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Name:  Laura Caldwell  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Caldwell lives in Chicago. She attended Loyola University in Chicago and is currently an adjunct professor and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the School of Law.

Biographical and Professional Information

Laura Caldwell is a Lawyer-turned-Author-turned-Humanitarian. She is a former civil trial attorney, now Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Director of Life After Innocence, published author of 10 novels and 1 nonfiction book.Laura’s began her writing career in women’s fiction and soon turned to mystery/thriller. Research of her sixth novel led her to Jovan Mosley, a young man held in Cook County holding cell for nearly six years. What transpired next is chronicled in Caldwell’s first nonfiction, Long Way Home.She is published in over 22 countries and translated into more than 13 languages.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Burning the map /
ISBN: 0373250215. OCLC Number:

Red Dress Ink,. Don Mills, Ont. :. 2002.

Casey Evers and her two best friends head for Greece for one last hurrah. The only problem, she and her friends haven't really been all that close for the past two years. Set against the backdrop of sparkling beaches and old-world villages, Burning the Map ignites the fire within us all, to shine in unexpected ways.

A clean slate /
ISBN: 037325038X. OCLC Number:

Red Dress Ink,. Don Mills, Ont. :. 2003.

A Chicago woman suddenly can't remember the past five months of her life and begins to realize she has a clean slate. She can do anything she wants, but what does she want?

The year of living famously /
ISBN: 0373250754. OCLC Number:

Red Dress Ink,. Don Mills, Ont. :. 2004.

Some girls seek fame, others have it thrust upon them. . . Clothing designer Kyra Felis has never been one to worship celebrities--she'd rather read a good book or make a blouse out of a tablecloth. She marries Hollywood man-of-the-moment Declan McKenna for love, with no inkling of how his notoriety will send her life spinning out of control. But once Kyra reluctantly becomes a celebrity by association there's no turning back. And even though she has all the trappings of success, she can't do the things that make her happy--throw a party; drink a glass of wine (or four) at a quiet caf?; confide in her friends. When Declan's fame literally endangers Kyra's life, she starts to wonder, can she survive more than a year of living famously?

The night I got lucky /
ISBN: 0373895313. OCLC Number:

Red Dress Ink,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2005.

At 32, Billy Rendell isn't exactly where she thought she'd be. She is still waiting, possibly in vain, for that promotion to VP at the PR company she works for, and her marriage to handsome Chris seems to be in real trouble. Billy pays a visit to her kooky therapist, Blinda, and leaves with a good luck charm, a small frog. The next day, when Billy wakes up, things are different. Her formerly distant husband is attentive and loving, and she has received the promotion to VP at work and already has a posh new office. Billy is puzzled but soon settles in by firing a snooty coworker, Alexa, and engaging in a flirtation with the office hunk, Evan, whom she has always had a crush on. But as her perfect life rolls on, Billy is nowhere near as satisfied as she thought she would be.

Look closely /
ISBN: 0778321835. OCLC Number:

Mira,. Don Mills, Ontario :. ©2005.

An anonymous letter causes attorney Hailey Sutter to investigate the death of her mother by hinting that the accident that killed her mother had actually been murder, and forces her to seek out her estranged brother and sister.

Dr. Funster's think-a-minutes.
ISBN: 0894558110. OCLC Number:

Critical Thinking Books & Software,. Pacific Grove, CA :. ©2002.

Perfect for school, home, and travel, the activities in this collection of riddles and puzzles develops the creative thinking skills needed for better grades and test scores.

The good liar /
ISBN: 0778325016. OCLC Number:

MIRA Books,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2008.

When her best friend Liza introduces her to Michael Waller, Kate Livingston is caught up in a whirlwind romance that leads to marriage, but soon discovers that her new husband is hiding a dark secret that could destroy them all.

Red, white & dead /
ISBN: 0778326667. OCLC Number:

Mira,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2009.

"Izzy McNeil is hot on the trail of one of Chicago's most notorious gangsters. Not that he realizes the crimson-tressed enchantress, a self-proclaimed 'lapsed lawyer, ' is moonlighting as a private investigator. But when an unexpected run-in trashes Izzy's cover, she's swept into an evil underworld where she is definitely not safe. That is, until Izzy receives help from an unlikely source: the ultimate guardian angel. And the last person she ever dreamed she'd see again. Now Izzy is racing from Chicago to Rome, all the while battling personal demons, Mafiosi killers and red hot emergency desires ..."--Page 4 of cover.

Red blooded murder /
ISBN: 0778326586. OCLC Number:

MIRA,. Don Mills, Ontario :. 2009.

A high-profile job on Trial TV lands Chicago lawyer Izzy McNeil in the hot seat. After a shocking end to her engagement, she finds herself juggling not only her ex-fiancé, but a guy she never expected. And a moonlighting undercover gig has her digging deep into worlds she barely knew existed. But all of this takes a backseat when Izzy's friend winds up brutally murdered. Suddenly, she must balance the demands of a voracious media and the knowledge that she didn't know her friend as well as she thought.

Red hot lies /
ISBN: 0778326500. OCLC Number:

MIRA,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2009.

