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Name:  Amy Alessio  

Pen Name: Julia Curtin

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: N/A

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Illinois Connection

Alessio is a teen librarian at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

Biographical and Professional Information

Amy Alessio is an award winning librarian and an author. Her first young adult mystery was published in 2013 and she has adult mystery stories published in anthologies and on Kindle with recipes - ''Treasures'', ''Missing Andy'', ''Felled by Fruitcake'' and ''Hearts and Daggers''. A teen librarian at the Schaumburg Township District Library, she has edited professional titles, including ''Excellence in Library Services for Young Adults'' and ''Missing''. Her recent reference titles include the co-authored ''A Year of Programs for Teens 2'' and ''Mind Bending Mysteries for Teens''. Amy has published articles on books, author marketing and social media. She also reviews adult and teen titles for national publications, including Booklist and and has served on the American Library Association's Young Adult Library Services Association board.Amy also presents Vintage Cooking and Crafting presentations based on her popular blog.

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Titles At Your Library

A Year of Programs for Teens
ISBN: 0838909035

Amer Library Assn Editions. 2006

Planning teen programming is a lot of work, so why offer programs that teens don t want?

Teens need especially exciting and dynamic programs to encourage them to use the library and its resources. In A Year of Programs for Teens, two young adult specialists take teen services to a new level with step-by-step instructions for planning teen programs. Each chapter covers one month of the year and includes four to five program ideas appropriate to the season, as well as suggestions for games, passive programs, and book displays. All programs included in this collection have been tested in real libraries with live teens and offer

# Scalable program ideas for limited library budgets
# Tips for gearing the program toward older or younger teens
# Program-specific details about supplies, preparation time, setup, and marketing tactics
# Strategies on how to avoid potential problems
# Stand-alone programs and display ideas for facilities

Following the practical suggestions laid out here, young adult librarians in public libraries, school library media specialists, and adult and young adult services staff serving teens can easily build a core teen audience and help attract new members to programs and to the library.

The Heat of the Moment
ISBN: 1590805968

Echelon Press Publishing. 2007

In a world filled with disasters and catastrophes, there always remains hope. In The Heat of the Moment, twenty-one authors came together with a showcase of short fiction. Committed to aiding those who lost so much in the blink of an eye, we proudly offer this tribute to the true heroes of the San Diego wildfires, the survivors. We invite you to wear your own red ribbon in honor of their extraordinary "Courage and Inspiration." Proceeds from the sale of this book will offer aid to those heroes through the support of the "Fire Safe Council of San Diego County." Moving On: A moving tribute to the Charleston Nine. Treasures: A young mother discovers an unlikely secret after a fire. From the Ashes: Jaden Michaels' relives her past in the great Chicago Fire history. Firestorm: Flames of deception blow through the prairies of Minnesota. Smoke and Mirrors: Hannibal Jones uncovers treachery from within the ashes. Angel of the Morning: Love reaches from beyond the grave to save a young widow and her son. The 'Really Hot' Adventures of Guy: Guy's life is one big party until destruction sparks too close to home. Devil's Breath: A struggling blended family finds a connection in the grasp of raging chaos. Scars: Scarred by fire, Elena seeks vengeance as a way to heal. A Blaze in the Night: Snap Malek isn't looking to be a hero, but no one is going to die on his beat. A World Left Behind: Reality leaves its mark on a young boy's life when he looks into the flames. Where There's Smokeā€¦: Maria Sanchez fears she's losing her son, but she won't let fire be the captor. Firedreams: When a truly hot stranger walks into Iri's life, it could mean the end for her. A Gallery in Chicago: Minola Grey is ready for a change, could a handsome fireman make it happen?

A Year of Programs for Teens 2
ISBN: 0838910513

Amer Library Assn Editions. 2011

In this sequel to the book that "takes teen services to a new level" (Adolescence), YA experts Amy J. Alessio and Kimberly A. Patton present entirely new content while building on the successful formula they established earlier. This volume offers several new themed book lists and read-alikes as well as appendices with reproducible handouts for the various programs. This invaluable collection includes

  • A section of introductory material that includes general programming advice
  • Information on teen clubs, and marketing ideas
  • More than 30 programs cleverly organized around a calendar year, including several that focus on technology, with many other ideas that can adapted year-round as needed

Following the practical suggestions laid out here, young adult librarians in public libraries, school librarians, and adult and young adult services staff serving teens can easily build a core teen audience and help attract new members to programs and to the library.

Taking the High Ground
ISBN: 1940310008

4RV Publishing LLC. 2013

The Beginning: Having a cop for an uncle was like having a Big Brother in the 1984 sense he was always watching. Troy already called the house this morning to ask Mom if I'd written everything down for the police report. I knew if I didn't get something down soon he'd come over here to "help." It was hard to know where to start. I never thought I would have to explain how I helped catch a murderer or how I almost got killed myself.

Year of Programs for Millennials and More
ISBN: 0838913326

Amer Library Assn Editions. 2015

Needless to say, programming for teens can be a dubious fit for library users in their 20s and what appeals to Baby Boomers isn't necessarily ideal for those in their 30s and 40s. Millennials deserve their own programs. This handy guide specifically targets those on the cusp of the born-digital generation and their peers, offering up a year's worth of programming suitable for both public and academic libraries. Organized by monthly clubs or monthly themed events, a format that makes planning and execution a snap, this resource

  • Provides an overview of what those in their 20s, 30, and 40s want from libraries and how best to reach them
  • Gives tips for extending popular teen programs to older teens and those in their 20s
  • Presents start-to-finish programs sure to be a big draw, such as a pub trivia night, recipe scrapbooking meetup, retro craft club, old school gaming sessions, writer's workshops, and community college networking events
  • Shows how to program on a tight budget by making the most of the library s existing collection and resources
  • Offers tips on marketing, outreach, and followup
The fun and popular programs contained in this guide will help libraries become social and cultural cornerstones for the millennials in their communities.

Club Programs for Teens: 100 Activities for the Entire Year
ISBN: 0838913342

Amer Library Assn Editions. 2015

Want to keep the momentum going after a successful teen event? That one off can easily be turned into a popular monthly club that will keep young adults coming back. Alessio, co-author of the bestsellers A Year of Programs for Teens and A Year of Programs for Teens 2, and Booth, co-editor of The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services, show you how. Designed to be used in school or public library settings, this uniquely themed program guide

  • Offers guidance on how to handle summer, winter and year-round reading programs, with activities ranging from easy to elaborate
  • Provides activities useful for libraries with monthly teen clubs as well as those who want to plan occasional fun events
  • Saves planning time and offers maximum flexibility by cross-referencing programs by themes, allowing one program to be used with different audiences
  • Includes resource lists, readlikes, tips for success, and lessons learned from programs that went awry
Whether you re a teen program novice or simply want to make your existing programming more effective, the club programs presented here will make teens excited to return to your library week after week.



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