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Name:  Howard W. Allen  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: N/A

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Allen works at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Biographical and Professional Information

Howard W. Allen is a political historian and author. He was the Executive Director of the Social Science History Association from 1981 to 1993. Professor Allen is an authority on the application of quantitative methods to historical research.

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Poindexter of Washington: A Study in Progressive Politics
ISBN: 0809309521

Southern Illinois University Press. 1981

In this study of Miles Poindexter, Insurgent Republican turned conservative, Howard W. Allen reaches beyond the traditional bounds of biography to present a history of the United States Congress during the Progressive era and the early years after World War I.

A congressman (1909–13) and a senator (1913–23), Miles Poindexter of Washington State was an outspoken, progressive reformer before World War I. He struggled to protect “the people” from “special interests,” particularly defending the in­terest of his section against eastern “colonialism.” A man with a penchant for absolute positions, Poindexter became caught up in the emotionalism of the Insurgent Republican revolt. At one time or another he championed Socialists, the IWW, the strik­ing textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts—all unlikely causes for a middle-class lawyer from Spokane.

Regarding foreign policy, Poindexter was an uncompromis­ing nationalist who, with Theodore Roosevelt, declared himself a member of the Progressive party in 1912.

After 1917 Poindexter actively tried to suppress opponents of the war. Following the war his targets were “Bolshevists” and other radicals. He also developed intense hostility toward So­cialists, the IWW, and organized labor, fearing radicalism and labor. Reversing his former position, he allied himself with the eastern businessmen and regular Republicans in the Senate. Campaigning for the presidency in 1920, he appealed without success to the most conservative members of the party. He was defeated b a progressive Democrat in his 1922 bid for reelection to the Senate.

Allen examines the traditional sources—archival collections, newspaper files, and congressional reports. When he combines this material with a quantitative analysis of roll-call votes throughout Senator Poindexter’s years in Congress, he creates a remarkably useful method never before attempted in political biography.

Illinois Elections, 1818-1990: Candidates and County Returns for President, Govenor, Senate, and House of Representatives
ISBN: 0809317354

Southern Illinois University Press. 1992

This volume offers the most complete collection ever assembled of Illinois election data by county from statehood to 1990.

Drawing from the definitive data contained at the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan, the book presents the entire Illinois historical record of voting by county, including the vote for every party or person that polled at least 1 percent of the vote for all elections for president, governor, and United States senator and representative. This book offers historians, political and other social scientists, students, and the general public the first convenient and comprehensive source of election data for the major elections and offices in Illinois.

The book’s data are furnished in two ways: Part I offers a summary of the aggregate vote cast for all statewide candidates who received at least 1 percent of the total popular vote, listed by names and political parties. State totals and percentages are provided in this section. Part I also presents the vote totals and percentages of the elections to the House of Representatives organized by congressional districts. Part II furnishes the data by county.

Race, Class, and the Death Penalty: Capital Punishment in American History
ISBN: 0791474372

SUNY Press. 2008

Examines both the legal and illegal uses of the death penalty in American history.



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