616354698. OCLC Number: 1011735913

CNIB,. .

The kitchen window at Nanna and Poppy's house is, for one little girl, a magic gateway. Everything important happens near it, through it, or beyond it. 2005 Boston Globe-Horn Book Honors. Grades K-3. 2005.

The magic flute /
ISBN: 1481449028. OCLC Number: 1028581785

. .

Retells the story of the Mozart opera, in which the noble Prince Tamino seeks the fair Pamina against a backdrop of the battle between darkness and light.

The owl and the tuba /
ISBN: 1878925024. OCLC Number: 26386106

Brotherstone,. .

Fred the tuba player can't toot & Hoomer the owl can't hoot. So Hoomer tries tooting, becomes a tuba virtuoso, & starts a brass band. Fred tries hooting, learns the owls' language, & becomes a great ornithologist. The squirrels are disgusted by the whole thing, but there's nothing they can do about it. Readers of all ages will be entertained & encouraged by the unlikely accomplishments of Fred the boy & Hoomer the owl.

The purple balloon
ISBN: 9780375841460. OCLC Number: 70839665

Schwartz & Wade Books,. .

Easy-to-read text reveals that dying is hard work, for the old and especially the young, and how good it is that so many people help when a person dies, from medical staff to clergy and friends to family members.

Waffle /
ISBN: 0689838387. OCLC Number: 44612961

. .

A child who is always worried finds a way to overcome his fears.

Whaley Whale /
ISBN: 1419710583. OCLC Number: 837923213

. .

The reader is invited to find Whaley Whale's hiding place.

What you need is - table manners :
ISBN: 074458518X. OCLC Number: 48153148

Walker,. .

When lions roar /
ISBN: 0545112834. OCLC Number: 777364343

. .

Loud, scary noises frighten a child until quiet and calmness return.

Wormy Worm
ISBN: 078680582X. OCLC Number: 41958961

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

As Wormy Worm wiggles and woggles, it is hard to tell which end is front and which end is back.

Yo! Yes?
ISBN: 9781417759385. OCLC Number: 264025987

Orchard Books,. .

Two lonely characters, one black and one white, meet on the street and become friends.