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General Information

Name:  Richard D. Alexander  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1929 in White Heath, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

*Alexander was born in White Heath, Illinois

Biographical and Professional Information

Richard Alexander is a Retired Professor of Biology, a Farmer and a Writer. He currently resides in Michigan.Alexander was a Rockefeller Foundation research associate at Ohio State University and was an instructor, assistant professor , associate professor, profesor of biology and curator of insects at Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has published about 140 articles and books, and two phonograph records of insect sounds, between 1954 and the present.Alexander edited ''The Biology of the Naked Mole Rat'' with other authors.

Published Works

  • Singing Insects: Four Case Histories in the Study of Animal Species., Rand McNally Patterns of Life Series, 1967
  • Natural Selection and Social Behavior: Recent Research and Theory., Aldine de Gruyter Press, 1981
  • Darwinism and Human Affairs, University of Washington Press, 1982
  • The Australian Crickets: 376 new species, 40 new genera, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences Monograph, 1983
  • The Biology of Moral Systems, Aldine Transaction, 1987
  • Mom's Story: The Live of Katharine Elizabeth Heath Alexander Stutzenstein, Woodlane Farm Books , 1991
  • Teaching Yourself to Train Your Horse, Woodlane Farm Books, 2001
  • Club 48: A Personal Account of Blackburn College and the Men of Butler Basement, Woodlane Farm Books, 2001
  • Playin Cowboy. The Coontail Blue and Other Horse Tales, Woodlane Farm Books, 2006
  • Thumping on Trees, Woodlane Farm Books, 2010
  • Pop's Story. A Midwestern Farm Boy's Memories of Times with His Father, Woodlane Farm Books, 2010
  • The Red Fox and Johnny Valentine's Blue-Speckled Hound, Woodlane Farm Books, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

Natural selection and social behavior :
ISBN: 091346208X. OCLC Number:

Chiron Press ;. New York :. ©1981.

Darwinism and human affairs /
ISBN: 0295959010. OCLC Number:

University of Washington Press,. Seattle :. ©1979.

From books blurb: Darwinism and human affairs. Drawing on recent developments in biology, a distinguished scholar discusses human behavior in terms of modern evolutionary theory. With clarity and precision, he argues that evolution can be used as an explanatory principle to help understand a wide range of human social activity. This line of inquiry leads him to some far-reaching speculations about the reasons for cultural change and it directions. The book begins with a review of basic evolutionary theory, presenting evidence to support the proposition that human social organization arises out of characteristics evolved by the process of natural selection. This approach resolves the apparent contradiction between the concepts of humans as either hedonistic individuals or groups altruists, by showing that they are actually both, and by explaining how this can be true. To test this view of human evolution, the author examines various predictions about human behavior that follow logically from the principle of natural selection. Cultural patterns in marriage, inheritance, and social altruism are explored, and the concepts of justice, ethics, and morality are interpreted in new ways. The result is a better understanding of the relationship between the process of organic evolution and the structure, variations, and significance of human behavior.

Teaching yourself to train your horse :
ISBN: 0971231400. OCLC Number:

Woodlane Farm Books,. Manchester, Mich. :. ©2001.

The biology of moral systems /
ISBN: 0202011739. OCLC Number:

A. de Gruyter,. Hawthorne, N.Y. :. ©1987.

Club 48 :
ISBN: 0971231419. OCLC Number:

Woodlane Farm Books,. Manchester, Mich. :. ©2001.

Anecdotal and biographical information about male residents of Butler Dormitory, Blackburn College, Carlinville, IL, from 1946 to 1948.

Playin' cowboy :
ISBN: 0971231443. OCLC Number:

Woodlane Farm Books,. Manchester, Mich. :. ©2006.

A collection of 170 stories, essays, verses, songs, drawings, and cartoons about horses and horse people.

Pop's story :
ISBN: 0971231435. OCLC Number:

Woodlane Farm Books,. Manchester, Mich. :. ©2005.

The author recounts memories of life with his farmer father in Piatt County, Illinois.

The red fox and Johnny Valentine's blue-speckled hound /
ISBN: 0971231427. OCLC Number:

Woodlane Farm Books,. Manchester, Mich. :. ©2004.

Traces the intertwined lives of a red fox, an unusual hound pup named Speckles, a boy named Johnny Valentine and his fiddler friend Tennessee.



Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Alexander still lectures at universities on the subjects of Human Behavior and Evlolution and HorseSocial Behavior. He still farms and raises livestock, so he can't travel for lecturing without much notice.