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Name:  O'drean E. Banks  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Mystery Non-Fiction Romance

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1951 in Joliet, IL

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Illinois Connection

Banks was born and reared in Joliet, IL. She graduated from Fairmont Elementary and Lockport Township, High School in Lockport, IL. She began my professional career the day after my high school gradution at the Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois and remained there until she relocated to Atlanta, GA in October 1978. She frequently visit Illinois to visit friends and family and to attend class reunions and other functions that I stay apprised of. Most of my books are based on my hometown and neighborhood and the City of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

O'drean Banks is the author of realistic urban contemporary novels. Her books address all of the elements of today with special emphasis on love, abuse, infidelity, marriage/divorce, single parenting and low self esteem. Her characters are so true to form and experiences life's pitfalls, however in the most impossible situations that seem to be hopeless, they seem to rise from the destruction. Some of them emerge successful and fulfilled while others ponder in their bad decisions, there is something for everyone. These well-written novels are romantic yet send positive, powerful and empowering messages. A native of Lockport, IL a suburb south of Chicago where she lived and was educated, she now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She fluently writes from an abundance of life's experiences. Recipient of 4 Editor's Choice Awards, she is a member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists (AABJ).This accomplished author describes writing as a means of release and relaxation. She loves to write and has various other books soon to be released. Her message to others is write to release and read to retain!There is a book inside of each of us. She also publishes under her own label O'RonJaKi.Some of he loyal readers comments are as follows: “She’s exalting,” say numerous ones who met her, heard her speak and/or read her book(s)! “Destined for success, a high energy person, dedicated to helping others and I appreciate the fact that her novels aren’t male bashers.” “Works hard, deserves all the success that comes her way, she earned it!”“You can feel the positive energy emanating when you’re in her presence.Her novel, ''Devastating Rumors'' was absolutely great! I laughed, cried and couldn’t put it down. Once I started reading, it was impossible to stop until I finished. Can’t wait to read Notorious Illusions.”“The characters and situations are so realistic and believable,!” “I heard her speak and noticed that the audience was captivated, the truth set us so free, some of us were crying. I was so moved and encouraged especially when she took time afterwards to talk to me personally; great novelist, great person, powerful, empowering, positive speaker.*Website: *Email: [] or []

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Titles At Your Library

Devastating Rumors: When Lies Destroy
ISBN: 1894169506

O'Ronjaki Pub. 1998

Notorious Illusions: From Victim to Victory and Vanity
ISBN: 0970319207

O'Ronjaki Pub. 2013

This book is a Master Piece of how a shelterd child who thinks he's ready for the world quickly finds out just how cold, crude and uncaring reality of the world is. Nissan Carson, the main character reared in a good family, a Christian home headed by both parents, a situation not very common today stepped into some potholes, fell in some valleys, contemplated suicide, felt worthless after her divorce from a man whose goal in life was to destroy her, take away her self esteem, rattle her confidence and leave her too shattered to function. Nissan was educated, smart, ambitious, confident, beautiful, professional and secure that was until she married a man who possesed none of those qualities. After that failed marriage, she found herself always the victim in subsequent relationships, it didn't take much for her to revert back to all the negativity her ex-husband belittled her with. After she had fallen as low as she could fall, one day she decided she was going to turn it all over to God. She'd been in Church all her life and the one thing she was not going to do when she left home was spend so much time in Church. That's when the things of the World consumed her, not every touch was gentle, not every drink was water, and not every man had good intentions. She promised herself that she was going back to Church and get her life straight again. when God took her back nobody was going to destroy her again. Of course, she blamed God for all the bad things, it was hard to envision a God that was good when everything that happened to her was bad. She found herself lonely, no self-esteem, and wanting to go back into the world. She held on! She found herself praying instead of crying, when she felt lonely, she read her Bible, she visited the Sick, she counseled the battered and abuse. Through helping others, her problems began to fade, though a lot of pain remained, it was replaced with compassion for others. It hurt her to see a battered woman come to her with kids in tow. It took her back to the days when that vision was her and her children. Over the years, God began to restore her confidence,love of self. Everything she was before becoming the rug upon which people wiped their feet, God had restored. It was during this time of restoration, the best blessing a woman could get other than the love of God was the love of a God-fearing, good man who knew what emotions were and knew how to treat a woman. This God-sent man was everything she had never had. Thoughbeit, they met coincidentally and under deteriorating circumstances, she was his strength during a difficult time in his life. Some had referred him to her as a Prayer partner. He called her because he needed someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry upon. When the circumstance that was hanging in the balance over his head was finally discussed and prayed over, they decided to meet at the hospital where his Mother lay dying. This was the first time they had ever met. When she arrived, there he was looking down trodded, scared and much in need of a hand to hold. She ran to him and the embrace was so intense she felt his sadness, his pain and his weariness. Together we went up to his Mother's room, I immediately knew that God had dispatched an Angel to accompany her soul to Heaven. Before her transition, she took her son's hand and placed it in mine as we prayed. When she succumbed, her son stood there holding my hand and his Mother's. I stepped out of the room to give him his time to realize what had happened. Soon thereafter, he left the room and held his arms out to me and I went to hold him in the narrow confines of my arms, my shoulder was there for him. I was at a loss for words but I held onto him for as long as it took for him to regain his composure. Little did I know what his Mom had done when she our hands together. In her dying moment she was telling us we were meant to be, her last words were, "be happy Son, I'm going home."Little did either of us know that my Victim days were forever behind me, my victory was at hand and vanity would follow me forever more.


  • Editors Choice, ''Devastating Rumors - When Lies Destroy''
  • Who's Who in the World, ''Devastating Rumors - When Lies Destroy''

    Speaking Engagements

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    I am available for speaking engagements On Local/National level $1,250.00 per day Plus Travel. Contact me O'drean E. Banks at (678)

    489-7913 or Ny'Kia Abbott 678-365-5330. I am a motivational speaker and am available for any groups that would like my services. I work with battered & abused women, Church groups, etc.