"They say bad things happen in threes. When her fiancé, Sam, disappears on the same day her mentor and biggest client is killed, hotshot Chicago attorney Izzy McNeil starts counting. But trouble keeps coming. Sam is implicated in the client's death, her apartment is broken into and it's not just the authorities who are following her. Now, to find Sam and uncover her client's murderer, Izzy will have to push past limits she never imagined. Lucky for her she's always thrived under pressure, because her world is falling apart. Fast. And the trail of half-truths and lies is red-hot."--Page 4 of cover.

Long way home :
ISBN: 1439100233. OCLC Number:

Free Press,. New York :. 2010.

"Nineteen-year-old Jovan Mosley, a good kid from one of Chicago's very bad neighborhoods, was coerced into confessing to a crime he didn't commit. Charged with murder, he spent five years and eight months in a prison for violent criminals. Without a trial. Jovan grew up on the rough streets of Chicago's Southeast Side. With one brother dead of HIV complications, another in jail for arson and murder, and most kids his age in gangs, Jovan struggled to be different. Until his arrest, he was. He excelled in school, dreamed of being a lawyer, and had been accepted to Ohio State. Then on August 6, 1999, Jovan witnessed a fight that would result in a man's death. Six months later, he was arrested, cruelly questioned, and forced into a confession. Sent to a holding jail for violent criminals, he tried ceaselessly to get a trial so he could argue his case. He studied what casework he could, rigorously questioning his public defenders. But time after time his case was shoved aside. Amiable, bright, and peaceable, he struggled to stay alive in prison. As the years ground on, he'd begun to lose hope when, by chance, he met Catharine O'Daniel, a successful criminal defense lawyer. Although nearly all cases with a signed confession result in a conviction, she was so moved by him, and so convinced of his innocence, that Cathy accepted Jovan as her first pro bono client. Cathy asked Laura Caldwell to join her and together they battled for Jovan's exoneration. Here is Laura's firsthand account of their remarkable journey. This is a harrowing true story about justice, friendship, failure, and success. A breakdown of the justice system sent a nice kid to one of the nation's nastiest jails for nearly six years without a trial. It would take a triumph of human kindness, ingenuity, and legal jousting to give Jovan even a fighting chance. Deeply affecting, Long Way Home is a remarkable story of how change can happen even in a flawed system and of how friendship can emanate from the most unexpected places"--Jacket.

Claim of innocence /
ISBN: 0778329321. OCLC Number:

Mira Books,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2011.

"Valerie Solara has been charged with poisoning her best friend. The prosecution claims she's always been secretly attracted to Amanda's husband, and with Amanda gone, she planned to make her move. Attorney Izzy McNeil left the legal world a year ago, but a friend's request pulls her into the murder trial. Izzy knows how passion can turn your life upside down. She thought she had it once with her ex-fiancé, Sam. Now she wonders if that's all she has in common with her criminally gorgeous younger boyfriend, Theo. It's Izzy's job to present the facts that will exonerate her client, whether or not she's innocent"--Page 4 of cover.

The Rome affair /
ISBN: 0778323099. OCLC Number:

Mira,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2006.

Rachel Blakely, determined to put the past behind her, is welcomed into high society when her husband is promoted to senior partner in his medical practice, until her passionate indiscretion abroad resurfaces, plunging her into a nightmare.

Question of trust /
ISBN: 0778313212. OCLC Number:

Mira Books,. Don Mills, Ont. :. 2012.

When attorney Izzy McNeil's home is broken into, right after her boyfriend, Theo, moves in, she ignores the coincidence. When Theo is arrested on charges of fraud, she wants to believe he's innocent. But when a neighbor is found dead, she can't ignore that something is very, very wrong. Izzy also can't forget how Theo was inexplicably turned down for a mortgage. Or his recent moody silences. Or how a stranger warned her that Theo needs to "accept responsibility". Thrust into Theo's case, Izzy must walk the line between attorney and lover to prove that Theo is innocent. But only Izzy can decide whether trusting Theo will keep her safe or throw her into unimaginable danger.

False Impressions /
ISBN: 0778313735. OCLC Number:

Harlequin,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2012.

"Chicago attorney Izzy McNeil is ready to take a break from private investigation and focus on her career in criminal law. But as a favor, she agrees to work with Madeline Saga, a beautiful art gallery owner who fears that artwork she has sold is fake. Who in Madeline's tight circle of artists and gallery owners is guilty of the forgeries? When Madeline's life is threatened, Izzy is suddenly asking a more troublesome question: Who wants the gallery owner dead? As the case spins out of control, there's only one person who makes Izzy feel safe-Detective Damon Vaughn. But getting close to her former nemesis is full of surprises. Astonishing truths about the glittering Chicago art scene will introduce Izzy to the deadliest art of deception"--Page 2 of cover.

The dog park /
ISBN: 0778317145. OCLC Number:

. .

"Stylist Jessica Champlin knows it takes more than a darling goldendoodle to save a marriage. She and her ex-husband, investigative journalist Sebastian Hess, had too many irreconcilable differences for even their beloved dog, Baxter, to heal. So they've agreed to joint custody, and life has settled into a prickly normalcy. But when Baxter heroically rescues a child and the video footage goes viral, Jess and Sebastian are thrown together again, and her life takes some very unexpected twists. The line of dogwear she creates becomes wildly successful, and suddenly she's in the spotlight with everyone watching--the press, the new guy she's seeing, Sebastian and the past she never imagined she would face again. Soon there's only one person by her side--and it's the person she least expected. She's willing to open up to a new normal ... just as long as Baxter approves"--

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