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General Information

Name:  Judith Barnard  

Pen Name: Judith Michael - when writing with his wife, Judith Barnard

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1934 in Denver, Colorado

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Illinois Connection

Barnard lives in both Chicago, Illinois and Aspen, Colorado

Biographical and Professional Information

Judith Barnard has worked as a journalist, educational film writer, biographer and editor. She received a B.A. from Ohio State University and an M.A. from Northwestern University. Under her own name, she wrote the novel The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge (1967). Under the pen name of Judith Michael, Barnard writes with her husband, Michael Fain.

Published Works

    Written with her husband, Michael Fain, under the Pen Name of Judith Michael:
  • Deceptions, Poseidon Press, 1982
  • Possessions, Poseidon Press, 1984
  • Private Affairs, Poseidon Press, 1986
  • Inheritance, Poseidon Press, 1988
  • A Ruling Passion, Poseidon Press, 1990
  • Sleeping Beauty, Poseidon Press, 1991
  • Pot of Gold, Simon & Schuster, 1993
  • A Tangled Web, Wheeler, 1995
  • Acts of Love, Crown Publishers, 1997
  • A Certain Smile, Ballentine, 2000
  • The Real Mother, Avon, 2005Written under her own name:
  • The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge, Pocket Books, 1986

Selected Titles At Your Library

Deceptions /
ISBN: 0671899546. OCLC Number:

Pocket Books,. New York :. ©1982.

Possessions /
ISBN: 0671899562. OCLC Number:

Poseidon Press,. New York :. ©1984.

When her husband disappears, Katherine Fraser learns that he was leading a double life and is really a member of the wealthy Hayward family, who are prominent in San Francisco.

Inheritance /
ISBN: 0671688855. OCLC Number:

Pocket Books,. New York :. 1989, ©1988.

An eccentric patriarch befriends a young woman with a police record and leaves her a good part of his fortune, but his family is determined she will not have it.

A ruling passion :
ISBN: 0671648918. OCLC Number:

Poseidon Press,. New York :. ©1990.

A socialite-reporter and her network-owning boss rekindle an old romance, but when she starts investigating his jealous ex-wife's TV ministry, dangerous passions stir.

Sleeping beauty.
ISBN: 0751502480. OCLC Number:

Warner,. London :. 1993.

A tangled web :
ISBN: 067153288X. OCLC Number:

Simon & Schuster,. New York :. ©1994.

In Illinois, a pair of identical twins trade places for a week, the wife becomes a jet setter and vice versa. When the real wife dies in a yacht explosion, the jet setter stays on to continue playing her role of wife and actually falls in love. One day she learns her sister survived and is in the south of France, suffering from amnesia. A sequel to Deceptions.

Acts of love :
ISBN: 0345480376. OCLC Number:

Ballantine Books,. New York :. 2005, ©1997.

A certain smile /
ISBN: 0449224260. OCLC Number:

Crown Publishers,. New York :. ©1999.

A romance in China featuring Miranda Grant, a 40-year-old widow from Colorado on a business trip to negotiate a knitting contract. She meets Yuan Li, 55, a half-American businessman. The food and the sights are great, but the lack of freedom takes its toll.

The real mother /
ISBN: 0060599308. OCLC Number:

. .

The bestselling pseudonymous husband-wife duo Judith Barnard and Michael Fain return with a novel set in their hometown of Chicago. Saintly 27-year-old Sara Elliott works as City Greeter (aka "Everybody's Schlepper") a job that swiftly, conveniently introduces her to both arch-villain Lew Corcoran and romantic hero Reuben Lister. Sara meant to be a doctor, but her paycheck provides for three adolescent half-siblings, ever since their mom, Tess, had a disabling stroke that landed her in a nursing home. All the other grownups have checked out-- Sara's father died; Tess's second husband ran off; and Mack, eldest child of Tess's second marriage, has also vanished. Now Mack comes back, playing havoc with the kids' emotions and assaulting Sara's primacy.

The past and present of Solomon Sorge /
ISBN: 0671618326. OCLC Number:

Washington Square Press, Pocket Books,. New York :. [1986], ©1967.



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